New boys

When Molly one day gets picked to show the new boys around the school but she has no idea how famous they are, will she have trouble or have fun while doing it? Will she start to have feelings for one of them or by the end will she be done with them? What will happen when past drama come back into her life? Will it affect her and the boys' relationship or will they get through it?


42. "Normal" School Day

Liam's POV:

When me and Molly get back into the room, the boys tackle her and give her a hug. As they all crowd around her, I slightly smile as I hear her say "Can't. Breath. Here."

All of the boys instantly back away from her and raise their hands in defense.

Once Molly takes a breath, the boys suddenly all start attacking her with questions and saying stuff like "Don't listen to them Molly" and "That person is wrong for what they said." I can tell Molly is getting overwhelmed by everything as she starts backing away from the boys and into me.

She takes my arms with her hands and wrap them around her. I wrap them around her waist and say "Boys! You're scaring her. Stop."

All of the boys instantly stop talking and all say a quiet "Sorry."

Molly slightly shakes her head and says "No, it's okay. I'm fine." She looks down and rubs my arm with her thumb.

I put my chin on her shoulder and give her a slight kiss on the cheek. I smile as I see her slightly smile. She looks up at the boys and all of them are looking at her with sympathy.

She sighs and says quietly "It's okay. I'm okay, boys." All of them slightly nod their head but still look at her the same way.

Molly sighs again and unwraps my arms from around her. She walks over to the boys and stretches her arms out. All of them smile and wrap their arms around her. Once they let go, Molly sighs and says "Thank you boys for being here for me. I very much appreciate it."

All of them smile and one by one give her a kiss on the cheek. I watch Zayn as his kisses her a little longer and he wraps his arms around her. I can't help but get a little jealous but it goes away quickly as I smile and see Molly coming back over by me. She smiles as she turns her back to me and wraps my arms around her again. I smile as I think to myself "Gah. I am so lucky to have this girl." I smile wider and lean my head down and kiss her on the cheek.


Molly's POV:

When the bell rings for the end of first hour, me and the boys get up and off of the floor. As Niall is about to open the door, I say "Woah, wait. We might want to wait a little so then we don't get mobbed." All of them sigh but nod their heads.

Liam speaks up and says "Why don't we try going out there? I mean like I understand your point molls but we could at least try. I'm sure the teachers will help if we need it too."

I look up at him nervously then I look at the boys. They all look at me hopefully and I sigh. I shrug my shoulders and say "I guess. It wouldn't hurt."

They boys smile and cheer and Liam gives me a kiss on the cheek. I smile and put my hand on the door and pull it open. A few people look at us and notice who the boys are. I hold my hands out and say "Please just keep going. We're just trying to get to class without too many troubles." Luckily, the people understand and keep walking.

As we walk through the halls, I am in between Zayn and Liam and the other boys are next to them. As we continue, I hear more and more girls talking and gathering behind us. I look back and I see a couple girls give me dirty looks. I turn back but suddenly, I feel a girl grab my arm. She's about to pull me away from the boys but as I turn around, the principal luckily steps between them and me and the boys.

He spreads his arms out and stops all of the girls. He says "Alright, get back to class. Stop following the boys and planning to attack them. They don't need that. They are just here to learn and be like normal teenage boys. No stalking, no following, now tackling, and no screaming at the boys. Do not touch them or bother them. Also, do not bother Molly. She's just trying to show them around and I'm sure she already has enough trouble as it is so she doesn't need more. So leave all of them alone."

Me and the boys watch as the principal motions the girls to get back to class and they all groan and sigh. As some leave, they turn back and give me dirty looks.

I sigh and continue to walk to my next class. The boys notice and walk fast to catch up to me. As the catch up, Liam comes to the side of me and grabs my hand. As we walk, he puts his lips to my ear and says "It will be okay." He pulls back and kisses me on the cheek. I sigh and look up at him and he rubs my hand with his thumb.

I sigh and take the boys to where me, Abby, and Emily meet up before second hour. As we turn down the hallway, I see Harry and Niall smile as they see Abby and Emily with their backs turned to us. I smile as they run up behind them and wrap their arms around the girls' waists.

Me, Liam, Zayn, and Louis catch up to them and both Abby and Emily smile. But once they see my face, their smiles disappear. Emily looks at me worriedly and she says "Molly, are you okay?"

