1D and ME

A 19 teenage girl just bought an apartment while the next door apartment is one directions apartment.What will they think?Will Harry flirt?The girl takes a bath while the window is opened and they see her naked. Will they think she's hot or not?They follow the girl to a night club try to flirt. And wait there's secrets will the secrets will be spread to one direction? If you wanna know more read 1D and Me


2. Facts about the lads

  I just went to my apartment and I took off my cloth to take a bath but I've always took a bath with a bra and undies I turned to grab a towel and I saw all 5 boys staring at me I told them nock it off then I closed the window and took a bath.after that I wore a sleep wear its white and short and it's opened from the middle and I wasn't even wearing a bra just an underwear. After I finished I took the laptop and did a little reaserch about that boy band,and I saw that Zayn is MOSLEM.

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