Just me ranting, come and comment what you like :3


6. Religion/Gays

This chapter might strike some arguments and some hate, definitely. 

Anyways. A couple weeks ago, this girl was getting called a lesbian, jokingly of course but she almost started crying. She started to scream that lesbians were gross and she would never ever be one.Now, I felt bad for her because she was getting called that but she blew that out of proportion . I understand why she said that. She said she is a Christian and they don't believe in people like that. I understand, I am a Christian but I don't absolutely revolt lesbians, I know lesbians, I grew up around them so I don't hate them. I am not one but I don't think they are any different than the rest of us. 

I am not trying to say Christians are closed minded because they aren't, not at all, they grew up that way. My mom grew up around all kinds of people which is why she taught me to never hate anybody by who they love, what they look like, etc. So that is how I am today, I don't care about anything, if you are nice to me then I am nice to you, end of story.

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