New boys

When Molly one day gets picked to show the new boys around the school but she has no idea how famous they are, will she have trouble or have fun while doing it? Will she start to have feelings for one of them or by the end will she be done with them? What will happen when past drama come back into her life? Will it affect her and the boys' relationship or will they get through it?


31. The Kiss

Molly's POV:

As I'm sitting in the living room, I'm the only one watching the movie. I smile when I notice my favorite line for Karen comes up. When that part is over, I look around the room and see Harry and Abby making out, Niall and Emily are kissing, and Louis is on his phone.

I get up from my spot and go and sit by Louis. I sit right next to him and I sort of plop down on top of him and he groans. I laugh a little and say "Sorry."

Louis shakes his head and says raspy "It's fine."

I nod my head and say "So, what you doin?" I look at his phone and see he is texting someone.

Louis replies without looking up at me and says "Just texting my girlfriend."

I smile and say "Who's you're girlfriend?"

Louis stops texting and looks up at me. He says "Liam never told you I had a girlfriend?"

I shake my head and say "Nope."

Louis nods his head and says "Oh. Well her name is Eleanor and she's a model. She's from England too and we talk when ever we can. I miss her a lot."

I smile and nod my head. I say "Cool. Will I ever get to meet her?"

Louis nods his head and says "Yeah. When we have off for Easter break, all of us are going back to England and if you come with us, you will get to meet her."

I smile and say "Cool. I would love to meet her and become friends with her. I mean like yeah I'm glad that my sister and my friend get to hang out with us too but I want to meet one of your guys' girlfriends that I don't know. You get what I mean?"

Louis nods his head and says "Yeah, I do. If Zayn was still in a relationship, you could've met Perrie. She was really nice and cool. But then, they broke up." Louis looks down at his lap.

I pout and say "When did they break up?"

Louis looks at me and says "A week or two ago."

I nod my head and say "Is Zayn okay?"

Louis shrugs his head and says "I don't know. I think so but he said his feelings are a little messed up."

I nod my head in understanding and turn my head back to the movie. I lay out on the couch and put my feet on Louis' lap.

A couple of minutes later, Zayn and Liam come back out. I sit up and put my feet down so Liam can sit down next to me. When he does, Zayn speaks up and says "Hey Molly, can I talk to you?"

I look at him and nod my head and say "Sure." I look at Liam and say "I'll be back." I smile and kiss his cheek.

Liam smiles and says "Don't be too long or I'll miss you too much."

I smile and then walk with Zayn to his room.

When we get in there, Zayn says "You can sit on my bed if you want to." as he closes the door.

I walk to his bed and sit on the edge so my legs are hanging over the side and my feet touch the floor.

Once Zayn closes the door, he turns around and walks to the bed. He sits down next to me and sits like me so our legs are touching a little.

Zayn sighs and says "I don't know how to do this but for right now, I'll just tell you how it started." Zayn pauses and takes a deep breath then sighs. He continues and says "Well, about a week ago, I had a girlfriend named-"

I cut him off and say "Perrie. I know. Louis told me. He said you two broke up and it was hard on you and your feelings are mixed up."

Zayn looks at me surprised and says "Oh, well since you know that part, I'll skip it. Anyways, I wanna tell you something okay?"

I nod my head and he continues.

He says "Well, when Louis said my feelings are all mixed up, did he tell you how?"

I shake my head and say "No. I just figured that you're trying to get over her and stuff."

Zayn looks down and says "Well, that's half true."

I look at him confused and he continues. He says "The reason why I wanted to talk to Liam was because I wanted to ask him something."

I look at him and say "What did you ask him?"

Zayn looks down and plays with his fingers. He quietly says "I asked him if I could"

I look down and say "Oh. And what did he say?"

Zayn looks at me and says "He said I could."

I look up at him and I have a surprised look on my face. I say "Wait, why do you want to kiss me?"

Zayn looks at me and says "Well, when Louis said, I have mixed feelings, that's what I meant. Today, when we walked around together and talked, my feelings started to grow for you."

I look down and say "Oh."

Zayn nods his head and says "Yeah, and that why I asked Liam if I could kiss you. Maybe if I kiss you, my feelings will get cleared and then I won't end up liking you. It was just my feelings from Perrie and the break up."

I look at Zayn and say "Wait, so if you don't like me, we won't be best friends?" I pout.

Zayn looks at me with wide eyes and says "Oh no no! I didn't mean it like that. I meant like, I wouldn't like you the way Liam does. I would still be best friends and I don't want anything to change that."

I smile and say "Good. I don't want anything to change that either." I lean towards Zayn and give him a hug. I say "Zayn, you are my best friend."

Zayn smiles and says "Good. And you're my best friend."

I pull back from him and smile. I say "So, do you still want to kiss me?"

Zayn sighs and says "Yeah. I'm just worried that what if I do end up liking you? What will happen? I'm scared I won't move on."

I sigh and say "If you do end up liking me, just know that I will be totally flattered. And I will definitely help you find a girl and help you move on." I pause and look down. I continue and say "And I'm sorry."

Zayn looks at me and lifts my face up to look at his. He says "Why are you sorry?"

I sigh and say "Because you have to go through this. It's not fun when you like someone when they're dating your best friend. I've been in that position."

Zayn puts his hand on my thigh and rubs it. He says "It's okay Molly. I will move on. I don't want to take you away from Liam. I see how happy he makes you and how happy you make him."

I sigh and say "Thank you Zayn."

He smiles and stands up. He reaches his hand out to me and I look up at him confused.

He smiles and says "Just come here."

I smile and grab his hand and he pulls me up to stand. I wrap my arms around his waist and he wraps his arms around me. I rest my head on his chest and smile.

I pull back and smile up at him. He looks down at me and smiles. Then his face goes serious. He looks me in the eyes and then at my lips. My expression goes serious and I stop smiling. I unconsciously lick my lips and then I bite my lip. Zayn looks back into my eyes and he cups my face with one of his hands. I look into his eyes and he starts leaning down and gently lifting my face up to his.

Our lips touch but he stops pulling me and it's like he's waiting for me to make a move. I gently lean up and our lips connect. At first, the kiss is soft and gentle but then Zayn starts kissing me more passionate. Our lips start moving in sync and he puts his hands around my waist. I move my arms around his neck and pull him down to me. As we kiss, I rub my hand at the back of his neck and I feel his tongue lick my bottom lip. He slowly enters his tongue and he explores my mouth. I take his bottom lip between my teeth and softly bite it and Zayn stops kissing me. I let go of his lip and then Zayn playfully takes my bottom lip between his lip. I smile and I keep rubbing the back of his neck. Zayn let's go of my lip and rests his forehead on mine. He smiles and looks in my eyes. I look back at him and smile.

Zayn sighs and says "Hi, best friend."

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