New boys

When Molly one day gets picked to show the new boys around the school but she has no idea how famous they are, will she have trouble or have fun while doing it? Will she start to have feelings for one of them or by the end will she be done with them? What will happen when past drama come back into her life? Will it affect her and the boys' relationship or will they get through it?


17. Swimming time!

Harry's POV:

As I walked out if my room, I walk into the kitchen seeing the rest of the boys except Liam.

I look at them confused. "Where's Liam?" I ask.

Louis says "I think him and Molly had a little bit of kissing time while we were getting changed."

Right as Lou said that, Liam walks into the kitchen.

Liam says "One, why are you talking about me and two, you are right. We did have a little kissing time because oh you know, you guys interrupting us before."

We all smile and raise our hands up in defense. I say "Well you know, there are rooms for that."

Liam looks at me and just smiles at my cheekiness.

Then Zayn says "Hey, you're not the one to talk. What was the whole deal with Abby huh?"

I look down and blush. "I don't know. We were about to kiss but then Molly had to stop it."

Liam looks at me and says "Well don't expect her not to I mean, they are sisters. And you can't say anything because you guys stopped us from kissing when I landed on her on the couch the first time."

Me and the boys laugh at the memory. Then I stop and get a thought.

"Do you think she has a boyfriend?" I ask worriedly.

Niall speaks up and says "Maybe. But I don't think she does. It looked like she wanted to kiss you."

I smile at what Niall said. I think "Did she really want to kiss me? I don't know but I really wanna get to know her. Maybe she will end up kissing me."

I smile at the thought but it gets interrupted as the girls walk into the kitchen.

All of us turn and see the girls walking towards us. All of our mouths are agape. "Wow, they look amazing." I have the thought in my head."

As the girls came closer to us, they stop. They look at us confused and Molly asks "What?"

Me and the boys get back to reality and Liam goes up to Molly and puts his arms around her waist.

Liam looks at Molly and just smiles. He says "It's nothing. You guys just look really good."

Molly and Abby look at each other and then they look at us.

They both ask "Really?"

All of us nod and smile.

Both of them smile and blush. Molly puts her head on Liam shoulder and Abby puts her head on mine.

I smile and rub her back, feeling butterflies in my stomach.

Louis clears his throat to get our attention and says "So, who's ready to go swimming?"

All of us smile and nod our heads.

We all grab towels and the stuff we need and head down to the pool.


Molly's POV:

Once we get down to the pool, the boys waste no time getting into the pool. They set down their towels on random chairs and jump in right away.

Me and Abby just look at each other and laugh at the boys.

I say "I swear. They're more excited to be here the us and we were the ones that wanted to go."

Abby laughs then Harry calls to us "Hey, we didn't say we didn't wanna go. We can just hide our excitement more then you guys can."

Me and Abby just laugh and roll our eyes. We grab all of the boys towels and carried them with us to where we actually sat down.

Liam saw us sit down and called out in a whiney voice "Molly, what are you guys doing? Come and swim with us."

I reply and say "Well we're just going to sit and talk for a little bit. You guys swim and have some fun, we'll be in there soon."

As me and Abby just lay out on our chairs, we close our eyes. Suddenly, I feel water drops on me. I open my eyes and look up to see Liam and Harry is next to Abby.

Abby asks Harry and Liam "Guys, what are you do-" but as she was saying it, Harry lifted her up in his arms and carried her to the pool.

I look at Liam and see him smile deviously. I can already tell what he's thinking so I say "Liam, please no. No, no, n-" but Liam picks me up anyway.

I squirm in his arms and try to get away from him but his grip just tightens. I look at Liam and give him my puppy dog eyes and say "Liam, please don't. Please."

He just laughs at my begging and says "Even though you look very cute with those eyes, I'm still gonna dunk you and you can't do anything about it."

I groan and say "Fine. But at least let me and Abby down so we can jump in ourselves."

"Oh we're not gonna do that cause what if you guys run away hmm? We can't trust you." Harry says as Liam stands next to him beside the pool.

Me and Abby look at each other and our eyes widen.

Liam and Harry look at each other and begin to count. "1.."

Me and Abby start begging them not to and squirm around.

"2,," they count together again. "3."

Me and Abby take in a gasp of air and soon feel the coldness of the water. As we surface, we notice all of the boys laughing.

"Th-that was s-so n-not funny." I say as me and Abby are shivering. We start walking over to the ladder to get out of the water.

Louis says "Oh come on, that was a little funny. But hey, at least we know something now."

Me and Abby look at him confused. "W-what is th-that?" Abby asks as we both are still shivering.

Louis smiles to himself and says "That Liam and Harry can make you guys wet." The boys laugh hard at the joke while me and Abby roll our eyes.

While they're still laughing, I notice Liam and Harry are still not in the pool yet and get a plan and whisper it in Abby's ear.

As we're still shivering, we walk over to Liam and Harry.

Once we get to them, we both cuddle into their chests and they wrap their arms around us. We both smile at each other as the plan is going as planned.

I look up at Liam. "You know, that really wasn't funny." I say trying to have a sad sound in my voice.

He looks down at me and says "I know and I'm sorry baby. What can I do to make it up to you?"

I smile up at him and start leaning up towards his face. I put my lips to his ear and say "This.". I back away from him and look at Abby. We both get out of Liam's and Harry's arms and push them into the pool.

Once they both resurface, they see me, Abby, and the rest of the boys laughing.

I say "Hey, that was just payback for throwing us in the pool."

Me and Abby sit on the edge of the pool and put our legs in the water.

Liam comes up to me and stands between my thighs in waist deep water.

He says "You know, that was really mean of you to tease me like that. I mean, I thought you were gonna kiss me."

I smile and mock him and say "Well you thought wrong."

He looks down and pouts. I take my finger and pull his face up so he looks at me.

I say "I know I made you upset and I'm sorry. Is there any possible way you can forgive me?" I smile and bat my eyelashes at him.

He looks up and acts like he's thinking. He says "Well there is one thing that would help."

I smile at him and say "And what's that?"

He looks at me and says "Kiss me."

I smile and say "And where would you like me to kiss you?"

He points to his lips and say "Right here."

I smile and say "I think that is a good place."

I slowly lean in and so does he. I gently place my lips on his and smile. He starts kissing me harder and mor passionate and puts his hands on my waist. I keep kissing him and slide my arms around his neck and pull him closer to me. Our lips move in sync as I wrap my legs around his waist and start rubbing my hands through his hair. I hear him slightly moan and I smile. I slowly start to pull away from him. Once our lips disconnect, we both smile and rest our foreheads against each other's.

I lift my head off of his and look at Abby and Harry. I notice Harry in between Abby's thighs and he's rubbing her legs.

"So, what will you do to get me to forgive you?" Harry smiles at Abby.

She says "Well," she pretends to think then looks back at him. "Maybe, this will convince you." She smiles wrapping a hand behind his neck pulling his lips to hers.

I smile and see them both smile through the kiss. Abby pulls back from Harry and smiles. "Did that convince you?"

Harry looks at her and says "I think I need a little more convincing."

They both smile and start leaning in. I clear my throat and say "Maybe , you two can convince each other a little more later."

They both give me a look and the other boys just laugh at me.

I say "Hey, you have plenty of time to kiss and tell me about it later Abby but we gotta get swimming! We should do something."

All of them nodded our heads and Liam walked me over to the other boys and Harry walked Abby.

I ask "So, what do you guys usually do when you swim?"

All of the boys look at each other and smile. At the same time, they all yell "CHICKEN FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!"

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