Stuck With You

Sequel to I Survived


18. Chapter 17

Natasha’s POV
Stratford. I should have done my research before leaving at eight in the morning and hopping straight onto the bus. Stratford was bigger then I though, much bigger. The supermarket wasn’t exactly quite like I’d hope it be. I scanned the aisles reading the signs above each one checking which one held drinks. I walked towards aisle thirteen which had; drinks, confectionary and chips labeled above it.

“Hi!” I son stopped in my tracks when  a preppy, fourteen year old girl or round about that age appeared in front of me, with another girl who I assumed to be her friend since they had striking similarities.
“Hi?” I replied skeptically.
“We love your music!” The same girl spoke again in her giddy voice. It soon clicked on they were fans, I was having a complete `Natasha´ moment.
“Oh, thank you very much.” I grinned, acting friendly towards the girls.

“Can we get a picture with you?”
“Sure, of course. Do you wanna get someone to take it?”
“Yeah, my mum’s over there, I’ll be back in a sec.” She beamed.

“Are you really dating Louis Tomlinson?” The other girl whispered.
“Yep, I guess I really am.” I smiled at her.
“You guys are so cute together, I saw those pictures of you in New York, I wish I had a boyfriend like that.” She rambled on.

“I’m sure you’ll find your prince charming one day.”
“Ready?” The other girls mum asked.
“Yep!” The both mused. I positioned myself in the middle of the two and wrapped my arm over their shoulder since I was a good foot taller than them.
“Can you sign this?”

“Melanie, you can’t ask her to sign a magazine you haven’t bought.”
“Belle, no one’s gonna know.” I stood awkwardly as they bickered between themselves.

“Natasha can you sign this?” Melanie said passing me the magazine, already opening the page. My eyes went wide when I saw a huge photo of myself inside.
“Oh wow, they did they seriously have to use that photo? I look like I’m half asleep.” I chuckled as I grabbed her pen and the magazine.
`Hey Melanie, lovely meeting you & Belle today! Thanks for your support <3 If any of the staff ask about this, blame the four year old in aisle 8! Love Natasha. xxx P.s. I hope I look better in person and with any lucky not as derpy :D´
“There ya go.” I grinned as I handed it back to her.
“Thank you so much.”

“no problem.”
“Can we get a hug?”

“Sure!” I replied before wrapping my arms around Belle and Melanie. “I was lovely meeting you both, but I’ve gotta get going.”
“Okay, thanks for everything and say hi to Louis and the boys for us.” Belle called out.
“Of course!” I replied as I waved at them before turning to walk the other way. I began to concentrate again to why I was here and what I was doing. I scanned the drinks in the fridge compartment before settling on a simple pure orange juice bottle. I gave in to my stomach and headed towards the fresh bakery section of the stop too buy a ginger bread man! The bottle of orange juice was gripped tightly in my left hand until I saw something, someone. The bottle crashed to the floor but my eyes remained fixed on the person. I didn’t even know who this person was but I had seen her last night, on the bus, with my sister.

“Excuse me miss.”  I jumped out of my skin when someone appeared in front of me, blocking my view down the aisle.
“Huh sorry?” I knotted my eyebrows other as I stared at the stranger in fro not me, He clearly worked here, he had a name badge on and apparently we was called; Travis.
“You uh, dropped this.” He replied waving the bottle of orange juice in front of my face. After seeing the woman I had completely forgotten about every else around me, it was like she was the only thing I could see, everywhere else was just blank.
“Oh right, sorry.” I mumbled before grabbing it from his hands and ducking my head out of view to say I was fairly embarrassed. I had been stood gawking and now everyone else in the close proximity was staring at me like I was crazy.
“You’re welcome!” He shouted back but I was already out of view and earshot for anyone to know it was directed at me.
I scanned the shop for the woman, desperately searching for her. This could be my chance to get some answers. It was typical Natasha licj she wasn’t in sight. I was frantically charging up and down the aisles wishing she would just appear, I had no idea what I would say to her but I’m sure I’d get there when I found her. My legs were getting jumpy with nerves, how can someone just disappear? I searched up and down the store once more before going to the checkout and actually paying for my dented orange juice bottle and half crumbling ginger bread man thanks to my hand squeezing it so tightly. I stood impatiently tapping my foot against the tiled floor as the queue barely moved. The air condition fan was directly above my head which made me regret my choose of cloth
The fan was blowing right down my blouse, if there was a camera above anywhere I’m sure the security guards were getting a nice view, I thought sarcastically. When I finally managed to reach the front of the line I placed my items on the conveyor belt and watched as the totally gormless worker, who looked almost as if he was dribbling louder as he spun the bottle around, trying to scan it across the barcode successfully, was it his first day on the job or something? I looked up from the half asleep guy and caught a visual on the woman again. She was at another checkout herself but she was almost done, I could see all her shopping packed up ready to go.
“Having a nice day?” The guy behind the till droned out.

“Yep.” I simply replied. I only had two items what was taking him so long?!
“Do you need any help with your packing?”
“Uh, no” I hastily replied.
“Are you collecting school vouchers?” He showed little enthusiasm in his voice which only irked me even more. My eyes went wide when I saw the woman beginning to push her trolley away. A numerous amount of swear words ran through my head but I though the urge to yell them out.
“No.” I muttered.

“That’ll be £3.20 please” I rolled my eyes at him as his eyes landed on my chest, if I had the confidence I would have slapped him but instead I shoved a ten pound note in his face.
“Keep the change!” I yelled, picking up my items and practically running out the shop.

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