New boys

When Molly one day gets picked to show the new boys around the school but she has no idea how famous they are, will she have trouble or have fun while doing it? Will she start to have feelings for one of them or by the end will she be done with them? What will happen when past drama come back into her life? Will it affect her and the boys' relationship or will they get through it?


49. Sunday consequences

Molly's POV:

*Sunday Morning*

As I lay next to Liam in bed, I think about the past week and how lucky I am to have him. But then....I think about yesterday. It seemed like after I got back from the store, everyone was weird. Emily kept looking at Liam with a sort of.....death glare and I have no idea what he did to make her seem mad at him. And then everywhere Abby went, Harry went with her and they would always talk quietly and Harry would always be rubbing Abby's back.

Then Zayn barely looked or even talked to me. Actually, all of the boys did that. I feel like they were scared to talk to me or something. But then with Liam.....I feel like he was sad the whole day. We barely did anything. All he did was have an arm around me but he didn't hold me, he didn't kiss me. We didn't do anything yesterday. Why is everyone so strange lately?

I clear my head and just shrug it off. I look next to me and I smile as Liam quietly snores. Suddenly, his eyes scrunch and he gets a worried look. I hear him quietly say "Molly." and I notice that he must be having another bad dream. I decide to slowly lean down and I gently put my lips to his. I pull back and it seems that he is better. He rolls over on his side and falls back into a regular state of unconsciousness.

I push the covers off of me and I decide to make breakfast for everyone. I look at the time and see it is 9:30 so everyone is still sleeping. Once I get to the kitchen, I take the bacon, sausage, eggs, and pancake mix out. I grab four pans and I put them on the stove. I heat it up and I begin cooking the bacon and sausage. I get out two big bowls and a whisk so I can begin making the pancakes and eggs.

I get 7 or 8 eggs out and crack all of them into a bowl. I stir them up and then poor them into the pan so they begin to cook. As the bacon, eggs, and sausage all cook, I put some pancake mix into a bowl and begin mixing. After, I grab a ladle and begin making pancakes.

As everything is being made, I hear someone come into the kitchen. I turn my head and see Niall, Abby, and Emily. I smile as they are the people who mostly are the ones eating. Niall and Emily really do make a great couple. They have a lot in common and they both make each other so happy. I see Emily sit on Niall's lap and of course Abby is on her phone.

I smile and just shake my head. I look back and cook some more when suddenly, I hear Abby gasp. I look at her and I ask "What? What's wrong?"

Abby looks up at me and says "Oh no. It's nothing. I thought I just saw a bug." I shrug my shoulders and turn back to cooking but I can't help but feel she's hiding something from me. I turn my head a little so I can see them in my peripheral vision and I see Abby show her phone to Niall and Emily. They all look at each other worried and I get a nervous feeling in my stomach.

I decide to shrug it off for now and finish making the food. I grab four big plates and put everything on a different plate. I put them all on the table and Abby, Emily, and Niall all sit down. As Niall is about to grab food, I slap his hand and say "Let's get the other boys first shall we?"

Niall sighs but nods his head. I say "Abby, you get Harry. Emily and Niall wake up Louis and Zayn and I'll wake up Liam." All of them nod and we walk to the certain bedrooms. When I get to Liam's, I see that he's already up. I walk into the room and he's sitting on the edge of the bed with his head resting in his hand and his phone in the other.

I walk in front of him and put my hands in his hair and his head is resting against my stomach. I rub my hands through his hair and say "Babe. Breakfast is ready if you want some." Liam locks his phone and looks up at me. He puts his phone down besides him and wraps his arms around my waist. I straddle his lap and I sit as I still have my hands in his hair. Liam looks in my eyes and just stares. I notice his eyes are red and bloodshot so he has been crying.

My face becomes sad and I say "Babe, why have you been crying?" I start to rub the back of his neck. He keeps looking at me and his eyes begin to water more. I feel horrible so I wrap my arms around his neck and pull him to me. He rests his head and my shoulder and he begins crying. We sit there for about 5 minutes then he pulls away and looks at me again.

He sighs and takes a deep breath. He begins saying "Molly, I need to tell you something." but then I hear someone clear their throat. I turn around and see Abby standing there. She says "Uhm, breakfast is getting cold. You guys coming?"

