The lost flower

This about a young girl who was lost and lost all hope of finding a place called home and how I met the lost flower


1. The hidden flower

       Where I stand is of no concern, with the world full of killer and for no one who has survived and will never see the light. Though all human kind is lost and yet I feel that there is still a soul who has not yet been overcome by the darkness. All that I know for sure is that the hidden soul is a child that goes by the name Mindy, her story was very tragic. How do I know this you ask? Well I know because my powers are to be able to see souls that haven't been taken over by darkness and is still fighting to go into the light. My one goal was to find the child and convince her to become friends with me and my allies who wish for the lost flower's safety.

" Seth, come on it's morning and you know what that means!"

As I woke up I saw my two most best of friends who I have survived with and who I almost killed with. We were all victims of a slaughter amungst the killers who killed off are family and friends that very night. But the good thing is that we survived and now we must continue on to find the lost flower who is said to help those survive. Though to find out for sure we must find the lost flower and hope to discover it alive and breathing.

"Fine just give me a few seconds and then we will be on our way"

When my feet had hit the floor it was cold as ice, well our home is an abandoned area that is full of plenty of food. Though sometimes we have to go out and find food on our own which is so boring and amusing sometimes. Once all my clothes were put on, I grabbed my gun and sword and headed out into the forgotten realm. We call it that because once you are infected by the darkness you forget who you were and what you are. That is why it is dangerous to ever walk the realm but we have to in order to find the lost flower.

" Seth were do you sence the flower"

Tison and death both asked me that question for I am able to sence the lost flower that is wandering by herself all alone and hungry with no one to trust. This is why we must find her before the killers do. Who are the killers you ask? Well the killers are a group called  creepypasta, each killer comes with their own name. So far the ones my friends and and I have incountered are Jeff, Ben, eyeless jack, and Laughing jack. They are all dangerous and will kill on sight no matter who you are.

This might seem strange for you but I am able to communicate with the lost flower and get her to tell her my location and that is what i'm about to do right now, " Flower, we are on are way, please tell us your hidden location therefore we can retrieve you and keep you safe" I said while my voice echoed through my head. It took a few minutes to get a good read on the lost flower's voice but that was enough to get her to talk.

" H-hello"

Author's Note:

Here is the first chapter of my first story and heres a message for horror queen and kimi-san, I hope we can be friend...oh wait no I don't all I want to do is do it with Mindy and beat the crap out of Kimi, and to all my readers I do hope you enjoy my story please tell me if you want me to continue with this P.S: sorry for the cliff hanger 

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