New boys

When Molly one day gets picked to show the new boys around the school but she has no idea how famous they are, will she have trouble or have fun while doing it? Will she start to have feelings for one of them or by the end will she be done with them? What will happen when past drama come back into her life? Will it affect her and the boys' relationship or will they get through it?


30. Movie night

Zayn's POV:

I check my phone and I see it is 9:00 already. Abby and Emmi are still here. Abby is cuddled up with Harry and they're in their own little worlds. Emily and Niall are not quite like that but they are pretty close. Louis is next to me on his phone probably texting Eleanor. He misses her a lot.

I unlock my phone and then I think. I ask out loud "Where are Liam and Molly? They have been gone for a long time."

To be honest, I do have some feelings for Molly . It tore me apart when she stopped me when I tried to kiss her. I know I shouldn't have feelings for her but she is the closest I've grown to. She is my best friend. If anything happened to her, I would die inside.

I am interrupted from my thoughts when Abby says "Yeah. Her and Liam are just in his room. Molly was so done with today I think she just wanted to sleep for a little bit. And Liam just wanted to be there for her. Molly is in a low emotional state right now. She really needs us and him."

I nod my head and say "Do you think I should wake them up and we could watch movies or something?"

Harry speaks up and says "I think they're actually up. I heard Molly laugh and movement in the room when I went to the bathroom."

I nod my head and say "Well, I'm just gonna go knock on their door and see if they wanna come in here and watch movies."

All of them nod and I get up from the couch. I walk towards Liam's room and I here Molly laugh. I can't help but get a little growing feeling inside and I start to get a little jealous.

Before anything more happens, I knock on the door and I hear it go silent. I hear movement and suddenly, Liam opens the door. He's standing in the doorway shirtless with just a pair of boxers on. I look past him and see Molly sitting on the bed in one of his tshirts and a pair of his boxers.

I look back at Liam and he's looking at me weird. He asks "You okay, mate? Do you need anything?"

I nod my head and say "Um, yeah I'm fine. And me and the lads were just wondering if you guys wanted to come out and watch some movies with us?"

Liam looks at Molly and she nods her head. Then she looks at me and says " Are Abby and Emily still here?"

I nod my head and say "Yeah, Abby called your mom about an hour ago and she said it was okay if you guys slept over."

Molly nods her head and says "Okay. Can you please tell them I'm okay. I didn't really explain and tell them I'm alright."

I nod my head and smile. I look at Molly and say "Sure. So you'll guys be joining us?"

Both of them nod their head and Liam says "Yep. We'll be out in a minute."

I nod my head and walk back to the living room. I sit down next to Louis and see Abby and Harry kissing and Niall and Emily very close and they kiss.

I sigh and look at Louis. I see he's still on his phone texting Eleanor and I ask "How is she doing? You guys' doing okay?"

Louis nods and looks at me. He says "Yeah, we're doing great. How about you though? Are you okay? I know that the breakup with Perrie was hard on you."

I nod my head and say "Yeah, I'm okay I guess. And it's okay with Perrie now. We've talked through it and we are good friends. Can I tell you something though?"

Louis looks at me questionably and says "Yeah , sure. You can tell me anything."

I look around the room to make sure now one is paying attention to us. I look back at Louis and take a breath.

I sigh and say "I almost kissed Molly today."

Louis' eyes widens and he is shocked. He says "What? When? Where? Why?"

I cover his mouth and look around the room. I look back at him and say "Will you be quiet? I almost kissed her today at the mall. I was helping her clean off the mark because it started bleeding but then when I was done, my face got really close to hers. I looked at her lips and I started leaning in but then she stopped me. She said she couldn't do that to Liam even though he did that to her and he kissed her sister."

Louis looks at me and says "You saw how much it hurt her didn't you?"

I nod my head and say "I told her that but she said she wasn't hurt because of him. She was more hurt from her sister."

Louis looks at me confused and asks "How is she more hurt from her sister? Do you know why?"

I shake my head and say "I didn't talk about it anymore cause I could tell she didn't want to talk about it."

Louis nods his head and says "What are you going to do? You can't take her away from Liam. He's your bandmate."

I nod my head and say "I know, I know. I'm just thinking like what if I talk to Liam and see if I could just kiss Molly once. Like I just have this feeling and maybe if I kiss her, it will go away and I will know what it feels like and then I can move on."

Louis looks and me and says "I don't know man. Try talking to Liam and ask him if you can just do it this one time. Maybe he'll let you but you're the one that needs to talk to him."

I nod my head and say "Yeah. I'll try talking to Liam when him and Molly come out. For now, let's just pop in a movie so we can get the two groups of touchy feely people occupied with something else other then each other."

Louis nods his head and whistles. Harry, Abby, Emily, and Niall all look at us and Louis says "Stop being so touchy with each other and let's watch a movie."

Abby asks "Are Liam and Molly coming out or are they still sleeping?"

I nod my head and say "Yeah, they'll be out in a couple of minutes."

Louis stands up and puts in a movie as we all start watching it.


Liam's POV:

When I opened the door to Zayn, I couldn't help but remember what Zayn tried to do and I get a little mad. But I get over it and when Zayn leaves, I turn back around and see Molly off the bed. I look at her and I pout.

Both of us start walking to each other and Molly puts her hands up to my face. I put my hands on hers and say "Awe. I wanted to cuddle more."

