Our Story

You and Louis just got back together Harry hate Louis right now. What will happen to what used to be best mates?

I'm not good at these


5. Chapter 5

Niall's POV

I sit in the bathroom crying when I heard someone knock on the door.


"Paul go away..."

"Its not Paul..It's Y/n.."

"Y/n? What are you doing here?"

"Louis wants to talk to you.Can you open the door please?'

I get up unlocking the door 

"Dont laugh. I know I was crying but its not funny"


"Niall I will never laugh at you when your hurting"

She smiles at me as we walk down the hallway.When we get Louis room. Y/N opens the door everyone looks at me

"Niall you ok?"

I nod as I see everyone has a blanket 

"Where's Harry?"



Harry's POV

I drive to my house as I get home and I run inside crying. I lay on the couch as I hear a knock on the door. I get up mumbling.

"Who is it!"

"Liam...Can you open the door for me?"

I grumble opening the door 

"What do you want..."

"Harry whats wrong"

"It's nothing"

I turn away not wanting him to see me like this

"Harry Please.."

"Fine! I cant get over Y/n! I'm trying but I cant.."

He hugs me as I cry into him


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