I lie and say "Yeah. I'm fine." Both of them give me a look and they can tell I'm lying. Liam sighs and he rubs my hand more. He looks at the girls and says "A couple of minutes ago, we were walking and girls started grouping and following us. The principal had to step in and get the girls to go back to class."

Abby shrugs her shoulders and says "So? What's wrong with that?"

I sigh and say "Well it doesn't exactly make me feel good when most of them were giving me dirty looks right after I was told by someone that I should die."

Abby's and Emily's eyes go wide and they both say "What?!"

I groan and turn around and walk to my next class. As I walk away, I hear Abby, Emily, and the boys calling my name. I hear Zayn say "Come on Molls. Come back over here."

Luckily, the minute bell rang and I turn around. I shrug my shoulders and say "Sorry. Gotta get to class. Abby, please help Niall get to your guys' class and Emily, please help Lou okay? Liam, Harry, and Zayn, you guys get to come with me. We get to go to gym."

The boys walk away with me and Abby, Niall, Emily, and Louis go their separate ways. Once we get to the gym, we get there right before the bell rings. I tell the boys to go to the locker room and get changed while I do the same thing.

Once I enter the locker room, instantly, other girls give me dirty looks. As soon as I get changed, I lock my locker and turn around but surprised with three girls in front of me. I look at all of them and they look like freshman or sophomores. I sigh and say "Do you guys need anything?"

All of them give me looks and the one with brown hair speaks up and says "Stay away from the boys. They are ours."

I sigh and roll my eyes. I say "Look, I'm just the one that shows them around and-" but suddenly, I get cut off as one of them slaps me across the face. I fall to the ground and I hold my cheek.

I look at them and the one that slapped me says "We said stay away. We don't need a bitch like you trying to get close to them by using that excuse. And oh, if you don't do what we say, next time it will be worse."

I start getting mad and I stand up. I get in their faces and say "You guys do not threaten me like that. I am the one older and I know a lot more people then you do and I can wreck your high school reputations. So you bitches, don't even want to mess with me. Got it?" I turn away from them and walk away. I smile as I turn around to look at them. I say "And oh yeah. I'm not only the one that shows them around, I'm also Liam's girlfriend and Harry and Niall are also taken by my sister and my friend. So have fun trying to get them to be "yours"." I use air quotes around yours. I smile and walk out of the locker room.

I see Liam, Zayn, and Harry and I smile. They look at me and smile back but as I get closer, all of their smiles disappear. Once I get to them, I have a confused look on my face. I say "What? What's wrong?"

They look at me and Harry says "Actually, that question is for you. What happened? Why is your cheek red?"

Liam puts his hand on my cheek and I flinch away. He sighs and says "Molly, please tell us what happened."

I shake my head and say "Nothing. I'm fine."

Zayn speaks up and says "Oh really? Then why is your face red and beginning to bruise?"

I groan and say "It's not. Three girls just got jealous or something and came up to me and said to stay away from you guys but when I tried explaining, one of them slapped me but it's fine, I put them in their place." I smile and look at them boys.

I see that they can't help but smile a little and Liam asks "What did you do?" I say "I didn't do anything. I really wanted to though but I didn't. I just said how they shouldn't talk to me and threaten me like that because I'm the older one and I know people who can ruin their reputations. Then as I was walking out I said how I was your girlfriend and Harry and Niall were taken too and by the look on their faces, I could tell they were scared." I smile and can't help but feel a little proud.

They boys look at me with wide eyes but they can't help but smile. Liam shakes his head and looks at me again. He smiles and says "Okay one, I just noticed how I like this side of you." He pauses and quickly grabs me by the waist and pulls me to him. I laugh and look up at him. I say "Oh really? Well I'm glad to know that."

Liam smiles then continues. He says "And two, why did you tell them? What happens if they tell the paps and word gets out?"

I smile and say "Oh don't worry. I think they're too scared to do that and if they do, they know I'd be coming for them."

All of them smile and just shake their heads at me. Liam wraps his arms around me and hugs me against his chest and says "Well, we're glad your okay. Do you want to go to the nurse and get ice or something?"

I pull away from him and shake my head. I say "No. I'm fine. And anyway, I wanna stay here. Gym plus you guys equals tons of fun."

All of them smile and we all start walking towards the teacher.

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