Stuck With You

Sequel to I Survived


6. Chapter 5

“Natashaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” “Bloody hell, I have ear drums you know!” I cringed. “Sorry.” “Zayn?” “Yeah?” “Why are you on Louis’ phone?” My voice was tinged with suspicion. “Oh Louis’ in the bathroom.” “Zayn, are you drunk?” “No, but it’s late and everyone’s drank literally liters of coffee.” “Why?” “We’ve been working on songs and stuff. One you’re in the zone you can’t stop. You should know that Tash.” “I know, I know.” I sighed running my hands through my hair. “So how’s Americaaa?” He chimed. “Great everyone here is-” “Hey! Louis’ out the bathroom! I wouldn’t go in there if I were you!” I could tell Zayn was warning the other boys by the humor in his voice. “Uh Zayn…” I trailed off. “Hey Niall, did you get the chips out of your hair.” “Zayn…” “Well how did you get them stuck in the first place?” “Zayn you do realize I’m still here?” “Uh? Oh sorry Natasha. Louis’ here now, wanna speak to him?” “Well he is my boyfriend…” I joked sarcastically. “Zayn, whoa re you on the phone to?” I could hear Louis’ voice filter down the phone line. “Your girlfriend.” Zayn giggled like a girl. “Zayn is that my phone?” Louis voice rang out. “Maybeeee.” “Give me the phone.” Louis demanded. “Say please.” I could imagine Zayn fluttering his eyes lashes and grinning like the Cheshire cat right now. “Give me the phone.” Louis repeated. “Not until you say the magic word.” “Zayn, please give me my phone.” “Now say it like you mean it.” “Zayn, would you please hand me my phone as I would very much like to talk to my girlfriend.” “Much better.” I could hear ruffling noises coming from the line. “Hello.” “Hi.” I replied, trying to sound happy. “How’s life in the Sates?” “You’d know if you picked up the phone.” “Woah, okay. Don’t hold back or anything.” “I’m being serious, why did you ignore my calls? And don’t make up some excuse saying you lost your phone or something, you were on twitter.” I sighed heavily. “I know, I know and I’m sorry. We were in the studio and you’re not supposed to have your phones out so I couldn’t answer.” “You could have at least text to explain why.” “I know, I’m a terrible boyfriend.” “You’re not a terrible boyfriend.” I chuckled. “Well I’m not exactly a very good one.” “Louis, I’ll get over it. Don’t dwell on it, unless…it gives you inspiration for a mega hit.” “I was kinda hoping to write happy songs…which remind me, I have a surprise for you.” “A surprise?” “Yep, and don’t bother trying to het it out of me, I’ll just hang up.” “You wouldn’t!” I gasped. “Try me.” I remained silent. “Good. now anyway, are you going to tell me about your adventure or not.” “You’ll never guess who I met!” “Who?” “All Time Low.” I squealed. “Really?” he sounded disbelieving. “Yep. Actually, they’re standing on the other side of this glass panel.” “How did you get to meet them?” “Oh Cassadee is the drummers girlfriend and they came to wish her support.” “That’s cute. Did you say anything to them or did you stand there drooling.” He joked. “Hey!” I shouted. “I did say some stuff actually and no I didn’t drool.” “Shame, it would have been pretty funny to see you lost for words.” “You’re not even here, you wouldn’t have seen anyway.” “Not yet” “What?” I asked, my eyebrows tying together in confusion. “Nothing.” He responded in a high pitch voice, clearly lying. “Louis.” I stated sternly. “So what have you done out there, other than meet All Time High?” quickly changing the subject. “It’s All Time Low.” I chuckled. “Well yesterday we went to the Statue of Liberty. That was…interesting.” “Oh yeah, I saw the picture on twitter. And what do you mean by interesting?” “Apparently I get very sea sick.” “Remind me to never book us on a cruise.” “Deal.” “So when do you go on stage?” “In about an hour or so.” “Shouldn’t you be getting ready then?” “Do you not want to speak with me?” “Duh, or course I do, I just don’t want you to be late.” “Is that Harry in the background?” I questioned. I could have sworn I heard some sort of mourning voice or something similar. “Yeah…” “What’s he doing?” “Moaning about Jenna.” “Have they broken up?” My voice probably sounded way too happy. “No.” Louis chuckled. “I wish, but no.” “Then what’s he moaning about?” “Girlfriend aren’t allowed in the studio so basically she got kicked out the other day and Harry’s whining because he never has any chance to see her anymore.” “Shame.” “The sympathy is so prominent in your voice.” He joked sarcastically. “She doesn’t like me, I don’t like her, why should I hold back?” “Good point. Well anyway, I gotta run. I’m about to record some damn good vocals.” “If you say so.” I laughed. “Are you laughing at my amazing voice?” “Laughing, joking, what’s the difference?” “I miss this…” His voice filled with disappointment. “Miss what?” “I miss being able to speak to you whenever I want. I miss being able to kiss you when you’re not paying attention. I miss being able to throw food at you behind you’re back-” “You throw food at me?” “Nothing dangerous like carrots or anything, mainly chips.” “Wow Louis, that makes it so much better.” I joked, drawing out my words. “I’m being serious though, I really miss you.” “I know, I miss you to. Maria’s great but she’s not my best, she’s not my boyfriend.” “No that would be me.” “Louis?” I asked my voice going timid. “Yeah, what’s up?” “Do you get used to it?” I questioned, my voice still in the same tone. “Used to what?” “Being away from home? The ones you love?” “You get used to it, but it doesn’t necessarily get easier.” “Oh, okay.” “Don’t worry, it’s not for long and then I can throw chips at you again whenever I like.” One of the things I love about Louis is that he can be so serious but in the same sentence he can flip and turn into something humorous. “ Thanks.” I laughed. “And I hope it’s not for long, I miss your hugs.” “Don’t worry, not long. And now I really have to go. Niall has his face pressed against the glass making weird faces.” “That doesn’t surprise me.” “Just another normal day in the life of Niall.” “Yes, normal…” “Yeah…anyway, gotta go. Bye Natasha, kick some ass on stage!” “Bye on don’t forget to kick some ass on the new record.” “Deal! Bye!” Just like the line cut off, I was already walking in where Maria and the boys were, but someone stopped me. “Everything okay?” “Everything’s just fine.” I smiled. “What did he say?” “Uh?” “What did Louis say about ignoring your calls?” “Oh, he’s in the studio, they’re not allowed phones or anything.” “He was on twitter…” She stated. “Can we just leave it? It’s fine and sorted.” I sighed. “Fine, okay. But I’m not a tissue, so when he hurt you, you can’t wipe your tears on my shoulder.” She sighed back. “You’re such a good friend.” I replied, rolling my eyes at her. “I’m just being honest.” “I know, and I admire you for that.” “Good, now we better get you ready, you still need to sound check.” She grinned before poking the end of my nose with my finger. “What about-” “They’re still gonna be here after the show. Don’t worry. You can get your picture with them then.” “How did you know what I was going to say?” “I can read minds.” She flashed a wink in my direction. “Ariel’s got your outfit all laid out in your dressing room.” “What am I wearing?” “Don’t worry just get change before you’re late.” “Alright, alright.” I said before walking into my dressing room where my outfit was hung up waiting for me. It was this: “Natasha, you ready?” Mari called through the door. “Pretty much.” I responded as she opened the door. “You look perfect.” “Really?” “Yeah, now let’s kick some ass.” “Bring it on.” I grinned as we walked towards the stage.
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