New boys

When Molly one day gets picked to show the new boys around the school but she has no idea how famous they are, will she have trouble or have fun while doing it? Will she start to have feelings for one of them or by the end will she be done with them? What will happen when past drama come back into her life? Will it affect her and the boys' relationship or will they get through it?


47. Friday Night

Hey guys! I'm sorry I've been slow on updating! I've been having a mind blank so please comment any ideas you have! I'm glad you guys are enjoying this book and thanks for supporting it! ~Molly

Molly's POV:

"Finally," I think as the final bell rings. I grab all of my things and pack my backpack. Everyone leaves and Liam, Harry, and Niall all come up next to me.

I get up and Liam smiles and takes my hand. All of us walk out of the class and I say "Finally! It's the weekend!"

The boys nod and we all walk toward the rest of the group. Harry and Niall smile as they see Abby and Emily with Zayn and Louis.

I smile as I see Louis jokingly run to Harry first before he gets to Abby. Harry laughs and hugs Louis back.

Both of them pull back and we all walk back to Abby, Emily, and Zayn. I laugh and ask "What was that?" All of us smile and the guys all smile.

Louis wraps his arm around Harry's shoulder and says "Well, it's a long story but we have a little bromance of our own." Harry smiles and nods his head then wraps his arm around Louis' waist.

I look at Liam and he nods his head. I smile and let go of Liam's hand and walk to Abby. I wrap my arms around her shoulders and say "Well me and Abby are sisters so we have a closer relationship then you two so Harry, you better watch it cause I could get rid of you in a second if you "cheat" on Abs!"

I look at Harry and his eyes widen. I smile and as I'm about to say something, Abby cuts me off and says "Same thing for you Liam. If you ever cheat on molls, bam, you're gone."

I smile as Liam's eyes widen. Suddenly, Liam quickly grabs me by the waist and pulls me to him. He wraps his arms around me and keeps me to his body as he says "Im not letting that happen."

I smile as I see Harry do the same thing to Abby and he says "Neither am I."

Both me and Abby laugh a little and I look up at Liam. I smile and Liam looks down at me. I say "I know you won't let that happen." Liam smiles and leans down and pecks me on the lips. I smile then turn around to face the whole group. I say "So, you guys ready to go home and have a fun Friday night?"

All of them smile and nod their heads and we all walk out together.


Once we get to the boys hotel, all of us sit down in the living room. I sit down next to Liam, Abby sits down next to Harry, and Emily sits down next to Niall. Louis and Zayn sit on the floor against the couches. All of us talk and have a nice time.

I say "So what do you guys wanna do tonight?" as I stretch my legs over Liam's lap and he rests his hands on my thighs.

All of us look at each other and they shrug their shoulders. Liam speaks up and says "Do you guys wanna go out tonight? Like to a club or something?"

I look at the girls and we consider the idea. I look at the guys and they look pretty interested in it. I say "So? You guys want to?"

All of them nod their heads and we confirm the plan. I say "What time should we leave?"

Harry speaks up and says "You guys wanna go around 9:30?"

All of us seem to agree and we all nod our heads. I look at my phone and it's already 4:30. I say "Well we should probably get going because all of us need to get ready."

Liam looks at me and says "Do you have to leave now? We practically just got here." He takes my hands and rubs them.

I smile and say "We've actually been here for two hours. And yes we need to go now. The three of us need to go to em's house, pick out her outfit then go back to my house and we all need to shower, do our hair, pick out our outfit, do our makeup and other stuff. Unless you know, you guys don't want us to look good for you guys."

Liam smiles and says "You always look good to me Molly."

I smile and I can't help but blush. I give him a kiss on the cheek and say "Well thank you but I want to really look good for you tonight."

Liam smiles and nods his head. He says "We'll pick you up around 9:30." I nod my head and give him a kiss. Abby and Emily do the same thing with Niall and Harry then we head out and drive home.


