Stuck With You

Sequel to I Survived


22. Chapter 21


Natasha’s POV
“I think I pretty much got everything.” Maria huffed, almost all of my belongings bundled tightly in her arms.
“Thanks.” I sort of mumbled, holding a tissue up to my face, wiping away the tears, which had become a burden.
“How you feeling?” She asked in comforting manner.
“Do you really want me to answer?”
“Would it make you feel any better if I told you I put Louis in his place?” She grinned, obviously pleased with herself.

“You did?” I replied, an upbeat tone to my voice, and couldn’t help smile.

“I told him what he need to know and what he should have done in the first place. Idiot.” She responded, whispering the last words under her breath but I heard it none the less.
“What did he say?” I questioned, ignoring her comment.
“Eh, nothing much, I think he was in shock.”

“I dread to think what you said.” I replied, letting out a small chuckle but face soon fell again.
“Hun, he’s not worth your time, just forget about him. There’s Criminal Minds marathon on soon. I say we get the ice-cream in thick and fast.”
“It’s hard to forget about someone you love.” I mumbled, hugging a cushion as if it was a dear old companion.

“No seriously what did you say?”
“You’re not going to let this slide are you?”

“Do I ever?” She chuckled, moving my legs out the way so she could sit down.
“No.” I sighed. “All I said was it’s hard to forget someone you love.”

“You still love him hun?” I merely nodded in response. “Hun, how can you love someone who was constantly knocking you down, doesn’t trust you and almost turned against you.”

“I don’t know.”
“It’ll take time, I know. I’ll be here to help you.” She smiled genuinely at me before beginning to leave the room.

“Thanks.” I replied although a smile was lacking on my face. She was treating it like I wanted to fall out of love but it’s not that simple as saying I’m over you. Do I regret what I did? No. Something’s need to be said and done but my feelings will never disappear, a least not any time soon and I won’t be able to stop that.
I heard Maria shuffling around in the kitchen, most likely making some food or something. I hopped my butt up off the sofa and shuffled towards the kitchen doorway.

“Hey.” I spoke, warning her of my presence.
“Hey?” She replied skeptically, a tub of ice-cream in her hands.

“I think I’m just gonna go to sleep for a couple hours, this morning was kinda draining.”
“Oh, are you sure you don’t want to sit and watch romantic films on TV with a huge tub of ice cream?” She asked.

“I don’t think anything romantic is going to help right now.” I sighed.
“Okay, that’s understandable. You don’t mind if I go out for a bit do you?”
“No, go, go. That’s fine, I’ll probably just sleep all afternoon.”
“Are you sure you’re going to be alright on your own?” She questioned but was already putting a jacket on.
“I’ll be fine, don’t worry.” I replied, trying to reassure her. She was acting like the mother figure in my life, which was missing, something which I desperately needed. I really should have appreciated my mum a lot more before the accident; I took her and my dad for granted. I assumed they’d be there forever or at least a lot longer. My life was going in a straight line and they were there to keep me going in the right direction but now I have to think for myself, I have no guidance, no one to give me advice and no one to hug me when I cry now. As much of a friend Maria is, it’s hard to trust anyone to be your best friend when you last one was Jenna, I couldn’t deal with another person in my life like that.
I heard the front door close as I made my way to the spare room, which Maria had kindly, offered me, to stay in. I hated feeling like a burden, I didn’t like to intrude on anyone’s personal space, especially when I could afford a place for my own. As I walked inside the room I noticed the very simple interior, it wasn’t immensely decorated. I took a look at my belongings pilled up in the corner and scrunched my eyes together, how did I get to this stage? I took a deep breath before prizing my eyes open. I tried to keep my breathing calm so I wouldn’t break down in tears or a dramatic state, crying isn’t going to solve anything I kept reminding myself. It’s easy to tell yourself one thing but to actually do it is another.
 I turned around to reach my laptop, to tell the people in twitter I was still alive.  My fingers hovered over the keyboard before I typed an Estate Agent company into a web browser. I need a place to stay. Somewhere soon, not too expensive, in the city and out of the way of certain people. I chewed on my lips as I looked down at the screen. I breathed out deeply before looking further into the apartment, clicking on the link, which was next to the picture. It had 2 bedrooms, one could be music room I supposed. The kitchen was modern and a good size, not like I’m some cooking enthusiast though. The bathrooms were okay, could do better, could do worse and the living room was joined with a dining room. The interior was fine for me but that wasn’t why I was intrigued by it. It was in the heart of Stratford, I’d seen it this morning. The apartment building towered over the rest of the area but was in walking distance from Laura’s house. That house will be referred to as her house, because it is. I know she’s my sister, and I don’t care what anyone says. I picked up my phone and dialed the number of the estate agents. I nervously sat waiting for someone on the other end to pick up, it wasn’t lunch time, dinner time or closing time so the wait seemed longer than it should be. It probably didn’t help that I was extremely anxious.
“Hello?” I could feel my heart furiously pounding on my ribcage as the person on the end of the phone made me jump.

