New boys

When Molly one day gets picked to show the new boys around the school but she has no idea how famous they are, will she have trouble or have fun while doing it? Will she start to have feelings for one of them or by the end will she be done with them? What will happen when past drama come back into her life? Will it affect her and the boys' relationship or will they get through it?


35. Morning with the girls and alone time

Molly's POV:

When I wake up, I can't help but sigh in relief. I look around at where I am and see the bed empty. Hmm? I wonder if Liam even came in last night.

I shrug it off and I pull the covers off of me. I reach for my phone but then I notice Niall's laptop is still in here. I pick it up and I set it on the bed. I wanna look at the video again but I'm scared. I open the computer anyway and search up the video. When I click on it, there are 10,000 views. I refresh the page and each time, there is more and more views. I look at the likes and a lot of people like it. There are 9,000 likes and a couple hundred dislikes but I shrug them off. I look at the comments and smile.

I think about how many people like the video and I think "Maybe if this video could get so much attention while Zayn was just taping it, I wonder how much I would get if I did a normal video." I shrug my shoulders and log into my YouTube account. I minimize the window and go to Niall's camera and click on video.

I press record and I say "Hey guys. I saw how many people liked the first video where Zayn was taping me as I was singing, but I wanted to show you what I was really like. I didn't know Zayn recorded it so today, I wanted to record a video of my own and show you guys. Anyways, today I will not be singing a One Direction song. I actually want to sing a song that I really like and it explains me. So, here it goes." I pause and I start the music.

I listen to the intro and then I start singing.

"I can hold my breath. I can bite my tongue. I can stay awake for days if that's what you want. Be your number one. I can fake a smile. I can force a laugh. I can dance and play the part if that's what you ask. Give you all I am. I can do it. I can do it. I can do it."

"But I'm only human. And I bleed when I fall down. I'm only human. And I crash and I break down. Your words in my head, knives in my heart. You build me up and then I fall apart, cause I'm only human."

"I can turn it on. Be a good machine. I can hold the weight of worlds if that's what you need. Be your everything. I can do it. I can do it. I'll get through it."

"But I'm only human. And I bleed when I fall down. I'm only human. And I crash and I break down. Your words in my head, knives in my heart. You build me up and then I fall apart, cause I'm only human."

"Im only human. I'm only human. Just a little human."

"I can take so much. Till I've had enough."

"Cause I'm only human. And I bleed when I fall down. I'm only human. And I crash and I break down. Your words in my head, knives in my heart. You build me up and then I fall apart, cause I'm only human."

When I finish singing, I notice a couple of tears have escaped. I say "Thanks for watching this video and if you liked it, please click the like button and comment what you liked about it. And if you didn't know, the song I sang was called human by Christina Perri. Thanks for watching it again and if you would like more, please comment or make a video shout out to me. Thanks! Bye!" I smile and stop recording.

I open YouTube again and I upload the video. After it is fully uploaded, I close Niall's computer and keep it on the bed. I ran my phone and head out into the living room. I notice that only Emmi and Abby are here and I get confused. I say "Hey Emmi, where are the guys?"

Both Emily and Abby look at me and Emily says "Oh, they had a meeting with their manager. He wanted to see how school was going for them and stuff."

My eyes widen and I say "What?! You know that Simon doesn't know about what happened with me and that he doesn't know about us right?"

Emily and Abby slightly laugh at me and Abby says "Molly, it's going to be fine. Simon will understand. And just to be clear, Simon is their manager right?"

I sigh and slightly smile. I say "Yes Abby. Simon is their manager."

Me and Emily laugh at Abby and Abby gets offensive. She says "Hey, I was just making sure. Who knows? Simon could've been someone else."

I smile and just shake my head. I say "So. Since it's just us, do you guys want to go out or something? Like go get some coffee and go look at some shops?"

Abby and Emily smile at each other and they nod their heads at me. All of us grab our stuff and head for the door. I suddenly stop them and I say "Wait. What if we're back here before the boys and we're locked out?"

Emily waves her hand and says "Oh, it's fine. One of the bodyguards named Sam stayed here and watched over the room. So if we're back here before the boys, he could let us in."

I nod my head and say "Okay." Then I head out the door with Abby and Emily following close behind me.


Liam's POV:

When we get to Simon's office, all of us are nervous. His assistant leads us into his office. When we get into the office, and Simon tells us to sit down. After all of us sit down, Simon starts out and says "Hello boys. How have you guys been?"

Louis speaks up and says "We've been really good actually. We've made some new friends."

Simon nods his head and says "Good. How's school going for you guys? Have you learned anything yet?"

All of us look at each other and then we look back at Simon. He looks at us confused and I say "Well, we've learned where everything. We just...haven't really learned anything specific yet."

