New boys

When Molly one day gets picked to show the new boys around the school but she has no idea how famous they are, will she have trouble or have fun while doing it? Will she start to have feelings for one of them or by the end will she be done with them? What will happen when past drama come back into her life? Will it affect her and the boys' relationship or will they get through it?


41. 1st hour drama

Molly's POV:

When we get to school, I drive up and let Abby and Emily get put of the car. They say bye to Harry and Niall and head to class as we're a couple minutes late.

I park on the east side parking lot and me and the boys get out of the car. I lock the car as Liam grabs my hand and all of us walk inside. Me and the boys have off hour so we don't have to hurry up or anything.

Once we get inside, I walk in the middle of the boys with Liam on my left and Zayn on my right, all of us in a line. As we walk, I look at all of the boys and ask "You guys want to sit in the orchestra room? Or the ensemble room if there's class?"

All of them look at each other and consider the idea. They all nod their heads and we walk to the orchestra room. When we get there, Mr. Anderson is a teaching a class but the assistant teacher, Mr. Thompson, is in the office.

I knock on the door and he looks at me. I smile and say "Hey. Um, me and the boys have a free period so is it okay if we sit in the ensemble room?"

Mr. Thompson smiles and nods his head. He says "Oh yeah, sure. Just don't move anything."

I smile and say "Thank you. And oh yeah. These boys are new and they're actually in a famous band so if you hear a scream or people start to crowd the room, can you get them away?"

Mr. Thompson's eyes widen and he looks at me. He blinks his eyes and say "Um, I'll try."

I laugh and say "Well thank you."

Then me and the boys go into the ensemble room and close the door. There are some chairs in there so all of the boys take a seat but I'm left standing. I pout and stand next to Liam.

Liam looks at me and smiles a little. He says "Awe babe. Don't pout. You can sit on my lap if you'd like."

I smile and nod my head. Liam stretches his arms out and I walk in front of him. I sit on his lap and he wraps his arms around my waist. I smile and intertwine my fingers with his.

Suddenly, a splash of tiredness runs through me and I get really tired. As I sit on Liam sideways, I stretch my feet out on Harry's lap and stretch shakily and yawn. I rest my hands on my legs as my feet are still on Harry. I look up at the boys and see them all staring at me. I look at Liam and him smiling as he looks at me. I look at the rest of the boys again and ask "What?"

Louis speaks up and says "What was all....that?" He gestures his arms to me as he says that.

I shrug my shoulders and say "I had to stretch. I'm tired, is that okay."

Louis smiles and says "Yeah, it's fine. It's just, we've never seen anyone stretch or yawn like that before." All of the boys smile and slightly laugh as the nod their heads.

I smile and shrug my shoulders. I say "Well, now you have."

The boys laugh and Liam grips around my waist tighter. He puts his lips to my ear and say "Well I think it is very cute by the way."

I smile and look at him. I give him a peck on the cheek and smile. I look back at the boys and smile. Suddenly, Liam says "Molly, I'm scared you're like going to fall off so why don't we fix you?"

I nod my head and smile as Liam rotates my body so my back is to him. As he puts his hands on my sides, a laugh escapes my mouth. I put a hand over my mouth and stop the laughter.

All of the boys look at me weird and Harry says "What was that?"

My hand is still over my mouth as I smile and I shake my head. I look at Liam and see him smiling. As I look at him, I can tell he knows why I laughed. My eyes widen and I can tell by the look on his face, I confirmed his thought. I shake my head and take my hand off my mouth. I say "Liam, no."

Liam smiles and says "Boys, I think Molly here is-"

I cut him off and put my hand over his mouth. My eyes widen and say "Liam, please no."

Liam takes my hand in his and away from his mouth. Niall asks "Molly? Molly is what?"

I look at Liam with pleading eyes and he smiles as he says "Boys, I think Molly is ticklish."

I look at all of the boys and suddenly they smile. I get off of Liam's lap and back away as all of the boys are smiling and walking closer to me.

I shake my head and say "Boys, no. Please no. If you tickle me, I will give you injuries."

All of the boys look at each other and smile. They shrug their shoulders and look back at me. Zayn says "We don't care." All of them smile and continue walking closer to me.

I back into a corner and I can't go anywhere. All of the boys smile then yell "Get her!"

I slightly scream as all of them reach for me and start tickling me. I scream and laugh as they all tickle me. Suddenly, Liam picks me up bridal style and lays me on the floor. I scream "No!" but the boys continue tickling me. As I laugh and scream, I kick my feet up and flail my arms around.

