New boys

When Molly one day gets picked to show the new boys around the school but she has no idea how famous they are, will she have trouble or have fun while doing it? Will she start to have feelings for one of them or by the end will she be done with them? What will happen when past drama come back into her life? Will it affect her and the boys' relationship or will they get through it?


39. Homework and goodnight kisses

Molly's POV:

As everyone sits, I look around. Niall has Emily on his lap with his arms around her waist and they're sitting on one couch. Harry has Abby sitting next to him with her legs stretched over his lap and he also has his arms around her waist while they are sitting on another couch. Both of them help the girls with their homework and I smile.

I look at Zayn and Louis and notice both of them payed out on the last couch to sit on. I look at Liam and see him sitting on the ground with his knees bent and resting up against the couch. Liam pats the floor between his legs indicating for me to sit.

I smile and walk in front of him. I crouch down and sit on the floor between Liam's legs. I scootch back and sit up against him. I smile as he wraps his arms around my waist and I bend my knees.

Liam smiles and rests his head on my shoulder. I smile as he puts his lips to my ear and says "So, what do you want to work on?"

I smile and turn my so I can put my lips to his ear. I smile and say "Well, I have one thing in mind but I might want to get my homework done first."

I pull back and see Liam smiling. I can't help but get goosebumps as Liam rubs his hands lower from my waist to my upper thighs. Liam starts leaving slight kisses on my neck and I try focusing on my homework. He starts kissing my sweet spot and I can't help but get distracted.

I sit up and try to get something from my backpack but Liam pulls me back against him. As he continues to kiss my neck, he starts rubbing my inner thighs.

I softly nudge him with my elbow and quietly say "Liam, I need to get my homework done."

Liam hears me and pulls back from my neck. He sighs and says "Okay, okay. Let's finish your homework. But after we're done," he puts his lips to my ear and whispers "You gotta work on me."

I can't help but get a shiver through my spine and I nod my head. Liam smiles then wraps his arms around my waist. He says "Okay. Now, what do you have to do?"

I sigh and say "Well, I have to do a worksheet for my English class and then I have to do a worksheet for pre-calc."

Liam sighs and says "Well, I can probably help with English but I'm not the best with the math."

I smile and turn my face to look at him. I smile and say "Thank you." then kiss him on the cheek.

I turn back and get my English out. I only have a few problems so I get through it quickly. Pre-calc. was a little harder but I got it done. After I pack my bag, I check my phone and see that it is 7:30. I look at Liam and say "My mom said me and Abby have to be home at around 9:30-10:00."

Liam sighs and says in a whiny voice "Can't you guys just sleep over? I mean we both have to give together anyway."

I smile and say "My mom wants us home. She hasn't seen me this whole weekend and when she did, it was for 10 minutes and I just got out of the hospital. We can spend one night apart." I pause and put my lips up to his ear. I whisper "And to be honest, I kind of want Abby and Harry apart too a little."

Both of us look over at them and see they are kissing and being touchy feely. I clear my throat and both of them stop kissing and look at me. I look at Abby and say "Have you finished your homework or do I have to separate you and Harry for you to get it done?"

Abby rolls her eyes at me and says "Don't be like mom. And yes, I got it done."

I raise my eyebrows at her and say "Oh trust me. Mom is worse. If we were at home, mom would have Harry out the door and have you in your room." I look at Harry and notice his grip tightens on Abby's waist.

Abby sighs and says "Fine. You are not being like mom but yes. I did get my homework finished."

I nod my head and say "Okay. Now," I pause and look at both Abby and Emily. I say "What time do you guys want to leave?"

Both of them shrug their shoulder and now all of the boys are looking at us. Zayn speaks up and says "Wait, what time do you guys have to be home?"

I say "My mom said around 9:30-10:00."

Louis speaks up and says "Wait, why don't you guys stay here?"

Liam interrupts me and says "Their mom said she wants them home since they've been gone all weekend and she wants to see Molly."

All of the boys sigh but not their heads in understanding. I speak up and say "And it's not like we're not going to see each other in the morning. I have to come pick you guys up anyway right?"

All of the boys nod their heads and smile at me.

Abby speaks up and says "Wait, how are we going to fit everyone in the car? There is only 6 seats and there's 7 people."

I sigh and then I smile. I get an idea and say "Well if you want to, you can drive and then I can sit on Liam's lap."

Abby shakes her head and says "No. No way. Mom would-" but I cut her off and say "Abby, I've done it before. It's okay."

All of the boys look at Abby and nod their heads. Abby sighs and says "Fine."

I say "Well. That happened when Louis was driving. I don't know about your driving though."

