Just me ranting, come and comment what you like :3


5. Posers

Why hello, hello there. Tis Christy, coming at you with yet another rant. 

Today we are going to discuss the topic of Posers. Admit it, we all know we have those people in our lives who try to be something they aren't, trust me, I know a few and it drives me insane because they think that's what they are but they aren't.

Back on a different point, you know those people who claim to be nice when you are the only one they are Satan to, right? That is the story of my life. These guys, guys, guys. Guys are supposed to be sweet to girls, be gentlemen but nooooo, it is not in their DNA to be nice to me. Me! What the hell do I even do? Nothing, I try to stay quiet but they always try to talk to me. Bipolar. Anyways, there is this guy who claims to be a Saint when in fact he is Satan's little reincarnation -.-. He has his head so far up this girl's ass that he is being mean to me, like fuck off you bitch.

Rant over. 

Christy out.

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