Stuck With You

Sequel to I Survived


8. Chapter 7

Louis POV


“Are you tweeting about how much you love me?” I grinned, leaning over towards Harry whilst fluttering my eyelashes.


“Louis.” He whined, trying to nudge me off his arm.


“Yeeeees?” I drew out, still smiling like a freak at him.


“Stop being so nosey.” He chuckled finally ligtening up.


“Texting Jenna?”

“If I was texting Jenna I’m sure some air hostess would have thrown my phone out of the plane.” He replied sarcastically.


“So what are you doing?”

“Messaging her.”


“On what Twitter?” I joked.

“Yeah, actually.”

“Make sure you don’t accidentally tweet it, I’m sure that fans won’t appreciate that.”


“It’s my love life.”

“Ooo, is Harry in love?” I mocked.

“Louis, have I ever told you how annoying you are?” He grinned, he can’t stay angry at me long, if you even count it as anger.


“Every day.”

“So what if I’m in loooove?” He joked.


“It’s cute.”

“Cute? Louis, your feminine side is showing.”

“Your side is always showing.”

“Rude.” He gasped, poking my ribs in the process.

“Ouch, watch it lover boy.”

“You mean you don’t love Natasha?”

“I never said that.”


“So you do?” He interrogated, razing his cushy eyebrows in my direction.


“What’s it to you?” I asked, turning back around in my seat.


“What are you getting so defensive about?”

“Nothing, it’s just none of your business.”

“Louis, we’re practically brothers, of course it’s my business.”


“I know.” I began to sigh, running my fingers through my hair.

“What’s up?”

“Promise you won’t laugh?” I questioned in all seriousness.


“Why would I laugh?” He shot back.



“Promise.” He replied giving in.

“I’m afraid.” I answered timidly.


“Afraid? Louis, what’s there to be afraid of?” He replied in sincere tone, showing the caring side, which sometimes appeared.

“A lot of things.” I sighed again, finally looking at him.


“Is this because of things in the past?” I simply nodded. “Louis look, Natasha’s isn’t Kendall. She isn’t there to use you and she already loves you. She fell for you before she knew all about the famous lifestyle, she loves you for who you are, what are you worried about?”


“I don’t wanna get hurt again.” I admitted.

“If you don’t own up to how you feel it’s not you that’s gonna get hurt, it’s Natasha who it.”

“Are trying to make me feel guilty?”

“Is it working?” He beamed.



“Did it help?”

“Yeah I guess it did.”


“Feel better now?”


“Yes. Thanks Haz, now then, you and Jenna?” I joked.


“Please don’t lecture me about it only being a couple months.”

“Of all people why would I do that?” I laughed. “I knew Natasha less than a week before I decided I liked her.”

“Liked is different.”

“Alright, don’t get all technical on me.” I joked.

“I honestly don’t think I’ve ever felt like this towards a girl before.”

“I know the feeling.”

“You two sound like a bunch of girls.”

“Niall go back to sleep.” I chuckled slapping his hair which was appearing over the top of our seats.


“I can’t with you two gossiping there.” He whined.


“Hey, we’re not that bad.” Harry replied.


“You’re worse than bad.” Zayn intervened, popping up next to Niall. “It’s like an episode of Loose Women.”

“Zayn, you can’t talk. You know more about style and beauty and all that crap than most girls I know.” I retorted.

“I’m glad we’re lading soon, it’s like sitting on the plane with a bunk of children.” Liam said.


“Sorry we’re not all poker face serious Liam.” Niall replied.


“I’m not always serious.”


“We know.” We all chorused.


“We’ve all seen you after several cans of red bull and skittles, party animal.” Harry joked, sending a fake cat growl in his direction which obviously displeased Liam even more.


“The caffeine takes over.” He defended, struggling to keep his smile at bay.


“You’re just wild aren’t you?” Zayn smirked, flexing an eyebrow at Liam who was sat opposite us all in the aisle.


“Shut up Zayn.” Liam chuckled, hitting Zayn over the head.


“Ladies and gentle, as we start our descent, please make sure your seat backsand tray tables are in their full upright position. Make sure your seats belt is securely fastened and all carry on luggage in stowed underneath the seat. Thank you.”


“Say goodbye to Jenna.” I cooed at Harry.


“Leave me alone.” He laughed.


“Don’t forget to say I love you.”

“I love you Louis.” He joked.


“Close enough.” I chuckled whilst folding my tray up.



Natasha’s POV


“I’m noddin my head like yeah, I’m moving my hips like yeah!”


I was singing to my heart’s content in the bathroom as I prepared for the show ahead. We went out at the beach all day I wore this: everyone is so ready for a break, I know I am. As soon as I got out of the shower I grabbed a towel covering it around my body, which was shivering. When I was all dried up I changed into  this: for the concert, and opened to door.


“Nice singing.” Maria commented.


“Were you all listening to me sing in the shower?” I asked.


“I didn’t realize you were a Miley Cyrus fan?” Dan sniggered.


“Shut up!” I replied trying not to laugh.

“It’s a party in the USA!” Ariel blastered out causing the whole room to light up with hysterics.


“I hate you guys.” I joked as I walked to my laundry bad and placed all my unwanted clothes inside of it.


“You sounded great though.” Maria replied more seriously.


“Thanks.” I beamed.



“Hmm?” I murmured towards Maria.


“Are you wearing that on stage?” She asked.

“Is there something wrong with it?” My voice filtered with worry.


“No, I love it.”

“You had me worried there. I thought you were gonna say you hated it and then I would have had to sit through more fashion lessons with Ariel.”

“Heey!” Ariel intervened.


“Natasha’s free to go now.” One of the tech crew informed.

“What does he mean I’m free to go now? Aren’t I free to wander around anytime I like?”

“Natasha, just go.” Maria chuckled.


“You’re not coming to?”

“I’ll be there in a second.” She flustered before closing the door behind me. The backstage halls were pretty similar at every venue, grey concrete walls, which also matched the plain grey floor. My guitar wasn’t wear it was supposed to be.

“Hey, where’ my guitar?” I asked to anyone around that could hear, but most people had seemed to disappear right when I needed them most.

“It’s right here.” My body spun around faster than lighting when I heard the familiar voice filter through my ears.


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