Stuck With You

Sequel to I Survived


7. Chapter 6

“Thanks you guys so much for suck an amazing night. First time ever playing in Miami, you guys have made it truly amazing!” I praised down the microphone, my mouth was spread widely due to the uncontrollable grin on my face. “This may have been my favorite show of the whole tour.” I chuckled, taking in the breath taking sight in front of me. “Thank you guys again and enjoy the rest of the show!” I shouted into the microphone before jogging off the stage.
“Great show.”

“Thanks Ray.” I grinned.
“Top notch, as always.”
“Thanks Ria.” Ria, was my nickname I had given to Maria. She’s like the girl best friend I never had.
“Still wanna go grab something to eat.”
“Yeah sure, can I just grab a shower?”
“Sure, I’ll be in the dressing room.”
“Won’t be long.” I chimed before finding some clean clothes and sauntering off to an empty bathroom. Minutes later when I finished showering I placed on some more comfy cloth: The shirt kind of reminded me of Louis. I remembered once we went out on a `date´ and he wore this shirt. I really enjoyed that day, and just thinking about that memory made me miss him more, yet the shirt made me happy. It made me remind all the fun, and amazing times we were together. I just wish he was here with me.
“Nice shower?” Maria asked snapping me from my trance.
“Yeah. So are we going out?”

“Yeah, let me get my purse.”
“Where are we going anyway?” I asked following her lead.
“I’m taking you to Hooters.”
“Okay…” I replied, dwelling on the idea of going to the restaurant.
“It’s not bad, I’ll be fun. Ariel’s coming to.”
“Where is she?”

“Waiting in the tour bus.” Maria informed as we climbed aboard “See.” She added, pointing to Ariel. I almost forgot the tell you. Ariel it’s kind of my stylist, but she’s kind of a friend too.
“Nice outfit.” She commented before closing her laptop.

“Thanks.” I grinned, straightening out my shirt. I walked past the both of them until I reached the bunk area.
“Ready?” Maria questioned as she stood waiting.
“Let’s go!” Ariel shouted.

“How are we getting there?” I asked following them out of the bus.
“We’re walking.” Maria answered.
“Exercise?” I groaned.
“It’s only twenty minutes away, and it won’t do you any harm.”
“I hate you.” I joked.
“Spoken to Louis today?” She questioned making kissy faces.
“Stop it.” I joked. “And yes I have thank you very much.”
“Is he still in the studio?”

“Yeah, but they’ve pretty much finished.”

“What happens then?”

“What do you mean?”

“After they record, what happens then? Are they gonna tour the world? Promote their new album? Press releases? Signing?”
“I don’t know, maybe?” I spoke with a tone of confusion.

“Have you thought about what you’re gonna do when you get back?”

“Sleep.” I joked.
“What about writing songs?”

“I was joking. I guess I’ll do that, I just miss my comfy bed.”

“I think we all do.” Maria interjected.

“How many more shows.”
“I think it’s three.” Maria pondered, tapping her fingers.
“Think? Aren’t you supposed to know everything?” I joked.
“Are you trying to imply you want to go home or something? Are counting down the days?” She shot back.
“Course not, I’m just curious.” I grinned as I began to move my legs in a skipping movement. I felt at peace right now. Jenna played a main part in my nightmares. I’ve known her for over a year and I know she’ll never change. My brain found it hard to accept the fact Harry was dating her.
“Tash.” My teeth let go odd my lip as Maria waved a hand in front of my face.
“Sorry, day dreaming.” I smiled quickly.
“You do that a lot.” Ariel replied.

“I have a lost on my mind.”  Sighed.
“Like what?”

“Just normal stuff.” I responded shrugging my shoulders.

“Girl stuff? If you have any issues I’m all ears.”

“Thanks, but I’m 19, I pretty much know everything.” I gingerly replied. I always found it weird talking about girl issues to someone.
“So you’re experienced?” She grinned in my direction.
“Ariel!” I gasped, trying my best not to laugh.
“How long have you been with Louis?”
“About three months?” I replied rhetorically.
“Have you…you know…” She trailed off.

“Ariel!” I repeated, I could already feel my cheeks going red.
“So have you?”

“Its’ only been three months, what’s the rush?”

“So you haven’t.”

“No, we haven’t done `it´.” I replied, making quotation marks with my fingers.

“Aww little Tash is only a kid.” She said, pinching my nose.

“Very funny.” I pouted.

“I think it’s cute, you’ll know when you’re ready.” She winked.
“I’ve had boyfriends before.” I sighed, rolling my eyes at her.

“Wait, so you’re not a…”

“No, can we move on?”
“Touchy subject.” She chuckled.
“Hate to end this…interesting conversation but we’re here.” Maria intervened as we reached the doors of the restaurant.

“Finally, my legs are killing.”
“You’ve walked half a mile.” Maria and Ariel both laughed.

“That’s half a mile too far.” I chuckled as waitress led us over to our table.

“Someone will be over to take your order in a couple minutes.” She informed. 
“Thanks.” I murmured with my head inside the menu. “It all looks really good.”
“The burgers are the best.” Ariel replied.
“I’m thinking of having a burger too.” Maria responded.

“I’m not really into burgers.” I contemplated.

“Hi I’m Mandy, can I take your order?” She asked.

“I’ll take the western BBQ burgers please.” Ariel requested.

“I’ll have the same.”

“And can I have the snow crab legs please.” I added.
“Sure, can I get you guys any drinks?”

“Water please?” I asked.
“Sure.” She smiled.

“And two cokes.” Ariel added.
“Okay, I’ll bring your drinks over in a minute, your meals will be ready soon.”
“Thank you.” I grinned as she walked away. “Man, I’m starving.”

`Eating in hooters for the firs time ever´ I tweeted along with a picture of myself pulling a ridiculous face. I read through some more tweets when one by Niall caught my eye;
`I hate packing.´ he tweeted.
Why was he packing? Surely if they were scheduled to go somewhere Louis would have told me, I’m gonna be home in less than a week, I don’t want to go back to an empty house, or worse, a house with Jenna inside.
“What’s up?” Mari asked form across the table.

“Nothing.” I mumbled, chewing on lip again.
“What’s the worst that could happen?” Ariel asked.


“You’re debating something. Don’t debate, just do it.” She grinned, so I held my breath as I typed out the message:
Hey, are you going somewhere or something? xo.
My text was vague but if he was going somewhere he would understand.
Do you prefer dark purple or white? X.
My face scrunched up at the screen, was I reading that right? Did he just ask me to choose between my favorite two colors?
Why I quickly sent back.
Dark purple or white? He repeated, I sighed and gave in.
White. Now can you tell me why? :D
Nope! See you soon ;) x
You’re Annoying ;) xo
I placed my phone back in my bag after sending the message and turned my attention back towards the table. I had no idea what was Louis up to but I guess it adds spice to a relationship, I just hope it’s the good sort of spice.

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