Stuck With You

Sequel to I Survived


9. Chapter 8

Natasha’s POV


“Louis! What are you doing here?” I gasped.


“Do you not want me here?” He chuckled whilst I wrapped my arms tightly around his waist.

“That’s not what I mean. But you’re not supposed to be here for another 3 days.” I replied, untangling myself from him.


“I couldn’t stay away from you any longer.” He spoke before poking the end of my nose. “You like?” He questioned, holding a guitar.

“Well it’s beautiful but why do you have a guitar?” I responded, but my only response what laughter. “What?”

“It’s not mine silly. It’s yours.”


“Mine?” It’s white, just like you said.” He winked, placing the strap of the guitar over my head as I stared at him in awe.


“Am I missing something? It’s not our anniversary is it?”

“No.” He laughed. “I just wanted to surprise you, and you deserve it, I’ve heard great things about you on this tour.”

“Really? Like what? From who?”

“That for me to know and for you…to not find out.” He winked.

“Meanie.” I whimpered.

“I know and your crowd is waiting.” He pointed out to the stage.


“Oh, Louis!” I jeered before turning back in his direction.


“Yeah?” He merely replied whilst my legs paced quickly towards him.


“Thank you.” I whispered against his lips before closing the minimal gap that existed in the first place. Before we got to into our moment our lips detached from each other.

“You’re welcome.” He grinned. “Now you really have to go and play before the crowd becomes rowdy.”


“Alright, alright I’m going.” I chuckled.

“Good luck!” I heard him shout as I graced the stage with my presence.


“Hey! How you all doing tonight?” I asked towards the audience whilst I gripped a plectrum off the microphone stand.




“Thank you! You guys were amazing! And I hope you enjoy the rest of the show!” I shouted into my microphone before taking a proud bow. I honestly think that was the best show I had ever played.


“Look who’s all sweaty.” Louis joked when I greeted him backstage.

“Fine, I won’t hug you then.” I smirked before placing my guitar in a case behind the stage.

“I didn’t say I didn’t want you.” His sweet laughter filled my ears.

“You smell like…” I trailed off, I couldn’t quite tell.





“Well I did was sitting on it for eight hours.” He joked.

“Did you have a safe flight?”

“I’m alive aren’t I?”

“That’s not what I meant.” I replied.

“I’m sorry, I should have said that. I had a safe thank you. I ate all my veggies and I finished my book and everything.” He grinned.


“What a good little boys.” I joked before I stood on my tip toes so I was almost at his height. “Now I really must shower.” I added before pecking his lips ever so slightly, but he forced his onto mine creating a much more passionate kiss.


“Now you can go.” He winked as he pulled away. I turned on my heels heading towards the shower when I literally jumped about ten feet in the air.


“Louis!” I half shouted.


“Great butt.” He smirked before walking off without me. I could still feel the sting form where his hand had graced my but with a cheeky slap.


After I finished showering I placed on this: I wanted to wear something comfy. Then I decided to go straight to the tour bus where all the lights were fully beaming. I threw my arms closer together across my body losing minimum body heat. The door to the bus flew open as soon as I approached it but was greeted by a face I wasn’t expecting to see.


“Zayn?” I questioned, stopping in my tracks.


“Hey Tash, great show.” He replied without a hitch.


“Thank. Did you come with Louis.”


“We all did.” Niall finished joining Zayn outside my bus.


“You did? Why?”


“We have some press things to do and stuff and well, we couldn’t miss out on a free vacation.” Zayn joked.


“Oh, makes sense now. I honestly thought I was seeing things.”

“Nope, you’re just seeing an incredible attractive guy.”


“Sorry Zayn, I taken.” I chuckled as I walked passed him towards the door.


“Where did you put it?” Harry shot towards Louis who was running his fingers through his hair looking frustrated. It astounded me that Louis, Harry, Liam, Maria and Ariel had all failed to notice me.


“I thought I put it on the table.” Louis mumbled.


“How the heck did you lose it?”

“Harry if I knew the answer tot hat I wouldn’t have lost it in the first place.”

“It’s a bloody picnic basket, it can’t have gone that far.” Harry muttered back.


“It must have grown legs and walked away.”


