Not just a band for me


1. Chapter 1

An~ This is my first book I have wrote on this so please tell me if it not a good book.

Hannah - POV

Just an other day in the orphanage, I have been in the orphanage since I was a baby, when I asked about my mum I was told she died in a car crash and as for my dad well who knows, there was no name on the birth certificate. I have been stuck here ever since. So as usual I was flicking through my magazine catching up on all the celebrity gossip. That's when I saw it .....

A-an ad to win concert tickets to see ONE DIRECTION also you get to meet them. OMG I need to win this it could change the peoples perception of me like the way talk to me, look at me this could change everything because everybody I meet thinks different of me because i live in a care home. So I cut out the ad then got an envelope and ran as fast as I could to the post box.

****** 1week later ******

I was just in my room in my thoughts thinking will I ever get adopted that's when Mary the care worker Shouted me Down. "Hannah can you come down for a moment". I walked in her office and said "what do u want or what I have I done now". "You haven't done anything these gentlemen are here to see you" she said gesturing over to her left That's when I turned my head and saw five familiar looking boys were just sitting there BOOM that when it came to me it was Harry,Niall ,Liam,Zayn and Louis for the one and only ONE DIRECTION. "Holymacrole why is one direction here" I was shocked I didn't know what else to do just stood there in amazement. " Well here to tell you that you won the compotion" Niall said In his cute Irish accent "What are you on about" I said confused. "Well did you not enter a compotion to get tickets to see us". That's when I remembered. "Are you for real have I really won this" I said hoping I have. "Yeah for real" Liam Said. "I'm not trying to be rude but why did you come here because it said that I would get a letter". I stood looking at them they looked at each other then harry came out with "we want to adopt you" harry said. I was lost for words " w-what did you just say that you wanted to adopt me" " yeah" Zayn said. "Well go and pack your bag while Niall signs the papers" Harry Said with a hint if excitement in his voice.

I just walk out and went up stairs to Rachel's room she is one of my best friends in the care home. When I entered her room Nash and Ryan where there they are my other best friends. "Hey guys" I said then the room filed with hi's and heys. I sat beside Ryan. Me and Ryan get on Really good like brother and sister kind of way. "Guys I've got something to tell you". I sat there quite for a couple of minutes "well...are you going to tell us or not" Rachel said. "Ok here goes nothing" I took a deep breathe "come on we don't have all day" Nash said nudging me. "I'm gettingadoptedbyOneDirection" I said really fast "ok say that again but slower" Rachel said "I'm getting adopted by one direction" "WHAT" the all said in unison really loudly. "I'm getting adopted" "we know that but did you say one direction" "yep" i said popping the "p". "OMG so one direction are downstairs right now I have to meet them please" rachel said really excited. "Fine but help me pack first ALL of you".

***after packing***

Rachel's hands are shaking really badly she does it when she nervous. I knocked on the door "come in" said Mary. I enter the room "We'll is that you ready" Harry said "Yes ,but my friend Rachel is a really big fan so could she get an autograph and picture please" "sure thing Babe" Liam said which I think made me blush. "Guys you can come in now" rachel comes in with the boys behind her. "Hi" is all Rachel could say. "So would you like a picture" zayn said "Uhh...yes please".

So after all of that it was time for me to say goodbye. "So this is it then this is goodbye" I said on the verge of tears the. We all went in to a group hug "It's not goodbye it's see you later". Ryan whispered into my ear. "Yeah I guess so because you will have to come and visits me". "We better get going, we'll be waiting outside when your ready." "Ok" I said quietly

I went to Rachel first "You have been my best friend since I came here and I never want that to change but when I leave don't worry about me I'll be fine." I gave her one more hug then went over Nash. I start with "I'm going to really going to miss you ya know." " I'm going to miss you awell, a hell of a lot" he gave me a tight hug and I hugged back. Now its just me and Ryan in the room. A looked in his bright blue eyes and then looked down at my feet and said " I'm going to miss you the most but promise me one thing" "what" " don't forget me" "even if I banged my head and lost my memory I couldn't forget about you" I looked at him and gave a little giggle. I sighed realising that I should go now " I should be going now" I couldn't look at him, he was the one who knew what to do when i was upset. He was the who saved me from me " hey, look at me" he gently grabbed my chin lifted my head up. Then the most magical thing happened he kissed me, he let go and looked at me " Call me when you get there" he was about to walk out the door when turned around and said four words I have wanted to hear all my life. "I love you hannah" then after he walked out.

After I left the room I went out side to where everyone was "Be good ok, I'm going to miss you" Mary said " I'll miss you to" I smiled faintly. " Time to go now hannah." I turned around to seen Niall behind me. I looked back to the boys and Rachel and said " I text you guys everyday ok" and Rachel replied " and i call you every night". I ran a gave them one last hug " I'm not going to say goodbye because that means forever, so I'll see you later." I said looking at Ryan. I went and walk to the small van they had with Niall and sat down looking out the window, waving to them as we drove off. I slowing started to fall a sleep on Niall's shoulder.

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