I nod and say "Yeah. We'll be out in a minute." I turn back to Liam and his head is down. I rub my fingers through his hair and he seems to relax a little bit. He sighs and says "Come on. We should probably go eat."

"But didn't you need to tell me something?" I ask. Liam shakes his head and says "It doesn't matter now. I...I'll tell you later." I cup his chin and make him look at me. I say "You sure you're okay?" He nods his head and says "Yeah. I'll be fine."

I still have a worried look on my face but I put my lips against his. He kisses me back and tightens his arms around me. I pull back and rest my forehead against his. I smile and so does he then I get off of him. I take his hand and we both walk to the kitchen and have a wonderful breakfast with everyone.

*5:30 PM*

As we're all driving back from the movies, me, Liam, Zayn, and Louis all talk and laugh together. Sure, they can be loud but they really do make me laugh.

Once we get to the boys hotel, I go to Liam's room where my phone has been charging all day. Once I get to it, I smile as I see the photo of me and Liam on the day we went shopping. I unlock my phone and decide to check all of my social media.

I click on twitter and scroll through the usual boring stuff but something catches my eye. It's about Liam but he's with....another girl. Without wanting to jump to conclusions, I click on the link and read through it. It shows Liam kissing and grinding with another girl. By this time, tears are falling down my face. I scroll down more and see him leaving the club with the girl.

As I finally can't take anymore, I lock my phone and fall to the ground. I put my head in my hands and burst out crying. Suddenly, I hear someone enter the room. I wipe my eyes and turn around and see it's Louis. He walks to me and asks "Molly...are you okay?"

I nod my head and blurt out "Where's Liam?" Louis is a little bit surprised but he answers me and says "In the kitchen. Why? Molly, what's wrong?"

Without wanting to answer any of his questions, I get off the floor and walk to the kitchen. Louis calls my name but I just keep walking to the kitchen. Once I get in there, I see everyone smiling and laughing. They notice I'm there and everyone turns serious. I look at Liam and his face is in a frown. I feel Louis come up behind me. I keep looking at Liam and he says "Molly, what's wrong? What happened? Why were you crying?"

I shake my head and say "Why don't you tell me Liam? What did I do? What did I do wrong?"

"What are you talking about? You didn't do anything wrong." Liam shakes his head and says.

I say "Then why did you do it?" I look at Liam and I see that he gets what I'm talking about but he tries to act like he doesn't. He says "What are you talking about? I didn't do anything."

"Oh stop Liam. You and I both know what I'm talking about. Stop trying to act like you don't." I say and interrupt him.

He looks down and plays with his fingers. I just look at him with tears rolling down my face. He looks back up at me and says "Please Molly. Let me expl-."

"No Liam! I don't want to he-." I interrupt him again but then Abby interrupts me and says "Listen to him Molly. Just let him explain."

I look at Abby and more tears stream down my face. I look at her shocked and say "What?" I look at everyone and they all have their heads down. "Yo-you guys all knew.....didn't you?" All of them still have their heads down.

I look at Liam and he has some tears running down his face. I take a breath and say "I trusted you Liam. I trusted when you said you weren't gonna hurt me. And the fact that you cheat on me when I just went through a past relationship that was hell, doesn't make anything better. The fact that you did this to me when you promised me you would never hurt me and you would help me through this, literally.....breaks my heart. I'm.....I'm done with you Liam."

I turn around to face Abby and Emily who also have tears running down their faces. I say "And you two..... I trusted both of you two the most and you hide this from me? My twin sister and my best friend? Why? Why would you do that to me?"

Emily speaks up and says "We thought Liam shou-." I interrupt her and say "Stop. You two are my best friends and we always agreed it was us before guys no matter what. So why do you guys decide now that it should be the guy that tells me?"

As they're about to speak up, I say "Actually.....nevermind. I'm.....I'm just done. I'm done with all of you." I quickly grab my keys and shoes and run out the door. When I get outside, I quickly get to the car then start it up and drive away. I get caught at the stoplight but as soon as it changes, I drive then pull over to the curb. I put the car into park and cry.

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