“Louis, unless the Nutella sandwiched suddenly spurred to life I doubt that actually happened.”

“Where the bloody heel is the picnic basket?!” Louis sighed.


“You mean this one?” I asked as I picked the picnic basket up which was set in front of my feet.


“Natasha!” Louis practically choked.

“Yeah…” I awkwardly replied.

“Uh, thanks.” He replied, coughing nervously as he took the basket form my hands. “How much of the conversation did you hear?


“All I heard was you getting annoyed that you couldn’t find this basket.” My eyes still staring him questionably.


“Are you sure that’s all you heard?”


“Yeah why?” I was starting to wonder what he was hiding.


“Secret.” He winked before grabbing my hand towards the door.


“Uh Louis, where are we going?” I stuttered, dragging my feet along.


“I told you, secret.”


“Well actually you said that what you were talking about was a se-”


“Natasha, life is one big secret which is yet to be uncovered, now c’mon we have somewhere to be.”

“QUACK!” Before I could even open my mouth to respond an extremely loud quacking noise exited Harry’s mouth.


“Harry!” Louis quickly yelled back.


“What? She doesn’t understand.” Harry smirked, winking at me.


“What’s he talking about?” I questioned, turning to face Louis.

“Nothing.” He chimed before pulling me off the bus.

“Bye guys!” Zayn spoke, I had forgotten he was outside.


“Bye.” I waved back to him.


“Oh Natasha, I hope you’re good at fishing.” Niall added grinning.

“What?” My brain now racked with weird thoughts.

“Just ignore them.” Louis replied.

“Louis, are we going fishing?” I asked.


“Not exactly.”

“Right, not very helpful.”


“You’ll see when we get there.”

“You know this is really random of you.” I beamed with a smile.

“What? Taking girlfriend on a date? Completely random.” He mused.


“Not what I meant.” I chuckled. My fingers slid through his.



“Well here we are.” Louis grinned, spreading his arms out to exasperate the view.

“The pier?” I questioned, turning to look at him.


“Do you not like it?” His eyes looked sorrowful.


“Louis, I love it. It’s perfect.” I grinned before pecking his lips to reassure him. “But aren’t all the stalls closed?”


“Not all of them.” His smile grew wide as his hand reattached to mine.


“You’re up to something.” my voice filled with soft laughter.


“When am I not?” He replied looking at me, and winking.


“Good point.”

“Hook a duck?” I asked as we reached it finally.



“Do I get a prize if I win?” I chuckled, admiring the hundred of floating ducks in the small pond of water.

“I guess you could count it as a prize.” He answered vaguely.


“Are you gonna have a go?”

“Um maybe. I think you should go first though.” He replied.


“Oh, okay.” I picked up on the the hooking polls and stood ready to catch a duck. Louis closely joined me by my side.


“You make it look so easy.” Louis laughter filled my ears as I concentrated on hooking the duck. “I was expecting you to be there trying that for about half an hour.”


“What can I say? I’m a pro.” I joked, grabbing the small duck. It suddenly clicked on my brain why Harry had quacked. Ducks quack. And when Niall asked about fishing, it all fitted together now.

“So what’s my prize?” I beamed like a five year old.


“Look on the bottom.” He quietly replied. I flipped it over so I could read the bottom. Normally the duck would have a sticker on it signaling what sort of prize you won, but not his one. “Is that a good enough prize?” Louis voice broke the silence.


“Do you mean it?” I spoke quietly as I finally met his eyes with mine.


“I mean it with all my heart. No matter how much we’ve been through and what’s still to come, my heart only points in one direction, and that’s towards you. Natasha, I love you.”


“I love you so much Louis.” My voice almost squeaking due to shock. I read over the writing which scrawled `I love you´ once more before connecting our lips. As our lips parted, my feet sunk back down on their heels so Louis was towering over me again.


“How did you know I’d pick the right one?” I questioned


“Because…” He trailed off before picking up another duck and flashing the bottom at me.


“Is it written on all of them?” I gasped, reaching for another one and flipping it over, to my amazement it had the same powerful three words scribbled across it. “But how?”


“Just another little Louis secret.” He smirked.

“You’re unbelievable.” I chuckled before pecking his cheek sweetly.


“Now how about those Nutella sandwiches I personally made?”


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