Simon nods his head and says "Oh yeah. That's right! How is your tour guide by the way? Do you get along with him? Do you like him? Do-"

I hold my finger up and say "Actually, the person that is showing us around is a girl." I look at the boys nervously.

Simon's eyes go wide and he says "Oh. But I thought I asked for a guy to show you around?"

Harry speaks up and say "Well, when we got in there, the receptionist said that there was a girl willing to do it." Me and the other boys nod our heads and look at Simon.

Simon nods his head in understanding then says "Was she all over you guys or did she know who you were?"

All of us shake our heads and I say "She actually didn't know who any of us were. She noticed the we weren't from America though. We ended up telling her who we were though and we sang "Happily" to her."

Simon's eyes widen and he says "What?! Why did you guys tell her?! You were supposed to keep it on the down low!" Simon sighs and rubs his hand over his face.

Louis speaks up and says "Well getting chased out of the school by a bunch of girls is not really keeping low. And Uncle Si, she helped us. She helped us find a hiding place for a while when the students went to the different classes. And when we got a pass to leave the school, she helped us get out and away from the girls."

Simon sighs and says "But how do you know she won't say anything about you guys or talk about you guys and rumors get around?"

I start getting offensive and the boys notice. Harry, who is behind me, puts his hand on my shoulder and pats it to help me calm down. I take a breath and say "She is not the one to do that. She is an amazing girl and she'd never talk about us like that." I start fuming again and I start pacing.

Simon watches me and says "And how do you know that?"

Simon pushes me over the edge and I finally say "Because she's my girlfriend!" then I storm out of the room.


Molly's POV:

After me, Abby, and Emily get back from Starbucks, Sam is there to let us in. As im going in, I stop and talk to Sam. I say "Hey, are the boys back yet?"

He shakes his head and says "No. But Harry called me and said that Liam wasn't too happy with the meeting so he should be here in around 10 minutes but the other boys wanted to stay back and explain everything."

I nod my head in understanding and ask "Is Liam okay? Do you know what made him upset?"

Sam shakes his head no and says "Harry didn't tell me that part but I'm sure Liam will tell you."

I nod my head and start walking in. I say "Well thanks Sam." and I smile.

He nods his head and goes back to stand in his post.

When I close the door, I throw my Starbucks cup in the garbage and head for the kitchen. When I get in there, I see Emily eating and Abby on her phone.

I laugh to myself and say "Wow. Always the positions I see you two in." Both of them laugh and I laugh along with them. I walk over to a stool and sit down with my arms on the counter.

I unlock my phone and check my social websites. I take a picture of me and Emily with her mouth full and I upload it on Instagram. I instantly smile when I see the picture and I laugh at our silliness. I check any notifications and see the boys requested to follow me. I click yes for all of them and then follow them back.

Once I'm done on Instagram, I go on twitter and check the latest news. I look through it all and then see I have notifications. Again, I see the boys all wanted to follow me. I follow all of them back and finally put my phone down.

Suddenly, we hear someone come in. All of us look up and I see Liam come into the kitchen. He spots me and immediately comes right to me. Suddenly, Liam cups my face with one of his hands and he smashes his lips onto mine.

It takes me time to react but in a second, I kiss him back. I put my hand behind his neck and rub my fingers through his hair. Instantly, I can tell he relaxes. He pulls back from me and rests his forehead on mine.

I look into his eyes and smile. He looks at me and I say "What was that for?"

Liam smiles and just shakes his head slightly. He says "Nothing. I just missed my girlfriend. My beautiful, wonderful, amazing girlfriend."

I smile and peck his lips. I stand up off of the stool and stand against him. He wraps his arms around my waist and I wrap my arms around his neck.

I put my back against the counter and we just stand there smiling at each other.

Suddenly, we hear Emily clear her throat and say "Sorry for interrupting your 'moment' but um, where are the other boys?" Abby nods her head and they both look at Liam.

I just laugh at them and put my head on Liam's shoulder.

Liam smiles and says "Oh, they're coming. I couldn't handle Simon anymore so I left early and I think the boys stayed behind to talk to Simon so they should be here soon."

Abby and Emily nod their heads then walk out of the hotel room. Liam looks at me and smiles deviously. He rubs his hands up and down my sides and I slightly moan. I rest my forehead against his and I close my eyes. I say "We're alone."

Liam slightly moans and says "I know. You know what that means don't you?"

I open my eyes and look at him. I smile and say "Hmm?"

Liam smiles and looks me in the eyes. Suddenly, he puts his hands on my hips and lifts me up on the counted. I laugh and he spreads my legs so he can stand in between them. He keeps his hands on my waist and I keep my arms around his neck. As he stands between my legs, I wrap them around his waist and pull him closer to me. He puts his lips to my ear and says "We won't get interrupted."

