Okay, I'm going to tell you something. Forget everything you heard about high school. Forget how it's supposed to be better than middle school, forget the fact that teachers treat you with more respect, and especially forget how the "popular" group goes away. I'm here to tell you that is completely and 100% false. There's no escape. No way to survive. Wanna hear more? Well, if you don't get bored, here's my story.


2. chapter one


First day of school and I have lost almost half of my confidence. Too bad it was already half way gone. The older kids of the school have this stupid tradition where they would shout 'Go Home Freshman' at the top of their lounges until at least one kid ran away crying. I don't know who came up with this idea. It sure as hell wasn't a good one. I for one think it's not the best idea to humiliate the new kids on the first day, but they don't seem to care. Anyways, who would listen to me? I'm just some teenage dirtbag who won't take her headphones out of her ears.

"Hey Black Streak!" I hear a junior boy yell. I pull out one of my headphones and turn to see him pressing a freshman girl up against the wall. She is almost in tears and is trying to look away from him, but he keeps making her look him in the eyes.

"Hey baby. There's nothing to be afraid of." He smirks and moves a hand to her waist. I soon see a senior boy walk over to him and scold him.

"That's no way to treat someone on their first day, Albert. Please stop what you are doing now." Albert releases his grip and gaze on the girl and turns to the shorter boy next to him. The freshman runs off to her class.

"What the hell man!" Albert pushes the boy and scolds him.

"That was disgusting, Albert, and I expect you to stop being such a brute." The boy retorts. They seem to be having a stare down. Just as they were fighting, Albert turns in my direction. He must have noticed me staring.

"And what are you looking at Freshmeat?" He asks with a rude tone. I was going to respond, but all I could let escape my mouth was a squeak.

"Hey! Cut it out!" The boy tells Albert again. Albert just grunts.

"You used to be cool, Jack. What the hell happened?" He pushes him again, this time against a locker and stalks off.

I turn the other way quickly, but I'm stopped by Jack.

"Hey, I'm sorry you had to see that. I swear Albert is a great guy once you get to know him." I snort and shake my head quickly.

"First off, I will not be acquainted with this 'Albert' punk. Nor do I care about getting to know him." I say sourly. Jack sighs and runs a hand through his black floppy hair.

"Yeah, I know.." He looks down at the schedule between my arm and side. He pulls it out of my arm and takes a look.

"Hey, your going to Geometry first in the S wing?" He hands me back the paper gingerly. "I'm actually headed to the S wing right now, not for the same class of course, but I could walk you to the class." He says smiling. I just nod.

"Yeah, that would be okay." I say nonchalantly. He nods his head and looks me up and down. "Well?" I say. He shakes his head.

"Sorry, sorry." He says quickly and holds out a hand, but he quickly glues it back to his side. "Sorry again.

Shall we?"

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

We walk to the S wing, which was upstairs, in complete silence until he finally speaks.

"So, I didn't quite catch your name." He stops right in the middle of the hall and I stop with him.

"M-my name?" I ask almost in a whisper. "M-my n-name..." I stutter as I look into his eyes.


I think I forgot my name. Why is he so distracting?

He flashes me another smile and nods encouragingly.

"Yes, your name. What is it? Is it as pretty as you?" He asks.


"I-it's Alex." I say with my lips pursed together.

"Well, I'm Jack and my classroom happens to be right next to yours. If you need help getting to class again, I'll help." He smiled and winked. "Oh! Do you have a phone?" He asks. I just nod as his smile widens.

"Good!" He pulls out a crumpled up piece of paper and a pen from his pocket as if he has done this so many times before. He starts to scribble down numbers and then hands me the paper.

"Why don't you give me a call sometime, eh?" He says with a slight Canadian accent before he disappears into his classroom. I stand there dumbfounded.

Could he be flirting with me? Or was he just friendly?

And why the hell did he help me to class and not that poor girl who was being harassed?

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