Our Story

You and Louis just got back together Harry hate Louis right now. What will happen to what used to be best mates?

I'm not good at these


2. Chapter 2

Liam's POV

"Guys stop yelling!!!!" 

I look right at Niall 

"I'm talking to you Niall!"

He pouts as I answer

"Hello? Louis?"

"Yes its me, Would you and the boys like to go and eat with me and y/n??" 

I forgot I had my phone on speaker and Niall gets up screaming at the top of his lungs 


I face palm and sigh "Yeah come over to my house and we'll talk see you soon. Bye"


Louis gets off the phone and I sigh sitting down hearing Harry mumble something.


Louis's POV

"Y/n lets head over to Liam's" 

I smile as I hold her hand.She smiles back at me..I havent seen that smile in so long I makes me blush.She kisses my cheek and the touch of her lips make me blush even more as we get in my car driving off


Harry's POV

I mutter under my breath as I get up


"Tell me when Y/n and Louis get here...."

I go outside to the back yard sitting down hugging my knees...I know it stupid to cry over a girl but...I cant help it..Why did I have to mess up and go out with Taylor? I sit there crying when I hear Niall


"Harry? Why are you crying"

"N-Niall go away..."

"Nope." he sits right next to me 

"Whats wrong? You can tell me."

"I miss her Niall.."

"Who Taylor??"

"No! Y/N...I thought she was the one..The other day when she came over to my house crying killed me.."

"I know...Things will get better. Please be happy for him Harry..You know how depressed he was when Elanor left him..Let's go inside..their here.."

We walk inside and I see Y/n prettier then ever...with Louis right next to her..

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