I smile and get shivers down my spine. Liam can tell and he pulls back and smiles. Liam looks at me and I smile. He smiles back then leans in. He presses his lips to mine and gives me a hard a passionate kiss.

I pull back and rest my forehead against his. I take a breath and just look into his eyes. Suddenly, Liam picks me up off of the counter and carries me to his room. As he carries me, my arms are wrapped around his shoulders and I hold myself up. I lean my head down to his neck and I softly start kissing his neck. I hear him softly moan and I smile because I know I've found his sweet spot.

I start kissing him more there and he moans louder. I start sucking and I graze my teeth on his skin. As I kiss and bite his neck, I notice that we get to his room. I smile as he has trouble opening the door. Finally, Liam gets the door open. "Yes." I hear him say as I start biting his neck more.

Liam opens the door then turns to close it. When he does, Liam rests me up against it. He pulls away from me and looks at me. I look back at him then I look at his neck. I smile as i see that I made a mark on him. "My first mark." I thought. As my arms are around his neck, I pull him closer to me. His lips connect with mine and he gently kisses me. I kiss him back then pull my head away from him. I put my lips to his ear and whisper "Let me down." Liam does what I say and gently lets me down. He looks down at me and I smile. I grab his hand and gently start going around him and lead him to the bed. Once I get to the side of the bed, I turn around to face Liam.

I smile up at him and say "You know, I like this shirt on you too but.." I put my lips up to his ear and whisper "Id like it better off of you." I pull back and look up at him. I put my hands on his waist and grab his shirt. I slowly raise it up his stomach and pull it over his head. I throw it to the floor and look back up at Liam. I can't help but look at his stomach and rub my hands over his abs.

I get lost but then Liam pulls me out of it by lifting my eyes up to his. He looks at me and smiles. He says "You know what would be better?"

I tilt my head to the side and I ask "What?"

He smiles at me seductively and starts slowly rubbing his hands up my sides. He lifts my shirt up and before I can say anything, he lifts my shirt over my head.

Liam throws my shirt on the floor and smiles at me. I sigh and say "You know, I would've liked to keep that on."

Liam smiles and says "But I want to see your skin." He leaves pecks on my shoulders as he says "I. Want. To. See. Your. Skin."

I put my arms around his shoulders and my hands in his hair. I rub the hair at the back of his head and he slightly moans. I smile then suddenly, Liam grabs the back of my thighs and lifts me up.

He gently lays me down and then crawls on top of me. I smile up at him as he looks down at me. He tilts my head to the side and I notice he looks at the mark. I hear him groan so I cup his cheek with my hand and I rub his face with my thumb.

He looks down at me with a serious look and says "I can't wait till that stupid mark goes away. Every time I see it, it just makes me wanna punch that Connor kid. I hate that he did that to you and now he's back. He's never taking you away from me. I won't let him."

I keep rubbing his face and I say "Shhhh. Hey, nothing is going to happen. I'm not going to let him take me away from you and I'm never leaving you."

Liam looks in my eyes and I can tell he's really worked up about this. I continue rubbing his face and he lays his head on my chest. I rub my fingers through his hair and he rubs my sides.

Liam lifts his head up and looks at me. I sort of smile and say "You know," I tilt my head to the other side then say "This side is clean. Well except for the one you gave me when we went swimming that one night. You know, the night you wanted to 'help' me undress."

Liam smiles and says "Oh yeah. I remember that one." He looks at the mark and says "It's not too bad. It's just red now but..." Liam smiles and leans down towards my neck.

I try pushing him a little and I say "Liam. No. Please." but it's too late because he already has started sucking on my neck. I feel him suck more and he starts grazing his teeth on my neck. Liam leaves soft kisses on my neck and I can tell he's trying to find my soft spot. I try so hard not to moan but when he finds my spot, I can't help but fidget a little. Liam notices and I feel him smile. He starts sucking more and leaving wet kisses. He starts sucking on my neck more harshly and I feel him starting to bite. I can't help but moan and when he hears me, he smiles and continues to suck more. I rub my hands through his hair and he rubs his hands up and down my sides. I feel blood come to the surface and Liam notices. I feel his tongue lick over the new red spot then he pulls back. He slightly blows cool air and I can't help but shiver.

Liam looks at me and puts his lips to my ear. He whispers "Now you're mine."

I smile and say "I have been since day 1."

Liam smiles and leans down and kisses me. I kiss him back but then suddenly, we hear someone call out "Liam."

I don't recognize the voice but then Liam looks down. I look at him and say "Who is it? Liam, who is it?"

Liam looks me in the eyes. He sighs and says "Molly, ready to meet Uncle Si?"

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