New boys

When Molly one day gets picked to show the new boys around the school but she has no idea how famous they are, will she have trouble or have fun while doing it? Will she start to have feelings for one of them or by the end will she be done with them? What will happen when past drama come back into her life? Will it affect her and the boys' relationship or will they get through it?


15. Meeting the parents

Molly's POV:

Once we're in the car, I tell Louis how to get to my house. Since it's the same car, I have to sit on Liam's lap again but I don't mind.

Once we get to my house, all of us get out of the car. I walk up to the door with Liam and the boys behind me and I walk inside.

Once all of us are inside, my dog Macy comes running up to me and jumps on me. I bend down to pet her give her a kiss then let her meet the boys while I search for my mom.

I walk around the house to see if I can find anyone. I notice my sisters door to her room was closed so I knock and open it. I see her in there and say "Hey. Come out in the living room. I want to introduce you to some people."

She nods her head and says "I'll come out soon."

I nod my head and say "Hey do you know where mom is?"

She says "Yeah. She's in the den."

I nod my head and say "Thanks. And oh yeah. Don't I get a hug since you know I've been in the hospital for two days."

She turns her head towards me and gets up. She comes towards me and gives me a hug. "I'm glad you're okay. Explain to me later though okay?"

I nod my head and go look for my mom. As I'm walking past the living room again, I see the boys still playing with my dog. I look down and just smile.

Once I get to the den, I see my mom on the computer.

I sneak up behind her and wrap my arms around her neck. I say "Hi mommy." and smile.

She gets who it is and she pulls back so she can stand up and hug me.

I say "I know I just got home but-" then all of a sudden, I hear a scream from Abby's room.

Me and my mom run to Abby's room to see what's going on. When I get in there, the boys have followed me and my mom.

"Abby, why did you scream?" I ask with worry on my face.

"There's a centipede in the corner." Abby says with a grossed out tone. "Can someone please kill it?"

I look at the boys and see if one of them could do it.

Harry volunteers and says "Sure, I'll kill it." He walks over to where the bug is and crushes it with his foot. My mom hands him a piece of paper towel and he picks up and throws it away.

Abby runs up to him and gives him a hug. "Oh thank you. I'm sorry but I just get really grossed out by bugs." She lets go of him and sits on her bed.

I say to Abby "Uh uh. Don't get comfortable. I want you and mom in the living room." I turn to my mom and ask her "Where's dad?"

My mom replies and says "Oh, he had to go into work today."

I nod my head in understanding then I say "Okay, well I want all of us in the living room now."

Abby and my mom nod their heads and walk to the living room and I follow them with the boys behind me.

As we're in the living room, I tell my mom and Abby to sit on one couch and the boys to sit on the other and I stand.

Now that Abby gets a proper look at them she says "Hey, aren't you guys One Direction? I've heard some of your music and you guys are really good."

The boys nod their heads and say "thank you."

I say "Okay, now we've got that cleared, my I would like to properly introduce you to the boys. Boys, this is my mom Melissa and my twin sister Abby. Mom, this is Zayn, Louis, Harry, Niall, and Liam. Liam was the one you talked to at the hospital. And also like Abby said, they are all together in a band called One Direction."

My mom nods her head in understanding but then asks "But wait, how did you meet them?"

"At school, I was asked to show them around because they're new."

My mom nods in understanding and says "Well if that is it, I have to go finish some more work."

I say "And oh yeah." I take Liam's hand and continue saying "Mom, meet my new boyfriend." I smile.

She smiles at Liam and says "It's nice to meet you Liam and thank you for taking care of Molly."

"No problem Mrs.-" Liam said but my mom cuts him off and says "Melissa. You can call me Melissa."

Liam nods his head in understanding.

My mom says "Now, if you'll please excuse me, I have to get back to my work."

The boys nod and all say "It was nice to meet you."

I look at Liam and smile. I say "Im glad she likes you. Now you just have to meet my dad and my older sister."

Liam looks at me and smiles and says "Well, I'm glad a made a good first impression. Now, do you wanna stay here or go back to our place?"

I say "Let me just ask my mom if we can go over to your place. Maybe I'll actually get to stay over this time." I smile and let go of Liam's hand.

As I start walking away, I hear Abby clear her throat. I turn towards her and she has a big smile on her face.

"I already know what you're thinking." I groan and say "Fine. Let's go ask mom but you are not sleeping over."

I hear the boys laughing and I give them a look. They instantly stop but I can tell that they're trying not to smile.

I smile and roll my eyes as me and Abby walk to where my mom is.

Once we get there, I stand against the door frame and say "Hey mom, can me and Abby go over to Liam's and the boys' hotel? And is it okay if I stay over for the night since it's a Friday and then Abby comes home with the car around 11?"

My mom turns towards me and Abby and we give her our puppy dog look.

She sighs and say "I don't see why not but-"

I cute her off and run to her and give her a hug and say "thank you mom. I'll be back tomorrow." I give her a kiss on the cheek and then me and Abby run to our rooms and grab what we need.

I grab a nike bag and pack clothes for tomorrow and a swimming suit in case we go swimming. I also grab a brush, my tooth brush, tooth paste, and then bra and underwear. Once I have everything I need, I go back into the living room and see the boys and Abby waiting.

I walk up to the boys and ask "You guys ready?"

They all look at me and nod their heads. Liam grabs my hand and we all walk out to their car and Abby goes to our car and follows Louis to the hotel.

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