As I finally exit the bathroom, I get into my room. I look at my phone and see it's already 9:00. I see Abby and Emily are in my room too and they're fully dressed and ready. I say "Well aren't you guys lucky that you didn't have to wait so long huh? Now I have to finish getting ready and I only have a half hour!"

Both of then smile and Emily says "Oh come on molls. All you have to do is get out something to wear and then shoes."

I chuckle then say "I don't have to do just that. I have to do all of that and check that my hair and makeup is good all before the boys get here which is now," I pause and check my phone. I continue and say "in 25 minutes. So, why don't the both of you get out." I pull both of their wrists and push them out.

Suddenly, the door bell rings and I sigh. I say "Abby, go check whose here. I need to get dressed."

Both Abby and Emily laugh and leave the room. I shut the door and go to my closet. I look through all of my clothes and a couple minutes later, I finally find what I want to wear. I take out the little black nice dress and lay it on my bed.

I take the hem of my tshirt and pull it up. I pull it over my head and throw it in the hamper. Luckily, I'm already wearing a strapless bra so I don't have to deal with finding one. Next, I slip off my shorts and throw them in the hamper.

I pick up my dress and open the bottom. As it comes over my head, I suddenly hear my door open. Thinking it's Abby, I say "Get out Abby. I'm kind of busy here."

I hear the door close but then I suddenly feel two hands on my waist and they pull me to their body. I get goosebumps as the person puts their lips close to my ear and whisper "I can help with that."

I can't help but smile as they grab the dress then slowly pulls it down my body. I keep smiling as I feel the hands rub down my skin as they pull the dress along. Once the dress is finally down, I feel a pair of hands on my waist and they turn me around.

Once I face him, he smashes his lips onto mine and just by the way his body feels, I can tell it's Liam. I smile as I feel him wrap his arms around my waist and pullme closer to him. We both pull back and smile.

I reach for my phone and it's 9:10. I say "What are you guys doing here? I thought you were picking us up at 9:30. You're 20 minutes early." I smile as I look up at him.

Liam smiles and says "Well we wanted to come early and see you guys. And we thought maybe you guys could use our help if you need it and by the looks of it," he pauses and puts his lips to my ear. He continues and says "I came just in time."

I smile and laugh a little. Liam pulls back to look at me and he smiles. I smile back and say "Well thank you." I lean up and press my lips to his cheek.

I pull back from him but he still holds onto me. I say "So, do you guys want to leave early or do you wanna wait a couple minutes?"

Liam shrugs his shoulders and says "Do you just wanna leave now?"

I shrug my shoulders and say "We should probably ask the others." He nods his head and we go out to living room.

When we get in there, I see Abby in a knee length tight red dress and she's sitting on Harry's lap. Then I turn my head and see Emily wearing waist high short black shorts with a flower pattern short tank top showing her stomach. And she's also sitting on Niall's lap. Abby has her hair curly and both me and Emily have our hair straightened.

As I look around, Louis and Zayn are on their phones and Abby and Harry and Emily and Niall are distracted by each other. I clear my throat and all of them look at me. Liam wraps his arms around my waist and rests his head on my shoulder. I say "So, do you guys wanna sit here some more or do you guys wanna leave early?"

All of them look and each other and Emily says "I guess we could leave now. I mean the club is probably already open."

All of us look at each other and it seems like everybody is in. I say "So, you guys want to?"

All of them nod their heads and we get up and head towards the door. We all have what we need so we all get into the car and head to the club.


I take out my phone and check the time. It's already 11:00 and all of us have already had a few drinks. I'm not too tipsy but I do feel a little buzz and I don't feel good. I look around and see everyone dancing and grinding on each other and I try finding Abby or Emily.

I look to my right and I finally see Emily and I walk over to her. I see her and Abby dancing and laughing with drinks in their hands. I grab Emily's arm and say "Hey, have you seen Liam?"

Both her and Abby look at me and Emily says "Actually no. The last time I saw him was when he was with the boys. They all grabbed drinks and we split up. I haven't seen them since."

