Our Story

You and Louis just got back together Harry hate Louis right now. What will happen to what used to be best mates?

I'm not good at these


4. Chapter 4

Your POV

As we walk inside Niall, Zayn, Maddie and Liam got a booth to sit in.


"Y/N!! Y/N!! Sit by me!!!"

"Ok but I'm still sitting by Louis"

"No babe its ok. I'll sit by harry"

After a while everyone is done eating will everyone but Niall. I look over at Harry get up with Louis. Liam looks at them then at me 

"They'll be ok..."

He pats my back smiling and starts talking to Niall and Zayn as I talk to Maddie. Ten minutes after Harry and Louis left we started hearing them yell

"Harry stop being a little kid!!"

"Me a little kid?? Thats funny. I least I dont kiss my ex girlfriend in front of my girlfriend!"

Thats when we got up and went outside

"LOUIS!!! Louis wake up!"


Harry's POV

I hold Louis crying 

"Please wake up..."

Y/n runs over to me

"H-Harry what did you do!!"

She looks at me with a look of pure fear in her eyes

"I dont know!! He was about to punch me when he passed out in my arms"

"I called Paul and Simon"

"Lets wait for the paramedics...y/n and harry you go with Lou. We'll go with Uncle Simon and Paul"

I nod at look at y/n holding Louis 

Louis POV 

I groan "Y-Y/n?? Whats wrong?"

I look up at her seeing her cry as I pass out

"Louis...Louis wake up. " 

I hear Uncle Simon 

"Where am I?"

"Louis your in the hospital. Y/n and Harry are in the waiting room along with Zayn, Liam and Maddie..."

"Where's Niall??" 

I don't know why I asked he's probably eating 


"He's in the bathroom crying. Pauls trying to get him out."

I looks away from him..

"Can they come in here? I want to talk to them.." 

He nods and opens the door 


Y/n comes running in the room and hugs me tight crying 

"Hey love. No crying ok?"

She nods as I hold her tight in my arms. All the boys come in and we talk. Every other second I look at y/n then harry. 

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