New boys

When Molly one day gets picked to show the new boys around the school but she has no idea how famous they are, will she have trouble or have fun while doing it? Will she start to have feelings for one of them or by the end will she be done with them? What will happen when past drama come back into her life? Will it affect her and the boys' relationship or will they get through it?


8. New place

Molly's POV:

As we were walking in the hallways, we were all talking and laughing. I finished showing them where everything is. I showed them the auditorium, gymnasium, both cafeterias, and all of their classrooms.

As the boys were talking, I looked at my phone. "Shit." I whispered to myself.

The boys looked at me and we were walking down the main hall way. I started running and the boys followed my actions.

As we were running, the boys caught up to me and Harry looked at me and asks "Why are we running?"

I keep running and I look down the hallway and I see we are close to the office. Once there, I go through the door and up to the front desk.

I say to the women at the desk "Hi. Um I've been showing these boys around and we have finished and we need to leave."

The women nods her head in understanding once she sees who the boys are and she gives us a pass to leave the building.

Right before she gives it to me, the bell rings and a bunch of people are now in the hallways.

I curse in my mind and whisper to the boys and say "Put your hoods up."

They nod and do the task. I do the same thing and get the pass from the women. I say "Thank you." and then me and the boys go back into the hallway.

As we're walking towards the front doors, I look around and see people are staring and starting to recognize the boys. I look behind us and see girls are starting to follow us.

Niall accidentally bumps into someone and loses his hood. I look at him and my eyes widen and then I look back and see girls are starting to walk faster and get excited.

I look at the boys and whisper to them "Run."

We all start running towards the doors but so do the girls. We run faster and faster and we are getting close to the doors.

I see teacher aids and custodians ready to catch the girls and help us get out. I hand out of the aids our pass and me and the boys run to their car.

Once we get to their car, they all climb in. I stand outside the car and look at the front doors. I see a lot of teachers and custodians trying to stop the girls.

Somehow, a few girls are able to get out and I see girls running toward the car.

Louis, who is in the drivers seat, yells "Get in!"

I look at the spots and say "But I have no where to sit!"

As the girls get closer, Liam pulls me in and sits me on his lap.

Once I'm in, he closes the door and Louis drives off.

I look at Liam and say "That wasn't necessary." but I smile.

He smiles back and says "Well it was unless you wanted to get mobbed by girls and ripped apart."

I smile and say "Well then I guess you saved me."

Liam says "I guess I did." He looks at me and smiles.

I look at him and say in a playful tone "Awe, you're my hero."

Liam smiles and says "Well now when you're in trouble, you can call me."

I smile but then Louis clear his throat. He says "Sorry to be interrupting your little flirt fest but we need to get back to the hotel and I don't know how to get there."

I look down at my lap and blush. I look back up at Louis and ask "What hotel are you guys staying at?"

Harry speaks up and says "The Hampton Hotel."

I nod my head and say "Oh. I know where that is. But we can't drive like this all the way there. It's dangerous. What if we get in a car crash and I fly out the windshield?"

They all laugh at my worry ness and I look at them with confusion.

I say "What? It could happen." I cross my arms and pout.

Niall speaks up and says "Please, Louis is a good driver and Liam will make sure you're okay. I mean I'm sure he doesn't mind." Niall winks and the boys laugh but I see Liam look down and blush.

I smile and look down and play with my fingers and say "Fine, but at least pull over and let me fix myself."

Louis pulls over and stops next to a curb.

Instead of sitting faced forward, I fixed myself so I was sitting on my side with my feet stretched out over Louis' lap and my arms were around Liam's neck and his arms were around my waist.

Once Louis started driving again, I noticed where we were. I told him to keep going straight until we got to 18th. Once we got to 18th, I told him to turn left. We went down the road and once we got to the stoplights, I told him to go straight. When the light turned green, he went straight and pulled into the parking lot of the hotel.

Once Louis parked and turned off the car, everyone got out.

I stay by the car and get Louis' attention. "Hey Louis, could you take me home?"

They all turn around and look at me curiously.

I look at the ground and then back at them.

Louis looks at the boys and shrugs his shoulders and walk towards me. He says "Sure, I guess but don't you wanna hang out for a little bit?"

I look at them and say "I would love to but I just don't want to be a hassle and be in your guys' way."

They all shake their heads and Liam comes and walks towards me. Once he gets to me, I look up at him and he says "It's not a big deal. It's okay. We want to hang out with you." He smiles down at me.

"You sure? I just don't want to be annoying to you guys and-" before I could finish, Liam lifts me over his shoulder and walks toward the entrance with the rest of the boys.

As I'm over his shoulder, I kick and hit him but he just tightens his grip on me. I also can't help but notice how good his butt looks in jeans and I smile to myself.

I say "Wait, what about my backpack? I wanna do the homework that I missed."

Zayn says "Oh just leave the homework. You can do it later. Right now you're hanging out with us."

I groan in defeat and just let Liam take me up to their room.

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