1D and ME

A 19 teenage girl just bought an apartment while the next door apartment is one directions apartment.What will they think?Will Harry flirt?The girl takes a bath while the window is opened and they see her naked. Will they think she's hot or not?They follow the girl to a night club try to flirt. And wait there's secrets will the secrets will be spread to one direction? If you wanna know more read 1D and Me


1. Leaving Home

    Maria's P.O.V

 Hello my name is Maria and I am 19 years old  I just got a new apartment and wanted to unpack but then i was interrupted by some noises and I saw the window opened so i thought of going inside to check it out then I saw 5 freaking boys fighting for no reason they all stood up Niall said O Louis said M Harry said freaking Zayn said G. Liam said who are you and what are you doing here?????? I'm Maria and I just moved next door and your like little kids fighting for a toy and all these noise is bugging me and don't you know that there's neighbors here you guys have no soul. Hey I'm Styles Harry Styles ,but you can call me your husband. I said I'm faltered NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!Louis replied feisty  just the way I like it sexy. Liam acting like a daddy directioner said to the Boys to stop flirting and start cleaning up the mess and btw you just met so gtg girl ttylxox  who am I talking to a teenage girl. Go get them boys Liam said sarcastically. Then I said sorry but really who ever you are  you seem like my dad telling me not to sex or not even talking about it. Niall said what country are you from lames ville town I told him no I come from the most  awesome memorable country ever I really miss home. Zayn replied where's your home town where do you live. I told them its a secret I've been here for 2 years till now and I've never told any one that secret I got a go bye.



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