New boys

When Molly one day gets picked to show the new boys around the school but she has no idea how famous they are, will she have trouble or have fun while doing it? Will she start to have feelings for one of them or by the end will she be done with them? What will happen when past drama come back into her life? Will it affect her and the boys' relationship or will they get through it?


25. Revealed

Abby's POV:

As Molly and Zayn went walking around, the rest of us decide to go to the food court and grab something to eat. I'm about to grab my money out for my pretzel but then suddenly, Harry steps in front of me and pays for me.

I sigh and say "Harry, you didn't have to pay for me. I could've paid for myself."

Harry looks at me and says "Yes I did. I am your boyfriend and I wanted to pay for you." Harry looks at the cashier and gets his change back and says "Thank you."

I look up at him and say "Well thank you." then I lean up and kiss his cheek.

Harry smiles then leads me back to the rest of the group. When all of us sit down, I sit by Harry, Emily sits by Niall, and then on the other side of Harry and Niall are Liam and Louis.

"Liam, it's okay. I'm sure Molly is fine. She just needs to clear her mind." Emily says patting his hand reassuringly.

Liam thinks to himself and then asks "Do one of you know who could've given her that bruise?"

Me and Emily look at each other and we shake our heads. I say "I have no clue but I do have an idea."

Everyone looks at me and Liam nods his head for me to continue.

I say "Well, like a year ago or so, Molly had a boyfriend named Connor. She really liked him but after like 2 months, he started getting really serious and he would ask her where she would be going every time she went out. It really started to scare her. After another month or so, Connor would emotionally and mentally abuse her. He insulted her a lot and when she would cry, he would do anything to make her feel better again and she forgave him. Me and my older sister saw what he was doing to her and we told her to break up with him but she was scared. Well when she got up the courage, she tried breaking up with him but he didn't let her. Instead, he got mad and he..." I trail off.

Liam looks at me and asks "And he? And he what? What did he do?"

I take a breath and say "Connor got mad and he got thoughts. He thought the reason why she was breaking up with him was because she found someone else so he.." I pause and Harry rubs my back comfort. I continue and say "He hit her. That night, Molly came home with a bruised eye and a red cheek. When me and my older sister asked her about it, she broke down in my arms and cried. After that day, she was too scared to try and break up with him again. Through out the rest of the relationship, Connor kept continually hitting her and to deal with it, Molly.." I take a breath and notice a few tears have escaped. "To deal with the pain from Connor, Molly would harm herself. By the end of their relationship, Molly had scars too many to count. When they broke up, she was so happy. She came home screaming and jumping and smiling. But then today, it really must have screwed her up."

"Wait," Liam says."If Connor didn't let Molly break up with him the first time, how did they break up the second time?"

I say "Well, Connor broke up with her because he was moving away but I guess now he's back."

Liam sighs and says "So I guess that's why she didn't seem like herself when she ran into us."

I nod my head and say "Yeah. I'm just glad you had Zayn go with her. Connor could have found her again and took her or something."

"Do not put that thought in my mind, Abs okay. Please, I don't need that thought in my head." Liam says then takes in a deep breath.

"Speaking of Molly and Zayn," Emily speaks up. "Where are they? It's been an hour."

Right after Emily says that, my phone vibrates. I pull it out and see who texted me. I smile as I read the text. I say "Hey guys, Molly just texted me. She said 'Me and Zayn have been looking everywhere for you guys and we got tired. So now, it's your turn to look. To find me and Zayn, we're at a place with many animals. But, they're not real. Hide N' Seek time(:' looks like she wants to play hide and seek." I look up and smile and see all of them smiling back at me.

Louis speaks up and asks "But wait, where would her and Zayn be?"

Announcement: I'm sorry for this chapter and it being so short. I just wanted to explain everything and then have the hide n' seek chapter. I hope you enjoy the story though(: if you would like, please comment your favorite chapter or comment any ideas you have. Thanks(: ~Molly

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