“Oh uh, hi.” I awkwardly replied, not sure how to start a conversation.
“How can I help you?” I upbeat voice, of what sounded like a middle aged man, rang down the phone line.

“I was wondering if I could view an apartment I found on you website.” I rambled on, tapping my fingers.
“Of course, is there a specific day you’d like to make an appointment?”

“As soon as possible.”

“We have a gap available tomorrow around noon, could that work?”

“Definitely, do I just come in the shop?” I asked, not entirely sure the whole thing worked.

“Yep, could I just get your name please? Once you arrive someone will look after you and take you to the apartment you’d like to view.”

“It’s as simple as that?” I questioned.
“Well if you already have a property in mind it’s like a slice of cake.”

“Oh okay and my name is Natasha Dalton.” I informed him, I could hear him typing away on his keyboard, he wasn’t exactly a subtle typist.

“Okay then Natasha, see you tomorrow at noon.”

“Thank you, bye.” I replied before quickly ending the call. I took a deep breath, more a breath of relief.
I closed the lid of my laptop; my eyes were beginning to droop from tiredness. I’d been lacking sleep recently and it was definitely catching up on me. I climbed under the covers and pulled the duvet up to my face, shielding myself from all the monsters in the outside world, they can’t harm me in my own world. My head crashed against the pillow, I couldn’t help but let a numerous amount of yawns escape from my mouth. I was beyond exhausted but my mind wouldn’t let me sleep.
“Are you asleep?” I hadn’t managed to sleep at all when Maria was back in the proximity, knocking door.

“No.” I sighed, pulling the sheets away from my face as she walked through the door.
“How are you feeling?”

“Tired.” I vaguely replied.
“Do you want any tea?”

“No, I’ll have a snack later.”
“Okay, I’ll be in the living room if you need me.”

“Okay, oh Maria?” I called out back to her after she had left the room.

“Yeah?” She asked, popping her head back round the door.
“Thanks, for everything. You’ve been more of a friend than anyone else has right now.”
“You’re welcome, I’m always here if you need me.” She smiled before walking back out the room. I smiled back but she was already gone.
Why wasn’t everyone else in the world like Maria? It would be much better place. I stared at the empty doorway once more before focusing back on the room. I was about to squeeze my eyes shut and hopefully fall into a world of sleep and peacefulness if that was possible right now. But something made my heart stop for a split second. I jumped out of my bed, throwing my belongings in different direction around the room. Once I reached the bottom of the pile several curse words were running through my head. One of my prized possessions was missing. My guitar. The one Louis have me at the end of my most recent tour. It was the most beautiful guitar I had ever played, the sound that came form it was breath taking. I could go out and buy another guitar just like it but it would never hold the memories like that one. It wouldn’t have the significance. I had to get it back, somehow. Music could help me through this tough time but my most meaningful songs came from when I had a plectrum in my hand and my guitar strung across my lap. I need it back, pronto.

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