New boys

When Molly one day gets picked to show the new boys around the school but she has no idea how famous they are, will she have trouble or have fun while doing it? Will she start to have feelings for one of them or by the end will she be done with them? What will happen when past drama come back into her life? Will it affect her and the boys' relationship or will they get through it?


28. Back at the hotel

Emily's POV:

Once the movie was done, me, Abby, Niall, and Harry went back to go find the rest of the gang. As we're walking, Abby suddenly stops.

Harry stands in front of Abby and gets her out of her trance. Abby moves Harry to the side and she takes off running. I look at both of the boys confused. Both of them look back at me and then we go off running to catch up to her.

Harry catches up as we're all still running. I hear Harry ask "Why are we running?"

Abby replies and says "I saw Connor and he smiled at me. Not like a regular smile, but a smile like it was evil or like he did something. I have a feeling he did something."

After Abby said that, instantly me and Abby run faster. We bolt to the food court with Harry and Niall on our tails. "Oh god, I hope nothing happened to Molly and the boys." I think as I continue to run.

Once we get to the food court, we stop and see if we can spot Molly and the boys. Suddenly, Niall speaks out and says "Oh, there they are." He runs towards them and me, Abby, and Harry follow him.

Once we get to them, all of us are out of breath. I see Molly and the boys laughing and then Molly turns her head and her face fills with confusion.

Molly looks at me and Abby and asks "Were you guys running?"

I say sarcastically "No, we just get really winded when we walk fast. Of course we were running."

Molly gets out of her seat and comes to me and Abby. Her eyebrows are in a frown and she asks "Why? What's wrong?"

Abby looks at Molly and she says "I saw.....Connor."

Molly tenses up when Abby says his name. Liam gets out of his chair and stands behind Molly and wraps his arms around her.

Abby looks down and says " Connor is the one that gave you that mark....wasn't he?"

Molly looks down and slowly nods.

I look at her sadly and Niall can tell I'm not happy. He comes up behind me and wraps his arms around my waist. Molly looks at me and I ask "When? How did it happen?"

Molly looks behind her and Liam and looks at Zayn. She calls out "Zayn, you wanna tell them? I don't want to talk about it."

Molly gets out of Liam's arms and goes to sit down while Zayn comes by me and Abby.

Liam goes by Molly and comforts her while Zayn tells us what happened.

When Zayn is finished, I look at Abby and I can tell she is not happy. She is beyond mad. Harry looks at her too and calms her down.

Harry stands behind Abby and rubs her arms while leaving slight kisses on her neck. I hear Harry say "Hey, it's okay. He's gone."

Abby lifts up her finger and turns around to look at Harry. She says "I know, but if he ever comes by her or touches her ever again, I will.....ugh. I'll kill him. She does not deserve to go though that physical, mental, and emotional pain again."

As Harry still calms down Abby, I go over to Molly and pull her to stand up. Once she's standing, I give her a hug. I wrap my arms around her waist and she wraps her arms around my shoulders. I say "I am so sorry Molly. That should have never happened to you. You are the last person the deserves it."

Molly rubs my back and she replies "It's okay. I'm just hoping he doesn't come back. If he do-" Liam cuts her off and says "If he does, me and the boys and probably you and Abby will go beat him up and teach him a lesson."

Abby walks over to us and heads our conversation. She cuts in and says "Oh you bet your ass I will beat him up. I have so much....just ugh towards him that I could probably do it myself."

Harry and Niall walk over to the table and now all of us are together. As Abby starts to talk again, Molly cuts her off and says "Can we just go back to the hotel. It's 3:30 and I just want to go home. I just want to forget everything that happened today."

All of us nod and we grab our things. All of us walk out to our cars. I go with Abby and Niall and Harry come with us.

Harry is walking in front with Abby and Harry's arm is around her waist trying to get her to calm down. Niall is walking besides me. Our fingers are intertwined and I just have to say that besides the whole Connor business, today couldn't have been better. Me and Niall are getting closer and I got to spend the day with him and now I get to go back to the hotel and spend the rest of the day with my friends. Today couldn't be better.


Molly's POV:

When we get back to the hotel, all I do is get out of the car and go up to the boys hotel room. Once we get into the boys hotel room, I head for Liam's room. All I want to do is curl up in a ball and think. I get to Liam's door, open it then swing it shut right away and lay on Liam's bed. I get under the covers and as soon as my head hits the pillow, I fall asleep.


Liam's POV:

When we get back to the hotel, Molly goes straight into my room. I hear her close the door and I sigh.

Emily comes up behind me and puts her hand on my shoulder. She looks at me sincerely and she says "Molly will be okay. She just has...a lot to take in. She just has to think. Molly is a strong girl. She will get over this."

I sigh and say "Thanks. I just...don't know what to do. I want to be there for her. I want her to know that she can talk to me. Talk to everyone. I feel so bad that she had to go through that will that arse. She didn't deserve any of it. The fact that she harmed herself, breaks my heart. I never want her to go through that with me."

"And she won't." Emily says. "Liam, you have no idea how good you make her feel. You make her so happy. More happy then Connor did. I see how she looks at you. And I see how you look at her. What you have with each other, is seriously like fire works. Both of your moods get better when you're together. But.." She pauses.

I look at her and ask "What? But what?"

Emily looks at me and she says "But...what will happen when you two break up? Since you make her happier then anyone ever has, if you two break up or if you leave....she will be heart broken. And if I find out you ever cheat on her or anything like that, I swear to god I will-"

I laugh and hold my hands up. I say "Woah there. Molly already told me."

Emily straightens herself up and then looks at me. She says "Good. Because it's true. Now, why don't you go spend some time with Molly? She needs you."

I smile and nod my head. I walk to my room and hear the boys and the girls laughing. I smile and then open the door. As soon as I do, I see Molly passed out under the covers. I smile then walk over to her to join her in unconsciousness.

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