In love with my Best friend

Hey I'm Rose I'm 17 everyone calls me rose or Rosey . Zayn is engaged to the famous Perrie Edwards and I am in love with Zayn we have been best friends since we were 6 years old . Zayn and I hang out a little but Perrie is always there . I really love him but he doesn't know and I think Won't care


2. He's back !!!!!!!!!

I woke up and ran to the shower literally and I got dressed In c9/1959c9530222b5579d26aecd17689f76.jpg and drove to the airport . I got out of my car and waited next to his gate that he was suppose to be coming out of then my phone started to rang .

R=rosy Z=Zayn

R- hey Zaynie

Z- hey listen our plane is going to be late

R - oh ok (frowns)

Z - don't get sad look behind ya

II put my phone in my pocket and looked behind me . " Zayn " I yelled and ran towards him and tackled him in a hug " I missed you " I said " I missed you more " he says and kisses my cheek . " ok this is Louis " Zayn says " hi " Louis waves " Niall you'll get along with him he loves food " Zayn says " hey " Niall says " that's Harry " Zayn says " hello " Harry says " and Daddy directioner Liam " Zayn saYs and Liam waves " hello " Liam says . " hi I'm Rosy " I say and introduce myself . " so guess what " Zayn asks . I look up from my phone " hmm " I ask and look back at my phone " I bought a flat for all of us " he said . I nodded and continued to text Zach . " who's this Zach " Zayn asks and takes my phone " hey give it back " I yell and try to snatch it " oh do you LOVE him " he teases " no he's just a friend " I say and get my phone back . I put it in my pocket . We arrive at the house and pick out rooms . I pick out one that is bright purple and has my name on it which I think means it's for me . I smile at the wardrobe he put in my closet . Zayns P.O.V : I stood at her door way . She's so beautiful and flawless . I love her so much and she doesn't know it . She turned around smiling . " hi zaynie " she says . God I love it when she calls me that " hi Rose " I say an sit on her bed " wanna go to dinner with the boys and me " I ask " oh yeah when " she asks looking back from her closet " oh about 3 hours " I say and look at my watch " ok " she says " I'll leave ya to it " I say and walk to my room . I got dressed in

. Rosey's P.O.V : I got dressed In and waited awhile until Zayn came to my door " let's go I'm hungry " I yell and run downstairs " that's my kinda gurl " Niall says and high fives me . " well let's get going " Harry chuckles as Zayn and I race to the car . I climb into the car and Zayn sits next to me . " to Nandos " I yell as Louis starts driving . " so how have you been " Zayn ask " well pretty good " I say and shrug " how have you been " I ask " awesome as usual " he says and winks . I laugh " so how about your new thing cool kids don't dance " I ask " eh it's true I'm cool , I don't dance so cool kids don't dance . " he says " it should say Zayn Malik doesn't dance because he's not cool " I say and he rolls his eyes " sureee " he says and drags out the sure . I just look at him like he's crazy . We both break into laughter and rest of the boys look at us like we are crazy . After we clear ourselves we've arrived at the one and only Nandos . " after you " Zayn says pulling me out of the car " oh you gentleman " I say sarcastically " come on I'm hungry " Niall yelled . He ran inside and we just walked " DONT TAKE YOUR PRECIOUS TIME COME ON " Niall yelled . We sat down " oh Niall is the chicken any good " I ask " oh yeah I think it's Amazayn " Zayn says and winks . I laugh " well yeah it's .... AWESOME " Niall yells . The boys chuckle and i just shake my head . A really hot guy walks up " hi I'm Zach I'll be taking your order what can I get for you " he asks . " oh I'll take a chicken and a lemonade " I say " umm same " Zayn says " Chicken wings and a Pepsi " Liam says " umm same " Louis says " um ok I would like the barbecue chicken and a coke " Harry says " I'll have chicken wings barbecue chicken " Niall says and orders some more . He leaves and brings out food back in like an hour . After we all eat we go home . " night everyone " I yell " night " I hear the boys say in unison . I laugh and shut my door . I slide on some sweat pants and a tank top . I throw my hair in a bun and slide into bed . I lay there staring up at the ceiling . I start to sweat so I throw the covers off of me . I change into shorts but I'm still sweating . Finally after while I fall asleep .

Dream :

" daddy no " I yelled " shut up " he yells and snacks me . He unzips his pants and pulls off his boxers " mommy help me " I scream " I said shut up " he yells and smacks me across the face . I feel something in my stomach and tears roll down my face . " owww mommy help me please " I yell . He snacks me again and then gets off . My mom comes to me and holds me . " Sh it will all be ok " she whispers " Jake you could o did anything I'll never let you hurt her " my mom yells . He punches her and knocks her down . He gets in top of her and beats her ." I love you " she says and her eyes shut .

Reality :

I woke up screaming and crying . I guess I woke up Zayn I guess cause he rushed to my room . " Sh it will be ok " he whispers and brushes a strand of hair behind my ear . I fell asleep in his arms " I won't let anyone hurt you " he whispers

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