New boys

When Molly one day gets picked to show the new boys around the school but she has no idea how famous they are, will she have trouble or have fun while doing it? Will she start to have feelings for one of them or by the end will she be done with them? What will happen when past drama come back into her life? Will it affect her and the boys' relationship or will they get through it?


4. Explaining

Molly's POV:

"Well Molly, meet One direction." Liam says nervously as he gestures to him and the boys.

I look at all of them confused. "Wait." I hold my hand up to them. "W-what is One Direction?"

They all look at me with surprised looks.

"W-what?" I say as I look down.

Niall speaks up and says "Nothing. We've just never met anyone who didn't know who we are."

I look up and say "O-oh. Well, yeah. I'm sorry. Anyways, like I asked, who or what is One Direction?"

Harry speaks up and says "Well, it's a long story."

"It's okay. We have time." I say as i smile.

Harry smiles and continues. "Well, us five boys all got joined together on a show called The X Factor in London. We all auditioned for solo acts but we...." He looks down. "We got gutted. But as we were about to leave, we got called back. A separate person all joined us together and called our five names out. We walked back on stage with him and found Simon and the other two judges sitting at the judging table. Us five and four other girls were on the stage. Simon all called us on stage and told us him and the judges thought we were all too good to let go so... he put us in a group."

He stops and looks at me. I nod my head for him to continue.

Harry continues and says "We got through to the shows and we had a blast. We did better and better every week. We got to the finale but when it was the three last groups....." He looks down and fiddles with his hands. "...we didn't make it. We lost."

After hearing that, my face went down. "I-I'm sorry." I say as I twiddle my thumbs.

They look at me and smile. Liam comes up to me and rubs his hand on my arm. I look up at him confused.

"Hey, it's okay. We still have more of our story to continue." Liam smiles as he says that.

I smile and say "Okay. But while Harry continues, why don't I show you guys around some more?"

They smile and nod and we start walking down the hallway. As we're walking, Harry continues the story.

"After we found out the news, we all stayed back stage for the rest of the show. After the show was done, we went back to the house and packed our bags and went to bed. The next morning when we were about to leave, Simon called us into his office. All of us were confused but we went to his office anyway. Once we got in there, Simon told us to sit down. Once we did, Simon said 'Boys, I've got some news for you.' We all looked at each other confused but then looked back at Simon. He continued and said 'How would you boys like to get signed to my record label?' We all looked at him surprised. Louis asked 'Really? Are you serious?' Simon smiled and nodded his head yes. All of us jumped and screamed and shouted. We ran and gave Simon a group hug." Harry paused and smiled at the memory. So did all of the other boys. "So that was the beginning of all of your upcoming adventures?" I look at them and smile as I say that. Louis speaks up and says "Yep. All because of Uncle Si."

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