Suddenly, I kick someone and everyone stops as we hear a groan. I wipe my eyes from the tears that escaped and I catch my breath. I sit up and see Zayn bending down and his eyes are closed tight. My eyes widen and I quickly get off the floor. I walk to Zayn and say "Oh, Zayn. I am so sorry. Are you okay?"

Zayn holds one finger up to my face and I stop talking. By this time, the rest of the boys are standing around me and looking at Zayn.

Zayn takes a breath and then slowly stands back up. I quickly walk up to him and give him a hug. I wrap my arms around his neck and he lightly wraps one of his arms around my waist. I say "I am so sorry Zayn! I definitely did not mean to do that."

I pull back from him and he says "Molls, it's okay. I'm fine."

I look at him worriedly and say "You sure? Where did I kick you? I didn't kick you down..there...did I?"

Zayn slightly smiles at me and says "No Molly. You just kicked me in the stomach."

I rub my hand on his stomach and say "Awe Zayn. I'm sorry. Are you okay?" I lift up his shirt up and see if there's any bruising. I brush my fingers over where I kicked him and I can't help but look at his abs too. Zayn notices and smiles but pushes down his shirt. He lifts my chin up so I look him in the eyes. He says "Molly, I'm fine."

I say "The bruising begs to differ."

Zayn slightly smiles and says "Molly. Seriously, I'm fine."

I sigh and say "You sure?" Zayn nods and wraps his arms around my body. I wrap my arms around his waist and hug him. Both of us let go and I back away from him and accidentally bump into Liam. I quickly step forward but I smile as he wraps his arms around my waist from behind and pulls me back to him.

Zayn smiles slightly and says "I guess you were right when you said you injure people. I should've listened to you coming from when you took me over you shoulder."

I slightly laugh and so do the boys. I say "I really am sorry Zayn. I didn't mean to."

Zayn looks at me and says "Molly, stop. I'm completely fine. The bruise will heal soon."

I sigh and nod my head. Liam's grip tightens and he hugs me from behind. I smile and rub his arms with my fingers. I sigh and say "So, what do you guys wanna do?" I pause and check the time. I say "It's 7:40 so we have a half hour."

Suddenly I remember something. I unlock my phone and go onto YouTube. Liam rests his head on my shoulder and says "What you doin?"

I concentrate and say "While you guys were at the meeting with Simon yesterday, I checked the video Zayn posted and there were a lot of views and comments saying that like I'm really good and I should do more. Well, I decided to post my own video and I used Niall's computer and I wanted to check how many views and stuff."

All of the boys nod their head and Liam watches me on my phone. I search up the video and it's the first video to pop up. I click on it and it loads.

Once it loads, I start to scroll down but then Liam stops me and says "Wait, I want to watch it."

I nod my head and make the screen bigger. The other boys go behind me and Liam and watch the video. As we watch it, I smile as I notice Liam's grip slowly gets tighter around my waist. I look at all of the boys but they're all concentrated on the video to notice im looking at them. During one part of the song, I can't help but get goosebumps and I smile. At the end of the video, I finally notice that when I sang it, a few tears escaped. Liam rubs my arms as the video stops.

I look at all of the boys and they are speechless. The boys come around in front of me but Liam keeps his arms around my waist from behind. All of the boys look at me and I start getting nervous. I look at the ground and quietly ask say "What?"

I look up and see all of the boys smiling. Suddenly, Harry starts clapping and then the rest of the boys do too. I smile and say "What?"

Louis smiles and says "Don't what us." He pauses and pokes my tummy as he says "You know what that what is."

I smile and ask "You guys liked it?"

All of them scoff and Liam says "That's a big understatement. And looks like it's not just us who liked it. Look at how many views there are."

I look at my phone and see there are 75,000 views. My eyes widen and I look at the boys. Niall asks "How many view are there?"

I smile and try to act calm. I say casually "Oh you know. Just 75,000 views." I swat my hand like it's nothing.

All of the boys' mouths drop open and Zayn says "Really?"

I smile wide and nod my head. All of the boys shout and yell and all hug around me and Liam as he is still behind me. Somehow, I get out of Liam's arms and end up in Zayn's. As my arms are around Zayn's neck, he lifts me up and spins me around. Once he puts me down, everyone looks at us weird. I look at Liam and he looks a little mad.

I walk to Liam and wrap my arms around his waist. As the other boys talk, I put my lips up to his ear and say "Are you okay?" I pull away and look at his face.

Liam nods his head but still looks at Zayn with a stern look. I put my lips to his ear again and say "No you're not. The look on your face tells me different."

