I can't believe u did this to me
I am sorry I can exp.....
I cut him of by a slap u used me
I did at first but then I liked u
Nope u used me and know I am over u


2. meeting the walsons

This is the day i .......... Move in with the walsons I really hope they are not old ladies pinching your cheeks and giving you cookies until u get fat and start sharing clothes with elephants . But to my surprise I was greeted by a kind lady that welcomed me and we started talking about where is my room then I thought heard her say share it but I must be dreaming then I asked her did u say "share" like with some body ? Yes you will be sharing a room with my daughter Alex I almost jumped from my seat and started dancing like a maniac then i thought what if that daughter is like 10 years old so I was sad but then I asked how old was she said sixteen then I actually jumped for joy then I was interrupted by Alex coming and saying is she here ye.....she cut herself of when she saw me and went over to me and jumped on the couch I was on and hugged and then said we are going to have so much fun u are going to be my knew BFF and we can go shopping together and watch scary movies and chic flicks and talk about boys and stay up all night jamming to one direction [see what I did there ] then she took me by the hand and practically dragged me upstairs it took a while because I was tripping on every stair step then when we where finally there she told me to start unpacking and she is going to get some snacked after 25 mins I was done and I really wanted to pee so I tried to find my way but I keep getting slammed into the walls then finally I found it when I was about to get my undies of a boy came rushing into the bathroom without knocking and stared at me then smirked I asked who are u ?! Then he said the real question is who are u ?and what are u doing in my house ? I told him that I am Alex and I am sixteen he said me too for some reason I was really happy but I did know why then I found his eyes down I thought he was shy and was looking at the ground then I noticed that his eyes are a bit higher that I realized that he was staring at my undies that say I love u in neon colored and the background was black so I pulled my shorts quickly and blushed . Then he said nice to meet u and just as he was about to leave I told him WAIT I did not catch your name he said drake then winked ,I blushed really hard that my cheeks were red as a tomato . Then I remembered to lock the door then when I was done I flushed and washed my hands. I was going to Alex's and mine 's room ,but the I found that my tank top was caught in the bathroom's door I tried to wiggle to door but it was stuck then I pulled and pulled but then I found myself flying in the air and prepared for the pain it did not come I opened my eyes to be met by a beautiful blue eyes I said hi awkwardly then he said who are u ? I said I am Rebecca and I am sixteen who are u he said I am Eric I am seventeen then he asked what are u doing here I told him that my parents are on a business trip and your parents are my parents best friends so he said makes much more sense and the awkward silane begin then I found out that he was carrying me the whole time then I spoke up and said u must be tired he said it was no bother then gave me a winked then left I thought what is wrong with the boys and winking

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