Just me ranting, come and comment what you like :3


2. Bullying


The big 'B' word that most people deal with, including me. It really shouldn't be happening (I know you are probably thinking 'obviously') you don't know how many times I go to school and get called ugly or fat and I have done nothing to anyone. Innocent people get called names for NO REASON!! I am one of those people and I hate to admit it but when people call me names I tell them I will punch them in the face, I never would hurt someone else unless I have to. 

I stop arguments always, I don't like people fighting, unless it is only in a joking way. I want everyone to know that I am here to talk to about anything, I can make anyone smile, I can tell you that. Now moving on to the cutting part. I know most people cut and it makes my heart hurt. I don't like knowing someone that cuts and then not being able to help them stop. I have had a few friends who have done it and I have had one who does for no reason and it pisses me off. There was no reason for that person to do it but they did it anyway. 

I think the best feeling in life is making someone smile. You could have just saved their life. If you see someone looking down I dare you to walk up to them, ask them how their day has been going or tell them a joke, just let them know you are there for them, even if you don't know them. (Let them be around your age). I want to make someone smile, anyone and I am proud to say that I have saved two people from doing it and I will keep saving everyone that I can. 

Anyways I am the happiest person you may ever meet but on the inside, I am basically just another bullied kid. I try to blow off everyone's hateful comments but in the end I go home and pretty much just break down and cry. I don't like letting other people help me with my problems because I am a helpful person. My friend tells me it is unhealthy for me to not tell anyone but I just feel like I am whining and I hate sounding like that...

Please, comment below if you want and if you get bullied and want someone to talk to, comment or if it is too personal just say #Personal. Just remember you are all beautiful and deserve to be here. -BoyBand&&VinerCrazed;)

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