I look around some more and see if I can find him. With no luck, I sigh and say "Okay. Well if you eventually find him, tell him I went home. I'm getting pretty tired and I don't feel good."

I feel Abby take my arm and she says "Please no Molly. Stay here and have fun with us. Please?"

"Yeah, please?" Emily cuts in and looks at me. Both of them give me the puppy dog eyes and I can't help but give in. I sigh and say "Okay. But only for a little bit longer. I need to get you two home before you both end up falling on your faces. And by the way, I'm gonna laugh if that happens."

Both of them have surprised looks on their faces and I can't help but laugh. They both slap me on the arm and I laugh more. I say "Oh come on. You guys know I'm kidding. Actually, I'm not. I will laugh but I'll still help you guys."

Both of them smile and nod their heads. Emily says "Now, why don't we go get you a drink? You need to liven up a bit." She takes my hand and starts pulling me to the bartender and Abby follows behind while holding onto my arm.

I say "No. I don't want another drink. I'm already feeling a little sick already."

Abby speaks up from behind me and says "We don't care. You're getting another drink. We want you to have fun."

I groan and say "Fine. Only one drink."

Both Abby and Emily say "Yes!" and they can't help but laugh. Once we get to the bar, Emily orders my drink and we sit on the stools a little bit.

As I sip my drink, I say "So, are you guys wondering where the other boys are?"

Emily shrugs her shoulders and says "I mean yeah I guess but I'm glad Niall is having fun and I know he's with the boys."

Abby nods her head and says "Yeah. And I'm sure they're going to find us soon but right now just let them be. They haven't had a chance to do this in a while."

I nod my head and sip the drink some more. I say "Yeah, I guess you guys are right."

I feel a hand on my leg and I look to see it's Emily's. She smiles at me and says "We are right. Now, why don't we go on the dance floor and have fun?"

I smile and nod my head. Both Emily and Abby smile and we get off our stools. We walk to the center of the dance floor and start dancing like no one is watching. As a joke, Emily pulls me to her and we start grinding. I start laughing along with Emily as we notice Abby joins us and we've started our own little grind line.

All of us laugh and we split up and form a tiny circle. After a couple minutes, I suddenly feel a pair of hands on my waist and my back to his chest. I look up at Abby and Emily and see Harry and Niall behind them doing the exact same thing the person behind me is doing.

I turn around with their hands still on my waist and look to see that the mystery person is Liam. I smile and wrap my arms around his neck. I lean my face up close to his and say "So, what made you guys decide to come and join us now?"

Liam smiles and pulls me closer to his body by wrapping his arms around my waist. He rests his forehead against mine and says "I missed my girlfriend and I wanted to come and dance with her."

I smile and pull back. I nod my head and say "Sure." I pause and put my lips to his ear and say "Are you sure you didn't just want to come dance with me because you saw my dance moves?" I pause again and take my hand and rub it down his neck to his chest. As I rub lower, I whisper "Did they....turn you on?" I rub my over his abs and to his pants.

I rub lower and as I rub over his crotch, I can feel a slight bulge. I smile and start rubbing him more just to tease him. I smile as I hear him softly moan and he says my name. He grabs my hand with his and he turns me around so my back is to his chest.

I smile as he puts his lips to my ear and says "It's not nice to tease people in public. Especially when they can't do anything back but guess what," he pauses and I start feeling him rub his hands down my sides and to my thighs. He whispers "I'm gonna tease you back anyway."

As he says that, I feel his hands rub down my thighs and he starts rubbing in. As he does that, I can't help but flutter my eyes and my knees begin to weaken. I wrap my arm around Liam's neck and I hold myself up as he wraps one arm around my waist to hold me up and uses the other hand to tease me. As I feel him rub closer to my crotch, I rest my head back against his shoulder and whisper "Damn you."

I pull his face to mine and make him kiss me. As I kiss him, I can tell that he's had a few more drinks then me and I can taste the alcohol. But yet, there's also a minty taste in his breath too. I lick his bottom lip and I enter my tongue into his mouth. As my tongue explores his mouth, I feel something and my theory is correct.

