Stuck With You

Sequel to I Survived


21. Chapter 20

“Louis, there’s someone here.” I felt my shoulder being gently shook. After all the thinking and overthinking I had done my mind wandered over the tired side and I subconsciously fell asleep. I peered through one open eyelid to see Liam towering over me.
“Who is it?” I mumbled through my pillow.
“Maria.” Liam whispered before backing out of the room. I silently groaned and swung myself upright, barely awake.
“Hello?” I greeted her rhetorically as she began to walk around the room, as if this was her home too.
“Don’t worry, I won’t be here long. Just picking up Natasha’s stuff.” She informed, not even bother to look at me. I nodded in response, rubbing the sleep of my eyes. “You know she hasn’t stopped crying all afternoon.” She mentioned. I turned to look a the clock on the beside table, it was already five in the evening, I slept for several hours, I hadn’t realize how tired I was. I shrugged my shoulders in response, unsure what to say. “Don you not care?” She shot back, a pile of Natasha’s clothes under her arm.

“I assume she’s staying with you?” I asked, ignoring her question.

“Not that it’s any of your business but yes, she has nowhere else to go since you all kicked her out.”
“We didn’t kick her out.” I huffed.

“You didn’t exactly make her feel very welcome from what I heard.”
“She brought it on herself.” I argued back.
“We both know the same Natasha, I lived with her in a small bus for a month, I know what’s she’s like.”
“You didn’t see everything we saw, everything I saw.”

“Maybe not but was there really the need to treat her like you did?”
“What exactly has she told you?”

“Pretty much everything, I’m the only person she’s got now.”
“Natasha’s not violent; she would never slap that tart.” She snarled.
“You didn’t see it!”

“Neither did you!” She replied, she sounded utterly disgusted by me, was this her way of making me feel guilty? Because it was certainly working. I sighed once again; I’d soon deflate if I wasn’t careful. “See, you can’t even reply because you know it’s true and now you’re doubting yourself.” I stared suspiciously at her, could she read minds? “Don’t you think you should give her more sympathy and companionship, she did lose her family, you were the only person she had. And you let her down. I hope you understand that.”
“I do, of course I do.”
“Then why are you always knocking her down?”

“I don’t know what she has and hasn’t told you but lately she hasn’t seemed herself.”

“How so?”

“For a start this morning she was waiting in someone else’s hedge.”

“She claimed the girl inside the house near the hedge  was her sister but that’s not possible.” I trailed off.
“You don’t know her sister.”

“But I know what happened, I was on the aircraft too. We were the only survivors.”

“That you know of.”
“We would have been told if there were other survivors.” I shot back. “Especially if it was her sister.”
“Did you ever try to talk to Natasha about it? Or were you quick to jump in there with the accusations and shouting?”

“What else was I supposed to do? The woman was going to the police!” I replied defending myself.

“You could have supported your girlfriend, heard her out. Maybe you could have gotten to the bottom of this mystery but now you’ll never know because she’s gone and I wouldn’t count your chickens, I doubt she’ll be back.”

“Are you done yet?” I grumbled, not wanting to listen anymore because everything she said was right.
“Don’t worry, we’ll both be out or you life very soon.” She replied, glaring at me. She really doesn’t hold back. She picked up the remaining items, which belonged to Natasha and shoved them in the suitcase before slamming it shut.
“You need help with that?” I offered as I watched her struggle to heave the suitcase out the room.
“No I got it, but thanks away. It was nice knowing you while it lasted. Have a nice life Louis Tomlinson.” She called out as she made her way out the house. The use of my full name made her statement sound even more harsh, I had to bite my tongue in fear of saying something spiteful, bit I don’t blame her right now, she was sticking up for her friend. I breathed a sigh of relief when the front door slammed shut, maybe this really was the end.
“Bye.” I whispered to myself, leaning against a wall in the empty hallway.
“What was that all about?” Liam appeared again,
“She was just picking up Natasha’s stuff.” I sighed.
“That’s all?”

“She said a few things…” I vaguely replied.

“What did she say?” He replied, leading us into the room, which was currently empty, and sitting in the sofa. “Are you gonna tell me what she said?”
“She was just saying stuff to make me feel bad?”
“Did it work?”
“Unfortunately.” I groaned, pinching the bridge of my nose.

“What exactly did she say?”

“Basically how I should have been more considerate, heard her out and stuff.”

“Maybe she’s right.”

“Liam!” I shouted, throwing a cushion in his direction, hitting him square in the face.

“You’re supposed to help, you’re the sensible one. You’re supposed to be on my side.”

“I’m not on anyone’s side, you’re both my best friends.”
“Not anymore, she doesn’t wasn’t anything to do with us and you didn’t exactly treat her like a friend, you singled her, refused to speak to her.”
“I think we were just in shock after watching what she did to Jenna.”

“Maria mentioned that too, we didn’t see what happened did we?”

“Well no but-”
“She insists Natasha isn’t a violent person.”

“But she didn’t see it.” Liam argued back.
“But neither did we.” I could see Liam thinking about what happened, the thoughts were rattling in his brain. “But that still doesn’t make up for this morning or the other day in the woods.”
“You’re so adamant it’s not her sister.”

“Because it’s not!” I replied, raising my voice.

“Only Natasha can be the judge of that.”

“What would you have done in my position? Let her scream at some random woman?”
“I’m not saying I would have done that differently but you didn’t give her a chance to explain herself.”
“What is there to explain? She’s losing it.”
“Or you’re losing it with her.” He brutally stated. “Or should I say lost it.”

“Liam, you’re not being very helpful right now.” I complained.
“At least she did the hard part for you, now you don’t have to worry about breaking her heart.”

“I think I already did that.” I muttered to myself, staring at the floor.

“It’s up to you what happens next.” He spoke before getting up.
“What am I supposed to do?” I scoffed.

“It depends how you feel about her.”

“I love her, or so I thought.” I pondered.

“If you really loved her you would have been out that door chasing her.”

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