Alexandria or Alex is moving away from family into her own world of what awaits for her she's only 16 and is going to college way earlier than she planned but she's smart and curious will curiosity take over what it's like being touched or more by the reality of the world??


15. Back Together Again

The gang and I are picking up the newest member. Hope it's another guy.

"Everyone meet Danny. He'll be the delivery boy and by that we'll have to protect him when we all go out" yada yada yada is all i hear out of his mouth.

"Great lets get practicing shall we?" I toss him on of my guns

"Oh umm.. I'm not really good with guns" he says

Gosh what a wimp

"Just try to shoot me" I state. He shot and didn't miss but I moved. He's pretty good but he needs a little more help.

"Nice aim but be strong don't let anything out you into panic mode because after that your toast." That's when I near him and quickly take the gun away from him.

We're back from the pick up and now we are heading back to head quarters ... Logan here is a drug dealer and guess who has to convince the buyer ?? Me ... Which I don't want to. But that starts tomorrow night.


I'm walking around town with a new set of clothing. Blue loose top and dark denim skinny jeans. I walk into the shop Zayn and me always go when we want coffee. Starbucks it still looks the same. The nice colorful chairs and the nice people chatting on and on about their life's and free time and how's it going so far. I order my usual a venti Carmel frappéccino. I sit down and in the love seat me and Zayn would always sit. It's been a 2 months since we dated and a month since I haven't seen him. I hear the door chime go off and I look up. It's Niall, Harry Liam and Zayn with some other girl. I look at the girl short blond and extremely bright blue eyes. They're ordering and I go to the other cashier and ask for another of my usual and he gives it to me just when I was about to pay him...

"Alex is that you?" Zayn just had to look at me. I turn to see him then I look at his intertwined hands with the white girl.

"Yes it is now if you mind I'm going to pay the cashier and leave" I stay stubbornly while hiding my anger and disappointment.

I pay the cashier and I get my drink and walk out the door. Just when I'm about to open my car door ...

"Alex I thought you never would return I called and texted and you never answered and I thought you didn't want me anymore" I hear his sniffle I look up and he's shedding a tear.

I walk to him short distance really. I wipe away the tear and I smile while I'm crying. "Zayn I will always love you but I had to go ... I have gotten into some deep crap right now and I don't know when I'll be able to stay with you. But I always will love you"

"Zayn baby are you coming with us because Harry wants you to hurry up" the blonde grabs ahold of his arm and tries to guide him away from me. But Zayn stays put and pulls his arms away from her and hugs me.

"Zayn we have to go man we're going to be late to the autumn leafs dance." Then Harry notices it who Zayn is hugging and grabs the blonde.

"Harry who is she? And why is Zayn crying and hugging her? I'm his girlfriend!" She exclaims

That hurt a lot and Zayn tried to move one and is going to a dance with her? I thought he loved me, I though he'll never let me go?! But he tried to and I should've let him.

"Alexandria I love you ... I would never let go ... I'm only dating her to keep me from thinking of you. Every night since you left I've been waiting and suffering through a lot of pain you caused me. I haven't sleep with her and I haven't kiss her only a peck on the cheek and forehead. I will never love anyone else as much as I love you" he's still crying and hugging me tightly

That's when I hear Logan's car come near Zayn and me.

"Alex there you are we've been looking all over for you, now come on before we miss that special appointment thats later tonight." Logan pops out of the car and Derek follows.

"I have to go Zayn" I let go and before I could get into my car he kisses me.

A long passionate kiss that I miss dearly, the only kiss that can fill the void in my heart. That's when Derek pulls me away from Zayn and pushes me into my car.

"She's no longer yours mate ... She belongs to me and only me" Derek you dirty butt hole.

"No I'm not yours Derek ... Zayn I love you but I have to go back with them or bad things will happen" I hug him once more and kiss him and he returns it.

"Bye until I don't know when but until we meet again" I hop in my car and follow Logan's car. I check my mirror and I see Zayn crying and waving goodbye while the guys comfort him.

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