Stuck With You

Sequel to I Survived


23. Chapter 22

“You slept all the way until morning?” Maria asked rhetorically as I appeared in the kitchen with my pajamas:
My arms stretched out and my mouth opened wide due to the amount of yawns coming out.

“Yeah.” I mumbled.

“Still tired?” She asked arching her eyebrows.

“A little.” I sighed, sliding onto a bar stool propped up next the breakfast bar. I began fiddling with the salt and pepper shakers. I don’t know how I slept through the night with so much on my mind. The fact that I didn’t have my guitar was still playing on my mind, I felt lost without it. I dread to think what Jenna would do to it if she found it lying around. I could picture her jumping on it, smashing it against the ground, no matter what she would do, she’s still feel no emotion because that’s Jenna. 

“Uh?” I snapped out of my gaze and look at Maria confused.

“You’re gripping the shakers so tight they’re gonna break.”

“Oh, sorry.” I mumbled, placing the shakers away from me.
“You okay?” She questioned, sitting down opposite from me, a plate of scrambled eggs in both hands. “You looked really angry if I dare to say.” She continued as she placed a plate in front of me.

“Thanks. And I was just thinking.”

“About strangling someone?” She chuckled.

“Not quite.” I replied, picking up the knife and fork near my hands.
“Up to anything today?” She asked off topic.
“I am, uh actually.” I stammered out. I avoided making eye contact with her, I was starting to wonder if it looks as if I was taking her for granted. I wasn’t, I wanted to be alone.
“Really?” What?” She mused, taking away her plate.
“I have an appointment with an estate agent.” I spoke quietly.

“An estate agent.” She repeated, I nodded merely in response “Natasha, I told you, you’re welcome to stay as long as you want.”

“I know and I’m very thankful for that, more thankful than you would know but I hate feeling like a burden. You your own life besides me and plus, I’d like to live on my own, have a fresh start.”

“Are you sure you’ll be alright living on your own at the moment? Do you now want to take some time to think some things through?”

“I’m sure, I think it will do me some good just to have my own little bubble for a while.”

“If you’re sure then.”
“I am but thank you for everything Maria, I really appreciate your help and your friendship.” I gushed, standing and giving her a hug.

“It’s no problem at all.” She smiled before hugging back.
“I better go get ready, don’t want an angry estate agent, he might send me to live in the gutter.” I joked.

“I highly doubt that.” She called out after me, laughing afterwards.
I walked into the room I was staying and hunted around in my suitcase fro something suitable to wear. I decided to wear this:
I picked up my bag from the bed and exited the room, cautious of where I was going. Maria had cat toys scattered around the place, it was health hazard inside her home.
“I’m off now.” I spoke, popping my head round the living room where Maria was sitting reading a glamour magazine.

“You better hope the estate agent is hot.” She smirked.

“He sounded about forty on the phone, not my type.”

“You never know.” She chuckled.

“I’m not looking for anyone at the moment.”

“You’ll say that until someone better comes along.”
“I don’t need any more drama.” I mumbled, walking away form the doorframe and into the hallway.
“Bye! Maria shouted as I closed the front door behind me.
“Bye.” I whispered, already walking down the garden path.
I stood outside the estate agents office. I bit my lip in anticipation dwelling on the thought of going inside. Every thought I had was; if I walk in here now there isn’t a lot of chance of going back. I gazed up and down the street before slowly walking up to the door and pulling it open.

“Natasha?” My head snapped in the direction to the person that called my name. I stared at the middle aged man. “It is Natasha right?”

“Uh yeah, that’s me.” I stumbled out.
“Okay, would you like to take a seat so we can discuss properties?”
“Okay.” I replied timidly. I took a seat apposite the man.

“Did you have anywhere in mind?”

“Actually I did, I found this apartment in Stratford.” I spoke, pulling the printout from my bag.
“Is there anywhere else you’d like to look?”
“No thank you, just this one please.”
“Okay, we can go there now if you’d like?”

“Yes please.” I replied, already pulling my chair away from the table.
“Well let’s go then.” He smiled in a friendly manner.

“Well that’s all the room, would you like a chance to have some thinking time, maybe look around again?”
“No thank you.” I replied, jumping straight to the gun.

“Oh okay, would you like to took anywhere else?”
“Nope, I’d like this place please.”

“Oh right then, well the rental perspective is eight hundred per calendar month.” He informed, I nodded at his statement as he read over his notes. “No pets allowed unless it’s fish and no house parties.”

“Okay got it.”

“Would you like to make a deposit?”

“Yes please.”

“Okay, we’ll head back to the shop and sort every out, sound good?” He questioned, a smile heavily placed on his face. Obviously happy that he had worked out some sort of sale today.
“Sounds great.” I smiled.


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