New boys

When Molly one day gets picked to show the new boys around the school but she has no idea how famous they are, will she have trouble or have fun while doing it? Will she start to have feelings for one of them or by the end will she be done with them? What will happen when past drama come back into her life? Will it affect her and the boys' relationship or will they get through it?


37. Meeting Connor

Molly's POV:

When we get out into the lobby, we see a bunch of girls outside. We sneak outside the back and walk down the street. We get back on to Main Street and start walking around.

We walk down the street towards the little stores. We stop in a store called Ooh La La and me, Abby, and Emily look around at the jewelry and purses. As we look around, Liam, Louis and Zayn are with me. Harry is looking around with Abby and Niall is with Emily.

I find a pair of necklaces that have a key and a heart shaped lock. As Liam's hand is in mine, I lightly pull him towards me and have him look at it. I get his attention and say "Liam, look." I smile as I show him.

Liam smiles as he sees them. He looks at me and says "You wanna get it?"

I smile and nod my head. I look at him and ask "Will you wear it though?"

Liam smiles and puts his hand on my face. He looks in my eyes and says "For you Molly, I'd do anything."

I smile and stand up on my toes. I slightly lean up and put my lips to his. Liam smiles as he kisses me back. I pull back from him and smile.

Once we buy the necklaces, Liam puts the heart shaped lock one on me and he puts the key around his neck. I smile up at him and he smiles back.

I intertwine my fingers with his and we walk towards Abby, Emily, Harry, and Niall. I see Abby bought something and I ask "What did you buy?"

Abby looks up at me and says "Oh, I got a heart with three puzzle piece like thingies for us three and then me and Harry got hers/his necklaces."

I smile as Abby hands me the necklace with the best part on it. I look towards Emily and see she already has her necklace. I smile and say "Hey, we should all get a picture."

Both Abby and Emily smile and nod their heads. I hand Liam my phone and I walk over to Abby and Emily. All of us put our arms around each other and smile. Liam takes a picture and then the three of us pose for a funny picture. The boys laughs and Liam takes the picture.

Me, Abby, and Emily all smile and I walk over to Liam. He hands me his phone and I look at the pictures. I smile as I set the funny one as my home screen. I look up at Abby and say "Hey Abby, could you take a few pictures for me?"

Abby nods her head and takes my phone. She opens up the camera and for the first picture, I wrap my arms around his waist and he wraps his arms around my body. Both of us smile and Abby takes the picture. For the next picture, I lean up and put my lips to Liam's cheek. I keep my arms around his waist and my chest is to his side. Liam has one arm around me and he smiles cheekishly as Abby takes the photo. Both of us laugh as we pose for another picture. For this picture, both of us face each other. I put my arms around my waist and Liam puts his arms over my arms and around my waist. Liam leans down and puts his lips to mine. As we kiss, Abby takes a picture and comes by me. I pull back from Liam and take my phone from Abby.

I unlock my phone and click on pictures. I hold my phone out so both me and Liam can look at them. I smile as I set the picture of us kissing as my lock screen. After I do, I lock my phone and put it in my pocket.

Liam grabs my hand and we join the rest of the group. Liam speaks up and asks "So, you guys but everything you want? You guys ready?"

All of us nod our head and walk outside back onto the street. As we walk, I don't notice who walks past us. Suddenly, we hear a whistle and we all look back. A voice speaks out and says "Hey Molly, how've you been?"

I freeze and don't reply. I look back at Abby and Emily. I notice Abby has an unhappy look on her face. Liam looks at me and says "Molly, who is this?"

I look down and look at the ground. I say "Um guys, meet.....Connor."

I look up and see all of the guys staring at Connor. I look at Connor and see his smiling evilly at me. He says "So Molly, how's that mark on your neck doing? Still hurt?"

Liam lets go of me and starts walking towards Connor. I can tell he's mad and he says "Don't you dare start. You had no right to treat her like that! How could you do that to her? You are a coward of a man and you do not at all deserve her. She is never going to take you back. If you dare as touch her one more time, oh how you will wish you weren't born." By this time Liam had Connor's collar lifted up and the other boys were around him.

I hug Emily because this wasn't just Connor. Suddenly, we hear someone clear their throat. Abby is still fuming as she stands next to us trying to calm us down. We hear the voice say "Hey em, how have you been?"

Emily buries her face more into me and Abby speaks up. She says "Don't even start Justin. What are you even doing here? Why are you with Connor?" By this time, Abby is in Justin's face.

I look at Connor and he looks at me and smiles evilly. He raises his hands in defense and says "Woah, woah. No need to gang up on me now here. Me and Justin just wanted to say hi to our ex girlfriends."

I get mad and let go of Emily. I look towards Connor and say "Don't start. You have no right to call me that. You lost that right a long time ago when you hit me. You made my life a living hell and because of you, I am mentally and physically scarred. I'm just glad you moved your ass away and I could get away from you. I am never getting back together with you and you can't make me. I never want to see you again and I want to out of my life."

I see Connor get mad and he breaks out of the boys grip. He walks through them directly to me and he grabs my arm forcefully. He looks me in the eyes and I see fire in his. I wince as he grabs my arm tighter and says "Don't you talk to me like that. And get used to me because you will be seeing my ass around more often now sweetheart. You are not going to get rid of me."

I get mad and my face changes. I lift up my fist and punch him square in the face. Connor falls back but gains his balance. He rubs his face and looks directly at me. I can tell I made him pissed and he starts walking towards me. He says "You bitch." and raises his hand up to slap me.

Before he touches my face, Liam grabs his wrist. Liam looks at him sternly and says "Don't you dare fucking hit her." then raises his fist and punches Connor in the face again.

This time Liam gets Connor on the ground and Liam gets on top of him. Liam keeps punching Connor in the face again and again. I look up and see Abby still yelling at Justin. Harry tries to calm Abby down and take her away from Justin while Niall, Louis, and Zayn get Liam off of Connor.

I look to Emily and walk over to her. Suddenly, I crash and I cry instantly. I put my head on Emily's shoulder and cry. She wraps her arms around me and cries along with me.

I look up and see Justin and Connor walk away. Before they are totally gone, Connor looks at me and says "Remember what I said Molly. I'll be back." then him and Justin walk off.

My face is in tears and Liam looks at me. Instantly, he walks directly to me and crushes me in a hug. I wrap my arms around his neck and he wraps his arms around my waist. He picks me up and starts walking away. He stops and lets me down. I bury my face in his neck and cry.

I pull away and I wipe away my tears. I look behind Liam and see Emily in Niall's arms and Harry trying to calm Abby down. Zayn and Louis are also trying to calm down themselves.

I look at Liam and he grabs my face lightly in between his hands. I look him in the eyes and say "Thank you."

Liam nods his head and leans down and kisses me. I kiss him back and feel tears running down my cheeks. Liam pulls back and takes his thumbs to wipe away my tears. I take my hands up and grab his wrists lightly. I quietly ask "Can we go home now?"

Liam nods his head and he grabs my hand. We walk back to the rest of the group and all start walking home.

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