Just me ranting, come and comment what you like :3


7. Fuckboys

Ello, I know this probably wasn't the update you were wanting but I have just had a lot on my mind recently and then out of the blue, a random message appears.

Okay, it was completely random, I was trolling my Facebook, just searching my feed when I come across a post, one of those TBH posts, it was one of my friends that I hadn't talked to in a while so I thought I would like it and see if he would actually reply. He does, he says he hasn't talked to me in a while and asks how I am. The conversation starts out normal but being the testosterone filled BOY that he is, his mind seems to fall away from chatty to dirty. He starts saying things that are kind of annoying but he thinks they are hot. He then proceeds to ask me for nudes. No.

I am not saying I would give anyone nudes but I especially won't give nudes to someone who barely talks to me and when he does, it's just to be a thirsty bitch who needs to get off. I don't play like that. All I wanted was a nice conversation with him because he is really cute and I genuinely thought he was concerned about how I was doing but he just wanted me to send nudes -.- I know there are nice guys out there but I just keep picking the wrong ones. Fml. 

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