In love with my Best friend

Hey I'm Rose I'm 17 everyone calls me rose or Rosey . Zayn is engaged to the famous Perrie Edwards and I am in love with Zayn we have been best friends since we were 6 years old . Zayn and I hang out a little but Perrie is always there . I really love him but he doesn't know and I think Won't care


4. I'll love you

I woke up lookin like crap . I got fixed up and got dressed . I walked downstairs and Zayn was standing there holding a ring Perries ring . " she said we are over " he whispered tears streaming down his face . Iv never seen him cry so it broke my heart . " aw poor zaynie " I say and hug him . " she doesn't know what she's missing " I whisper to him . I broke from the hug and his eyes locked with mine . He started to lean in and his lips brush against mine . I put my hands on the back of his head and his hands slid down to my waist . We moved in sync and then we broke . He looked me in the eye " I really need someone to love " he whispers " I'll love you " I whisper back . He smashes his lips against mine " would you be my girlfriend " he asks . " yes " I say and he pulls me closer and his hands slide down to my waist . " iv loved you all along " he whispers in my ear " me to " I whisper back . " 1 question why are we whispering " I say and he chuckles " I don't know " he says . He carries me to the living room bridal style " vas happening " I yell " so are you to " Harry asks and I nod and kiss Zayn . " it's about time you guys needed to get together " Niall says and claps " woo hoo " Louis says and starts dancing I laugh and Zayn sits me on his lap . " we are going on tour " he says .

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