Our Story

You and Louis just got back together Harry hate Louis right now. What will happen to what used to be best mates?

I'm not good at these


6. Chapter 6

Louis POV 

I look down at Y/N,she was snuggled into my side in that hospital bed as Niall was asleep curled up in a chair. Harry and Liam have been gone for almost an hour..I feel awful about putting Harry through this..I hate this so much..

Y/N Pov



 I look around my room and slowly get up hearing yelling and crying the glass shatter. I open my door and walked down stairs seeing my father on the floor sobbing into his hands holding a picture frame in his arms. 

"Daddy? Whats wrong? What happened?"

He looked up at me and starts crying harder the closer I get I see what picture he's holding. It was Jacob..I then realized what happened and runs over in tears crying. My father grabs my arm and I panic as he pulls up the sleeve of my sweatshirt quickly seeing cuts and scary on them going up and down. Some saying 'worthless' and 'Loser'.He starts crying holding me into his chest.

"Never do this! Ever I can't lose you too like this...I can't lose you like I lost him..I love you both so much.." He kissed my head and I nodded crying 



*Dream over* 


I wake up trembling and looks down at my arms seeing the scars on my arm as Louis notices I'm awake 

"You okay Love?

I nod as he kisses the scars before whispering for me to go back to sleep. I smile slightly and nod shutting my eyes tears rolling down my cheeks falling back asleep. 

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