Broken pieces ( Larry Stylinson )

Louis Tomlinson meets a boy that changed him, who is this special boy?... Harry Styles, First theirs a twist then love, then whats that...?


2. Chapter One

(Louis P.O.V)

Disgusting, worthless, die, no one likes you, kill yourself, gay louis, louis ,louis,louis.......


I quickly sat up in my bed feeling tear steaks down my face. That was by far the worst dream i have ever had.

"Man you okay"

'Yeah, it was just this dream, I'm fine Niall"

You see NIall is my roomate we have known eachother since we were in diapers, learned everything together and ironicly when we went to school we had all the same classes. You would think we are brothers because we arejoined by the hip.

"Okay, but we have to leave in 20 minutes to my parents house"

I pulled myself out of bed and headed towards the bathroom. Today me and Niall are going to our parents house, His parents are like my parents i love them so much.

Grabbing a towel from the cabinet hanging it over the shower curtain, and making my way into the shower... "EEEE" i let out a loud squeal, i should of tested the water before i got in, its really really cold.

"Louis!!?? are you okay?"

i could hear the panick in Niall's voice and couldn't help but to let out a few giggles.

'Of course Nialler! just a little surprise of this cold water'

i didnt hear anything after that, i guess he walked away from the door probably with a smirk on his face, but wait for it...1...2...3.... "Wimp" i heard Niall say under his breath. It;s funny that he calls me a wimp, because once before a lady bug landed on his face and he screamed and cried for two hours straight whimpering "he almost ate me!!"

Turning the shower head off, wrapping a towel around my waist. Shivering at the cold air i quickly dryed off and put my black skinnies on and my rolling stones shirt, with a shake of my hair to top off with a beanie. Quickly glidding the toothbrush across my teeth for a resonable ammount of time, i only have five minutes left to get ready. Running into my bedroom i throw on my black TOMS and walk out of the room to greet Niall just opening the door and getting ready to shout for me.

~1 hour later~

We just pulled up into the driveway and i noticed their is one extra car, maybe they bought a new car, i have no idea.

Me and Niall both walk up to the door not bothering to knock on the door and the first thing i see is...


Hey!!!! I'm sorry i put it on a cliffhanger it just seemed like a good ending point, lol.

But i am new to writing books about BoyxxBoy and stuff, so please bear with me. :)

-Madeline xx

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