Alexandria or Alex is moving away from family into her own world of what awaits for her she's only 16 and is going to college way earlier than she planned but she's smart and curious will curiosity take over what it's like being touched or more by the reality of the world??


4. Author's Note

I know it's kind of boring right now. But it'll get interesting

Here's something about the characters

Alexandria - has gray eyes, long black hair, and is only 5'4" - she's 16 but soon she'll turn 17. SHe's very smart and curious, and has a very sexy curvy body

Zayn Malik - Bad Boy, hazel eyes, and 19 in this book and soon to be 20, British accent

Louis Tomlinson - Bad Boy, blue eyes, 20 and not turning 21 anytime soon, British Accent

Niall Horan - Good boy but turns a little bad later on, Blue eyes and Irish Accent, 19 years old

Harry Styles - Emeralds green eyes, Bad Boy, hates Alex at first but then something happens. 20 years old

Liam Payne - Good boy who falls for Alexandria, brown eyes, 20 years old

The others characters will stay mysterious of how the look

Alexandria likes fighting. She takes boxing classes, track, soccer

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