Molly rubs my cheeks with the pads of her thumbs and says "I know but look at the bright side, we can cuddle during the movie." Molly walks closer to me and looks at me seductively. She smiles and says "And I'm sure we'll...kiss during the movie. And I can....tease you during the movie." Molly starts rubbing her hand down my back and she moves them over my bum and rises them back up on my stomach. Her fingers trace the edges of my boxers and I get chills.

Molly notices and she smile. I quickly put my arms around her waist and pull her slightly to me. I smile seductively and rub my hands over her bum and keep them there as I pull her even more closer to me. She smiles up at me and she wraps her arms around my neck.

I lean down to her ear and whisper "You know, I probably wouldn't mind you teasing me. I could.." I pause and rub my hands around her waist and rub her thighs. I continue and say "I could probably tease you too."

Molly shivers and I smile. I rub my hands around her waist and rest my hands on her lower back. I pull her close to me so our bodies are touching and there is no space between us. She hangs on to me so she doesn't fall. I look at Molly and I smile. I lean in and put our lips together.

Molly smiles as she kisses me back and she gently leans back words. She takes me with her and it's like I'm melting into her. We stand back up straight up and she pulls away from me. She opens her eyes and looks at me. She puts her hands on mine and unwrap them from around my waist and starts pulling me towards the door. She looks at me and says "Come on. We should probably get in the living room and watch the movie. They probably want to spend time with us."

I nod my head and she leads me to the living room. Once we get in there, we sit on a couch next to Emmi and Niall. I look around at everyone and see Niall and Emily pretty close, looking at each other, Abby and Harry and kissing and in their own world, Louis is on his phone probably texting Eleanor, and Zayn is taking nervous glances at me and looking at his lap.

I look at Molly and she watching the movie. I notice that the boys put in Mean Girls and that's why none of them are really paying attention.

I look back at Zayn and see him playing with his fingers and he finically speaks up. He looks at me and says "Um, hey Liam, can I talk to you?"

I look at Zayn and say "Um, yeah. Sure." I look at Molly and say "I'm going to be right back. Zayn just wants to talk to me."

Molly nods her head and says "Okay." She smiles and kisses my cheek.

I smile then get up and walk with Zayn to his room. When we get to his room, I walk and stand by his bed as he closes the door. Zayn paces as he rubs his hands together in nervousness.

I look at him and say "Hey, don't be nervous. Just talk to me. It's okay."

Zayn sighs and says "Okay. Please just let me talk okay?"

I nod my head and sit on his bed. He sighs and begins. He says "Okay, this is a lot for me to ask you this you think...I could kiss Molly?"

I stand up in protest and say "No. No way. She is already going through enough."

Zayn holds up his hands in defense and says "Wait. Just here me out okay?"

I sigh and say "Fine. Continue."

Zayn looks at me and says "Okay, I just wanted to talk to you about this because this is really hard for me to ask and I would never want to take Molly away from you. I'm jus asking you this because when we were at the mall today, while I was cleaning Molly's neck up a little bit, I noticed how close we have gotten to each other. She has talked to me like no one ever has and she's there for me. While when we were in the bathroom and I finished cleaning her neck, I-"

Liam cut me off and says "I know. I know you tried to kiss her. She told me."

Zayn looks down and smiles. He looks back up at me and says "Good."

I look at him confused and I say "How is that good? It's not good for you because I'm not too happy that you tried to kiss my fricken girlfriend and now you're asking me if you can actually kiss her."

He says "I know, I know. But the reason that it's good is because it shows how much she cares for you. She could've been one of those girlfriends that did end up kissing me and not telling you at all but no, do you know what she did? She stayed truthful and faithful and she stopped me from kissing her. Then when she saw you and was with you, she told you right away. That shows how much she cares for you and wants to be with you. You have only been together for two days and she is already this faithful to you."

I smile and look at the ground. I look back at him and say "Continue."

He looks at me confused and says "Wait. What?"

I sigh and say "Why do you want to kiss my girlfriend? You said that this was really hard for you to ask so there must be a reason why you want to kiss her."

Zayn sighs and says "It's just... since I've gotten closer with her, she's like my best friend out of our group. And since we've gotten closer, I've started to get....feelings for her and it just might be because of Perrie and our breakup but I was thinking if I kiss Molly, maybe my feeling will be less confusing. If I kiss Molly, then maybe I'll realize that I really don't like Molly that way and it was just because of my breakup with Perrie and Molly was the girl I got closest to."

I look at Zayn and say "But what if you do end up really liking her? What are you going to do?"

Zayn looks down and shrugs his shoulders. He looks back up at me and says "If I do end up really liking her, I'll not do anything. Like I said, I don't want to take her away from you. I want her to be happy with you. To her, I will just be her best friend."

I look down and sigh. I say "You can kiss her."

Zayn looks at me and his eyes widen. He says "Really?"

I nod my head and say "Really. But only once." and I hold up 1 finger.

Zayn sighs in relief. He looks at me and says "Mate, thank you. I thought you would be mad." Zayn walks towards me.

I sigh and say "Well I'm not that happy but I understand. I get how you feel."

Zayn says "Thank you." Zayn wraps his arms around me and hugs me. I hug him back and I pat him on his back.

I pull back and say "Remember though. Just one kiss."

Zayn nods his head and says "I know. And thank you man."

I nod my head and say "Yeah. Let's go back to the group now."

Zayn nods his head and we walk back to the living room.

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