Jokingly, I use my tongue to take the piece of gum out of his mouth and into mine. I smile as he notices what I'm doing and finally I get the piece of gum into my mouth. I pull back from him and smile. I chew the gum a little bit and look at Liam. I say "Hmm, gum and alcohol. Sort of hot."

Liam smiles and kisses me again. He pulls back and says "Maybe we should do this again. Except, maybe you know, have our own drinks and gum at the hotel instead of being here," He pauses and I feel his hand rub under my dress. I feel him start to rub me through my underwear and I softly moan.

Liam puts his lips to my ear and whispers "where we can be interrupted." I softly moan but then I stop and I grab his hand. I turn around in his hold so my chest is to his. I look up at him and I see a smile tugging at his lips. I smile and shake my head. I say "Uh uh. Nope. We will have none of that tonight."

Liam's smile disappears and he says "Oh come on babe. Please. Just a little." As he says that, I feel his hands rub down to my butt and he puts his head in the crook of my neck. He pulls me closer to his body and I feel him start to kiss my neck.

I put my hands on his chest and push myself away from him but he still has his arms around me. I look him in the eyes and say "Please Liam. Just not tonight. Okay?"

Liam sighs but nods his head. He smiles then says "Can I at least dance with you though?"

I smile and nod my head. Liam puts his hands on my waist and turns me around so my back is to his chest. As we both start listening to the music, we get into the rhythm and we start grinding. I start rolling my hips against his and I can tell he likes it by the bulge in his pants.

As wee keep dancing like that for a while, I start getting more tired. I pause from dancing and Liam still stands behind me holding my hips. I take out my phone and see that the time is already 1:00 AM. I look at Abby and Emily and see they are pretty drunk.

I turn around in Liam's grip and I look up at him. I say "It's 1:00 already. I should probably get them home. And home I mean as in your hotel. My mom would kill us if she saw us this way." I smile and just laugh a little.

Liam smiles back and rubs my sides. He says "Do you want me to come with you? I can get the boys and we can go together."

I shake my head and say "No, no it's fine. I want you boys to have fun. You guys haven't had this for a while so I want you to enjoy it okay? Just don't have too much fun without me and make sure you come back to the hotel okay?"

Liam smiles and nods his head. He says "You know I love you right?"

I smile and I can't help but blush and I look at the ground. I look back up at Liam and I see him smiling. I nod my head and I say "I love you too."

Liam smiles and he leans down and kisses me. I kiss him back and I wrap my arms around his shoulders. We continue kissing and soon, we're lost in a completely different world. I lick his bottom lip with my tongue and I enter his mouth. Both of us fight for dominance but he wins as he begins to roam my mouth.

When I'm out of breath, I slightly pull back and so does he. As we catch our breath, I rest my forehead against his and we both just smile. I say "We should probably get going. I need to get Abby and Emily home. You boys have fun okay?"

Liam smiles and nods his head. He opens his mouth and says "I'll try but I might miss you too much."

I smile and rub his cheek with my hand. I say "We'll see each other in the morning okay? I just want to get these two back to the hotel before they both smash their faces into the ground."

Liam smiles and I notice he can't help but laugh. He looks into my eyes and says "I'll see you in the morning."

I smile and nod my head. I peck his lips once more before I get out of his arms and drag Abby and Emily outside. We call a taxi and take it to the boys hotel. Once we get inside the room, I help Abby and Emily get to Niall's and Harry's room. Both of them just flop on the appropriate beds and pass out.

Once I know they're fully asleep, I head to Liam's room and change out of my dress. I decide to use a pair of Liam's boxers and my favorite tshirt of his. After, I brush my teeth and put my hair in a pony tail so it doesn't bother me during the night. As I walk to Liam's bed, I can't help but think how lucky I am to have him as my boyfriend. I smile as I realize.....I really do love him.


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