Our Story

You and Louis just got back together Harry hate Louis right now. What will happen to what used to be best mates?

I'm not good at these


3. Chapter 3

Zayn's POV


I look at harry. I know whats wrong. 


"Guys Maddie wants to know if she can come eat with us.''

"YES!!" Y/N jumps up and down 


"Ok ok I'll text her"



Niall's POV

"Guys!!! Can we go to Nandos??"

Everyone groans 

"Niall no. We go there all the time!'' -Harry

"Not today Nialler..Tomorrow maybe."-Liam

"Yeah not today" -Zayn

"Niall, You. Are. Turning. Into. NANDOS!!" -Louis

"Niall I'll buy you nandos.''

I run over hugging y/n "See!! This is why I like Y/n way better then you guys!"

"Thanks y/n''

"Your welcome Niall. Zayn is Maddie meeting us??"


Harry's POV

We all get into the car Louis driving and Liam next to him

"So boys,were to first??''

She has the voice of an angel.I swear she sounds so good she makes us sound like 2 year olds.

"Harry stop night dreaming"

Louis laughs at his own joke.

"haha get it because its night time?"

Everyone groans laughing.Y/n smiles at him

"Not your best one Lou." she says giggling.

Niall and Zayn look at me then her as the start talking.


Louis POV

I loo back at y/n and Harry. He knows how much she means to me. I just hope this night doesnt end up in a fight.When we get there Niall jumps out of the car running inside. I help y/n out of the car kissing her cheek

"I love you."

"I love you too Lou."

I see Harry shed a tear 



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