Just me ranting, come and comment what you like :3


8. Anxiety

Hello my Rejects, I am back with another rant! This time it's about everyone's favorite subject

Anxiety x_x

I know most people have it, I have it and I just want to talk about people who don't understand it.

So I have social anxiety, I hate crowds, meeting new people, ordering my food, being singled out, confrontation, basically most things to do with other humans. Some people don't seem to believe me.
I get called a pussy because I can't handle ordering my own food at Subway. I am afraid that the people behind the counter are silently judging me as they make my sandwich and it just bothers me.
No one understands why I am so quiet. It's because I am afraid to look stupid in front of a bunch of people. I know it will probably be the last thing on their minds but my face will be red and everyone will start pointing out how my face is red and will ask if I am okay which will only make my skin more red.
People claim to have had the same reactions but will sit there and tell me I am a pussy. It pisses me off.

That's all I got, comment something that you want to rant about, I am a great listener.


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