All Mine To Give

what will happen when you meet fate?


1. you meet them

*BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!* Y/n:uggghhhh *your alarm is going off* Y/n:i dont even know why this thing is going off its saturday *then you smell pancakes and bacon so you go down stairs*

Y/m:good morning honey Y/n:hey mom *she sets your pancakes and bacon infornt of you* Y/M:honey you slept in till 11:00 why did you sleep in so late Y/n: i was up late studying Y/m:honey dont work yours self over take a rest Y/n:ok mom Y/m: honey dont eat so much pancakes save some for your father and sister and brother Y/n:yeah ok mom ima go get dressed and take a shower

*Skip getting dressed and taking a shower then you decide to go to the park so you grab your ipod*  Y/n:mom im heading to the park Y/m:ok honey come back soon * as soon as she said that you head out the door theres a by park you go there all the time*Y/n: shut the door turn the light off i wanna be with you i wanna be with you i wanna feel your love i wanna lay beside you i can not hide this even tho i tryed  *moments is what you were singing yes you love one direction you have up all night take me home and midnight memories downloaded to your ipod but this was your favorite of all time and as you were heading to the swings a soccor ball hit your head and you fall and lose your balance* Y/n:ow *then you see two guys with hoodies and sun glasses one exstands a hand* Guy: im so sorry miss i didnt mean to hit you with my ball *you can here a irish accent* Y/n:oh its fine theres no serious damage done Guy2: im sorry love but can we have our ball back? Y/n:oh yeah here *you hand them the ball* Y/n:by the way im   (your name) Guys2:nice to meet you im Harry Styles and this is Niall the guy who hit you with the ball Niall: i didnt mean to and hi Y/n *they take off they're hoodies and sunglasses you see who they were but youdont fangirl cause you dont wanna freak them out*

Harry:so i see your a fan? *as he looks at your ipod* Y/n:yeah im a big directioner Niall:then why arnt you screaming your head off? Y/n: because i dont want you guys running for the hills 0-0 *they chuckle* Harry:oh no a few fans spotted us lets go Niall: oh no *niall grabs your arm and runs they spot a Mc Donald's and run inside and sit in the back and put they're hoodies and sunglasses luckly theres no paparazzi there* Niall: sorry to grab your arm like that Y/n:it fine Harry:so as long as im here im gonna get us something to drink so Y/n what do you want to drink? Y/n:no i dont want you to get me anything i dont want to take advantage Harry:oh please your not taking advantage if you dont choose im gonna get you something anyway

*he keeps bugging you and you finally give in* Y/n: ok fine Harry:Great! what do you want Y/n:coca cola Harry: Niall? * Nialls says whatever he wants* Harry:ok ill be right back *harry leaves* Niall: so Y/n tell me about youself Y/n:well im 18 i live here in england with my mom and dad and i have 2 sisters and 1 brother i tend to eat alot and get scolded for it and my favorite color is green and im a big directioner Niall:interesting Harry:im back *he hand you and niall your drinks after you guys talk and finish your drinks* Harry: oh its about time we go sorry cause liams gonna get worried but here *hand you his number* Y/n:ok thanks  Niall:well it was nice meeting you *he hands you his number too* Y/n: bye (END)

(A/N thanks for reading i will add another chapter to its you tomorrow and thanks for 21 reads on its you hope you comment and hope you liked this story bye :D )


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