They're Here?

What if you had the chance to meet One Direction? What would you do? What would they do?


1. The Wish

I enter the school building, books in hand. Today was wish day at school. Basically, whenever you had a birthday, the teachers would give you one wish, it could be anything, anything at all. The wishes never came true though, teachers aren't magical. Maybe, just this one time, I hope, I have a really good wish.

A nudge from my friend, Celia, awakens me from my thoughts. "What?" I ask pathetically. 

"I thought that you might want to tell the teacher, your wish," she says, hinting that the teacher asked me what my one and only wish was.

"I wish I would meet my boys...One Direction," I say as the boys start laughing in the background.

In two minutes, you get back to your thoughts. If only we could meet, we'd fall instantly in love! The teacher is giving a lecture, I know it's best not to listen because my class is sex ed, terrifying!! 

"Any volunteers?" The teacher asks. "Elsa?"

"What?" I haven't been listening, I'm dead.

"Will you kindly demonstrate how to put this on the banana?" Mrs. Monroe asks me, showing me the condom. I know I don't have a choice.

I gracefully walk up to the front of the room, my caramel brown hair swaying side-to-side in its ponytail. I open the package, and take the banana from my teacher.

"I don't like bananas anymore," I mumble out loud. Stella, my other friend, stifles a laugh. I finish with the banana and the condom and walk back to my seat, then I hear the door open.

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