I smile and all of the boys' mouths fall agape and they try not to smile. Emily bursts out laughing and so do I. All of the boys laugh and Harry rubs Abby's arm trying not to laugh. Abby can't help but smile a little herself but then she looks at me.

She says "Hey! I'm not that bad of a driver! I'm good."

I laugh a little more and nod my head. I say "I know Abby. I was just kidding."

All of us stop laughing but me and Emily are still smiling. We all talk for a long time and the next time I check my phone, I see it is 9:35. I say "Shit." I look up at Abby and Emily. I say "We have 10 more minutes."

All of the boys sigh and Liam tightens his grip around my waist. I lift my hand up and rub the side of his head as he rests his chin on my shoulder.

When it's 9:45, I get up and out of Liam's arms. I say "Come on guys. We better get our stuff together."

Abby speaks up and says "Actually, me and Emily have all of our stuff. We just have our backpacks and they're already packed."

I look at them and say "Oh. Never mind then. Looks like I just need to get my stuff." I look at Liam and say "Liam, do you wanna help me get my clothes?"

He smiles and says "Sure." He stands up off the ground then takes my hand and follows me to his room.

Once we're in there, Liam closes the door behind him. Once he does, I'm standing by the edge of the bed folding all of the clothes. Liam comes up behind me and wraps his arms around my waist. He starts unfolding the clothes and I laugh a little.

I turn to face him and look him in the eyes. I put my hands on his chest and say "Liam, I have to go. I mean I know you want me to stay so much, but I need some time away from you." I smile as I say that jokingly.

Liam smiles and rubs his hands lower then my waist and puts them on my butt. He suddenly pulls me closer and I'm against his body. He puts his lips to my ear and whispers "You know you want to be with me. You know you want me."

I smile and close my eyes as I rub my hands down his body. I grab the hem of his tshirt and start rubbing my hands up his skin. Liam closes his eyes and his mouth falls open like he likes the way I touch him.

I rub my hands up and down his abs and I hear soft quiet moans from his mouth. I smile as I put my lips to his ear and say "Later." then turn around so my back is to his chest.

I smile as I hear Liam gasp and I turn my head to look at him. His mouth is open and he's trying not to smile. I turn my head back around and fold my clothes. Liam sighs and he rests his chin on my shoulder.

He says "You know," he pauses as he walks away from me. He grabs something then turns back around to face me. I smile as I see my favorite sweatshirt of his in hand. Liam continues and says "You could always keep this."

I shake my head no and say "Thank you but it's your sweatshirt. I don't wanna take it from you."

Liam sighs and shrugs his shoulders. He looks up at me and says "Do you want to wear it?"

I smile and nod my head." Liam smiles and puts it on me. He holds the hem of it and says "You know you really do look cute in that?" He pulls closer so I'm up against him.

I smile and wrap my arms around his neck. Liam smiles and let's go of me with one of his arms and grabs his cologne. He steps back away from me and sprays a little bit on the sweatshirt.

I smile and ask "What was that for?"

Liam smiles and wraps his arms around my waist again once he puts his cologne down. He says "Well, now you can smell me and think of me when you're in your bed."

I smile and wrap my arms around his neck. Liam leans down and puts his lips on mine. I smile and kiss him back. As we're about to get into it, we hear a knock on the door and Abby yells "Molly, hurry up! We have to go!"

I sigh and say "I'm coming!"

I hear Abby walk down the hall and back into the living room. Both me and and Liam let go of each other and I grab my clothes. Liam grabs my hand and leads me back into the living room.

Once we get in there, I see Niall and Emily saying goodnight to each other and Abby and Harry saying goodnight. Liam walks me to the door and he faces me. He puts his arms around my waist and I put my arms around his neck.

I smile as he rests his forehead on mine and kisses my nose. I look into his eyes and he looks back in mine. He leans dons and places his lips softly on mine and gives me a gentle kiss.

Liam pulls back but still rests his forehead on mine. He smiles and quietly says "Goodnight Molly."

I smile and I can't help but feel butterflies by the sound of his voice. I close my eyes and quietly say back "Goodnight Liam. I'll see you tomorrow okay?"

Liam nods and gives me a peck on the cheek. I smile and back away from him. I say "Come on guys. We have to leave."

Both of them kiss their boyfriends one more time and then walk out the door. I give Liam one more kiss too and then head out the door and catch up with Abby and Emily.

Once we get home, Emily sleeps over because my mom doesn't mind and it's late.

As I get into bed, my phone vibrates and I see I have a text from Liam. I open it and it says "Goodnight love. See you tomorrow."

I smile and I can't help but fall asleep with a smile on my face.

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