Stuck With You

Sequel to I Survived


10. Chapter 9

Natasha’s POV
“Are you awake?”
“Unfortunately.” I grumbled back.
“Is it me or is it like a sauna in here?”

“It’s you.” I chuckled. “This is the first time I’ve stayed in a hotel since being on tour, I don’t’ want to leave.” My voice was tinged with sense of whining.
“You’ve only got the show tomorrow then it’s home sweet home.”
“I know.” I sighed. “It feels just like yesterday I was being shoved out of a taxi at the airport.” I joked.

“Shoved and persuaded, what’s the difference?”

“Okay don’t get technical. But aren’t you glad I forced you to go?”
“Of course, you always seem to know what’s best.” I grinned up at him before placing a small kiss upon his peachy lips.
“That’s arguable.” He replied as our lips parted. I could have argued back but there was a knocking at the door.
“Is anyone going to get that?” I murmured to myself before standing up and went straight to the door.
“Don’t let them kidnap you.” Louis joked.
“I won’t.” I muttered, smiling to myself as I tiptoed across the chilled tiled floor. The rest of the suit was completely quiet. There boys sure can be heavy sleepers when they want. I was starting to wish this hotel had peep holes in the door, what if it really was a kidnapper? But when I opened the door I was greeted by an even worse sight.
“Jenna.” I growled.
“Natasha.” She beamed.
“What are you doing here?”

“My boyfriend invited me.” She stated, leaning around me to nosey into the suit.
“Really?” I scoffed.
“Yeah, now are you going to let me in or what?” She hissed.
“To be honest I’d rather slam the do-”
“Natasha play nice.” Louis’ voice ran out behind me.
“HARRY YOUR GIRLFRIEND IS HERE” Louis shouted, most likely waking everyone else in the hotel up as well. “Tash, are you gonna let her in or what?” My face scrunched .
“Yeah Tash.” Her voice spat in my ear causing me to squirm.
“It’s Natasha.” I replied through gritted teeth.
“Harrrrry!” She squealed bursting fully through the door.

“Hey babe.” He greeted her in his tired voice. She physically jumped on, wrapping her legs around his waist and smashing her face against his. I didn’t need to watch that sort of thing in the morning.
“Uh?” My eyes scanned the room for the voice and landed on Louis.
“I said did you want some breakfast?”
“Oh right sorry, I was, um…daydreaming.” I responded.

“Pancaked or waffles?” He asked.
“Pancake please.”

“Pancake it is.”
“Awesome, I’m going for a shower before things become…explicit.” My head directed him towards the couple feasting on each other’s faces on the other side of the room.
“Okay.” He replied, a soft laughter leaving his lips in the process. I walked back into our bedroom and gathered some clean clothes before sauntering into the bathroom which unlike the tour bus was exceptionally clean. After pacing up and down the bathroom, thinking of ways in which to avoid Jenna, I finally got dressed into this:
and went out to investigate what was happening outside.
“I thought we were having pancakes?” I asked. I glanced down at the plate of waffles in front of me.
“We were but Jenna doesn’t like pancakes, only fair right?” Louis replied. Was he seriously taking her side? Jenna was lying, I used to cook her pancakes all the time.
“Of course.” I smiled with extra sweetness. The boys carried on munching their food.
“Natasha would you mind passing me the syrup?” Jenna asked.
“Not at all.” I grimaced inside as I picked up the syrup. I held it above my plate ready to pass across to her, which is exactly when she kicked me under the table. A small yelp left my mouth but that wasn’t the loudest thing in the room at the time. The crashing of the syrup pot smashing on my plate echoed around a lot longer.
“Butter fingers?” Jenna smirked.
“You kicked me.” I growled.
“Natasha don’t blame Jen for your clumsiness.”

“She kicked me and since when did you start calling her Jen?” I don’t know who I was more annoyed with, Jenna or Louis, for standing up for her.
“It’s just a nickname.” He sighed.
“Course it is.” I mumbled whilst I pushed my chair out.

“Natasha don’t be like that.” Louis called out.
“Like what? Like myself?” I muttered before closing the door behind me. I let out a deep breath once I reached the other side of the suite door.
“Going down?” An unfamiliar voice said. My eyes focused on the young man standing waiting in the lift.
“Uh yeah.” I smiled as I stepped inside.

“Something on your mind?” The stranger asked.

“Nothing important.” I lied but I wasn’t in the mood to tell my life story.

“You look like you were in deep though.” He chuckled.
“I was debating whether a potted plant could improve the hallway.”
“Now you mention it I think it would be an improvement.” He joked.
“And some life to the deserted hallways.”

“Why not add some fish tanks while we’re at it.
“I’m sure people would flock to see that.” My response earned laughter from both of us.
“It was nice meeting you…” He trailed off.
“Natasha.” I replied, smiling at him.
“Nice meeting you too Oscar, you really should inform them about the fish tank idea, I’m sure they’ll love it.”

“I will do don’t worry.” He responded before walking off towards a women who was eagerly waiting for him. I noticed how she greeted him with a hug and a small kiss rather than attacking his face.
“I was just coming to get you.” I spun on my heels to find myself face to face with Maria.
“Well I’m here and ready.” I stifled a small smile.
“Okay, well we’ve got a radio interview to do in an hour, there’s a car waiting outside.”
“I didn’t know we had this planned.
“I didn’t know we had this planned.”
“Yep, organized it last. Need as much publicity as possible.”
“Oh right, which radio station?”

“I’ll check in the noted once we get in the car okay?”
“Okay.” I mumbled as she pushed me out the doors.
“Were you heading anywhere nice?”

“Uh no, why?” I knotted my eyebrows together.
“You look like you were going somewhere.”

“Just going to get some fresh air.”

“Do you not get a balcony in your penthouse suite?”

“Yes, but I needed some real air to stretch my legs and gather my thoughts.

“Something happened?” Maria voice sounded concerned. “Something with Louis?” She could literally tell form my eyes and expression.
“It’s nothing, I’ll get over it.” I managed to pull out a smile.
“Okay but make sure to be all happy in the interview, people want to see your bright, bubbly character.” She gushed. I nodded so she knew I acknowledged what she said.
During the cab ride back to the hotel I began to ponder many things. Was I really overacting? Should I really be upset that Louis took her side? I’d rather just forget and move and then go through some drama.
“There’s nothing else planned for today.” Mari interrupted my thoughts as she spoke.
“Cool.” I unenthusiastically replied, looking right back to the window.
“It’s the end of tour you’re not supposed to be miserable.”

“I’m not miserable, I’m just thinking.” I sighed.

“Either way you look like you’re sucking on a sour grape.”
“Thanks.” The sarcasm prominent in my reply.
“What are you gonna do for the rest of the day?”
“Explore, maybe?” I asked rhetorically.
“Where and with whom?” She skeptically questioned.
“I’m not sure, I might not even leave my room, I’ll see what everyone else is doing first.”

“Okay, but if you do go out please call me first. I don’t want to have to send out a missing person report or a killing squad to look for you.”

“Don’t worry, I know the drill.” I chuckled at her comment.

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