Stuck With You

Sequel to I Survived


26. Chapter 25



The words blasted out of my mouth with ease as I paraded around my new apartment. I couldn’t help but stop to think about how relevant the song lyrics were to the situation I was just in. Jenna was the liar being fed with satisfaction of the boys but not anymore. I hadn’t really thought much about Jenna since yesterday but he got what she deserved, she was no longer towering over me, on top of the world, she had been brought back down to the ground floor, it was a shame it was too late, the damage had already been done.


I switched my iPod off and flung a jacket over my shoulder as I slipped my feet into a pair of HGG boots. I was wearing this: I grabbed my phone up and gripped it in my teeth as I pulled my jacket on properly. I grabbed the set of new keys which were placed near the front door and sauntered out. I closed the door quickly behind me and jogged down the several flights of stairs which led onto the hustling bustling streets of Stratford.


I found myself stood at the end of the oh so familiar street. It probably wasn’t a good idea for me to be here, I couldn’t run the risk of being seen my the crazy woman who threatened to call the police. But I had to see Laura again, make sure it was her, I didn’t want to start doubting myself. My headphones were glued to my ears, gently humming out the soft tunes of Ed Sheeran. My lips were mouthing the words to one of my favorite songs as I continued to glare at the house. The rain that was threatening to fall the whole time I had been outside finally landed on my shoulders causing a small shiver to run down my spine. No matter what time of year it was, in England the rain is always cold.


My legs were beginning to shake as I hauled myself from the spot I had grown accustom with. I took one last look at the house, which occupied my sister and strolled back towards my apartment. My thoughts flickered back to yesterday, yet another thing, which wouldn’t leave my mind, my thoughts were circling through my brain waved and refused to leave. I couldn’t help but wonder how or what Harry was feeling. Anger, remorse, pain, despair, shamelessness or was he just relieved. Even after everything he did to me, yesterday when I saw him almost break down in front of us all, I was willing to forget all that and just hug him, but I couldn’t, he didn’t want me, he doesn’t need me.




I ripped my sodden jacket off and threw it on the back of the chair in the kitchen, ringing out my hair in the process. The rain poured down as if there was not tomorrow. I was soaked through and feeling uncomfortably cold. I pulled my wet through boots off and flung the, near the door, hoping they would dry out soon, they were the most comfortable pair of shoes I owned at the current time. I rung my hair out once more before switching the TV on which was placed up above the fireplace in the living room. I turned the volume up slightly before I walked into my bathroom to change into some warm cloth, dry cloth. I threw my t-shirt off which was clinging tightly to my body due to the rain and launched it into my washing basket on the far side of the room, celebrating a little too enthusiastically as it dropped straight in. My hand smacked against the wall causing me to yelp in pain and cringe to the extreme. I squeezed my eyes together a I waited for the pain to subside. When it did, I pulled my short off, grabbed a towel from the end of my bed and dried the small remained of the rain off my body before pulling my pajamas short on.  I was about to place on my shirt when something caught my attention. I ran towards the lounge as fast as I could with my shirt still gripped tight in my hand.


“It appears Louis Tomlinson is once again a heart breaker. His relationship with his ex-girlfriend Kendall Lest failed to last any more than six months and it appears his new relationship with Natasha Dalton was just a fling, an inside source claims it’s over already. We don’t have any details yet but was it just friends with benefits?”


The reported smirked after her statement, which set me on edge. Friends with benefits? No one happened what happened between us, except for us. And a fling? Just because it didn’t last long as I would have liked doesn’t make it a fling. I threw the remote without a care at the sofa before storming into my bedroom. I threw on my shirt which I was so tempted to rip in half after that news segment but I didn’t, I remained calm as I humanly could. I rolled my eyes at the familiar tune blasting into my ear as I waited for the only number that would pick up.


“Hey, what can I do for you doll?” Maria answered.


“Doll?” I repeated.

“Pet talk, I call everyone doll, hun, babe, it’s a habit.”

“I see but doll, that’s a first.”


“You’ll get used to it, I’m surprised you’re not already.”

“Oh I am, don’t worry about that, but when you say doll I picture an extremely pale porcelain doll with creepy eyes that make it look like she is plotting your murder ready for when you’re sleeping.” I rambled on, not even processing the thought coming out of my mouth.


“Right…okay. So hun, what’s up?”

“Um…” I paused. “You didn’t happen to watch the showbiz news on channel three did you?”


“No, should I have done?


“Well they mentioned me.” I sighed.


“By your voice I’m going to assume it wasn’t great?” She asked.


“How many years would I got to prison if I accidentally killed someone?”


“Natasha, what happened?” Maria asked sternly, most likely alarmed.


“They had a news report on about Louis. The reporter claimed an inside source pretty much confirmed out relationship was just a fling.” Anger was prominent in my voice.

“A fling?” She repeated.

“Yeah and they also accused us of being friends with benefits.”

“What channel did you say it was again?”



“Okay I’ll get onto it and don’t worry about the inside source thing, the reporters say that to set the celebrities on edge therefore making them lose trust in everyone around them.”

“Are you sure?”

“Hunny, I’ve worked with many famous people, it happens all the time. The press will do anything to dig out a good story, even if it’s fake.”

“Those bit-”


“Language.” She cut me off.


“Sorry.” I mumbled. “What’s going to happen about the whole thing?”

“You’re really upset over this aren’t you?”

“Yeah, I don’t want anyone to hate me or think less of me because of stupid news report which isn’t true, it’s not fair.”


“Which is why I’m going to give them a piece of my mind.”

“Thank you Maria.”

“Don’t you worry about, now just forget about it and have a good day, Ill check on you later.”

“I’ll try, thank you again, speak to you soon.”


“Bye hun!”

“Bye!” I responded before hanging up. I felt a small amount of relief wash over me, my life wasn’t perfect but if Maria wasn’t here it would be a lot worse. I headed to my room as I jumped in my bed ready to go to sleep.


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