I look at Liam and he looks at me. I raise my eyebrows and he looks down. He puts his lips to my ear and says "I'll tell you later okay?"

I give him a sincere look as he pulls away. I nod my head and put my lips to his cheek and gently kiss him. I fee him smile and he wraps his arms around my body. I smile and pull back and look at him. Liam unwraps his arms from me and we both pull back. He backs against a wall and slides down to sit. Once he's comfortable, he reaches for my hands and starts pulling me towards him. He turns me around and pulls me down to him. He crosses his legs and lifts me up by my hips and sits me in his lap. He stretches out his legs and I sit between his legs. As I rest against his body, I scootch down so I can lay my head on his chest and bend my legs. Liam smiles and wraps his arms around me. I smile and put my arms over his.

All of the boys look at us and sit down also. Harry speaks up and says "So Molly, did you see what any of the comments said?"

I remember and say "Oh yeah. I forgot to look at those." I take my phone out and unlock it. When it unlocks, it is still on the video so I just start looking through the comments.

I see a lot of good things again, but this time, a bad one catches my eye. It says "Dude, you suck! You shouldn't even be singing. You sound like a dieing walrus. Nobody likes you and you should just go die. All of these people hate you and they think you suck. You're just an outsider trying to get attention. Nobody likes you. You're never going to get noticed. You should just go die." I try looking at who wrote it but it says anonymous.

My eyes flood with tears and I get out of Liam's grip. I throw my phone on the floor and run out of the room. I hear Liam and the boys yelling my name and trying to stop me but I run to the bathroom. I close the door and lock it. As tears fall down my face, I put my back agains the door and slide to the floor. I put my head in my hands and cry. Suddenly, I hear a knock on the door and I say "Go away."

I hear a voice say "Molly, it's me." I notice it's Liam so I get up and unlock the door. Once he hears it, he opens the door as I'm in front of the mirror trying to clean my face off. Liam sighs and comes up behind me and wraps his arms around my waist. I put my hands on his wrists and unwrap them and get out of his grip.

Liam sighs and says "Molly, I'm sorry."

I look at him and say "No."

Liam looks at me and says "Molly, don't start. Please."

I shake my head then look at him again and say "How am I not supposed to Liam? I knew this was going to happen!"

"Molly, it was one comment! Is that seriously going to stop you?!" Liam raises his voice at me.

I say "Liam! Did you not read what they said?! They said I should go fucking die! Do you really think that makes me happy?! I knew it from the start that I shouldn't of sang in front of you guys! I've always been self conscious about my voice and that's why I've been hiding it! I know that I suck and I know that I'm bad but you guys made me sing anyway! I was comfortable with singing when I'm alone but no, you guys had to hear me sing and Zayn had to post that fucking video!"

Liam raises his voice more at me and says "Molly stop! Do you really think that one person is right?! That one negative comment out of many other positive comments?! Molly, imagine. What if you didn't post that video?! What if you didn't sing like that and nobody saw you?! What would you be doing right now?!"

I raise my voice and say "Not getting comments like that! I wouldn't feel so stupid and feel like this! I sure have wouldn't have been told to go fucking die Liam!"

Liam comes a little closer to me and says "Molly! Stop! Stop focusing on the one bad fucking comment! You're doing to get some bad comments but that doesn't mean you should believe them! Molly, you're going to get hate! Everyone does! But from that hate, you can either believe them and completely stop or you can ignore them and keep going and prove them wrong! That's what I did! Did you know I was bullied in middle school and when I was in high school in England?! But guess what, I didn't let that stop me and I kept going! And look where I am today! I am in one of the biggest boy bands in the world and I have the best girlfriend anyone could ask for!"

I look down and shake my head. I close my eyes and rest my head in my hands. I muffledly say "I just don't know what to do Liam." I sigh and tears start running down my face again.

I feel Liam come closer to me and he wraps his arms around me and I put my head in his chest. Liam rubs my back with his hand and says "Shh. Molly, everything is going to be fine. I will be with you every step of the way and I will help you everything. I'll be there when you're excited about the positive things and I'll be there when you're crying from the bad ones. Just know, everything will be okay."

I pull my head away and look up at Liam. He take one of his hands and wipes the tears off of my face. I slightly smile and quietly say "Thank you."

Liam smiles and rests his forehead on mine. I smile and he says "You're welcome." I smile and give him a slight kiss. He smiles and says "Now, why don't we get back to the boys and make sure they don't tip over anything huh?"

I smile and nod my head. Liam smiles and pulls away from me. He takes my hand and leads me out the door back to the boys.

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