Stuck With You

Sequel to I Survived


17. Chapter 16

Natasha’s POV
“Can you pass the salt Zayn?” Liam’s voice echoed around the dining room. For a room full of people it felt strangely empty. The sound of anyone talking made me jump. We all, the boys and Jenna who had returned sometime this afternoon, were sat around the table eating a pasta dish Liam cooked. Harry is the one who normally prepares the meals but it doesn’t surprise me he’s being distant, not just towards me, but everyone, although as it stands I’m the only one who knows why. Even Taylor was eating in silence, not like I minded, it was almost as if she wasn’t there. You could feel the awkwardness around the table beginning to grow the further into the meal we got.
“So…was it busy in the city today?” Zayn asked, directing it towards Jenna who was completely zoned out. Had Harry spoken to her?
“Uh? Yeah, yeah, really busy.” She mumbled, although I could tell she was lying, her left hand always get jumpy when she lies, I noticed this within a couple weeks of living with her. She had stopped it, she trained herself to stop it after I discovered it, she clearly had her guard down right now, I could take advantage of this.
“So what did you get? Buy Harry anything?” Niall added, chuckling at the end, although it seemed more of an awkward laugh.

“No.” She replied quickly, trying to avoid the subject or something of the sort. I was starting to doubt the fact that she even went shopping, she normally buys something, she has to. She can’t go shopping without purchasing something.

“Okay…” Liam mumbled, the tension around everyone clear as day.

“Excuse me.” Harry announced before the ear shrieking noise of his chair scraping along the floor occurred. The rest of us sat in silence as we heard his dish crash into the sink in the kitchen, followed by a door closing, presumably his bedroom door.
“What’s up with him?” Niall asked. Everyone shrugged their shoulders, including me, I had to bite my tongue a while longer.

“Time of the month?” Louis joked rhetorically. Everyone let out stifled laughs, except for Jenna and I. I was watching her carefully from the corner of my eye, I believed she was hiding something. Why else would she be acting all shady?
“I’m not hungry.” She spoke before following in Harry’s footsteps.
“Is my cooking really that bad?” Liam jested.

“It’s awful.” Niall replied, food literally pouring from his mouth.
“It’s so bad you can’t even keep it in your mouth.” Liam replied, laughing at the end of his statement. “You’re like a child.” Liam tutted, rolling his eyes at him before cleaning his face up for him.
“No wonder people ship you together.” Louis laughed. I
“The food was delicious Liam, thank you.” I spoke for the first time, I didn’t wait for a reply because I knew it wouldn’t be worth listening to. I pushed my chair out and began walking out the room.
“Thank you.” Liam’s genuine voice took me by surprise. I turned slightly around to catch a small smile on his face. As I began walking towards the kitchen I couldn’t help but let the corners of my lips point in one direction, up. The kitchen was an undesirable mess, unlike Harry, Liam wasn’t a very organized cook.
“Why is there yogurt on top of the microwave?” I mumbled to myself, picking it up quizzically and throwing it in the trash.
“Liam couldn’t find what he was looking for?” Louis’ voice made me jump a little as he walked into the kitchen.
“So he pit a yogurt on top of the microwave?”

“Don’t ask.” He chuckled.
“I wasn’t lying this morning.” I announced out of the blue.
“Natasha.” He sighed, he clearly wasn’t in the mood to talk about this or he was just fed up of it.
“I saw her, I know I did.”
“But you know I can’t be true.” He replied, his hands gripped firmly onto my shoulder.
“It was her voice, how can you explain that?”

“I can’t-”
“Exactly.” I cut him off.
“Natasha, you’re not going to do anything crazy about this are you?”

“Louis, she’s my sister. Do you expect to just forget?”
“You don’t even know if it was her.”

“I do.” I stated angrily.

“How?” He asked in an annoyed voice.
“Sisters instinct.” He sighed in response, he wasn’t satisfied with my answer but I didn’t have any other evidence to go on.
“Maybe you should go to bed, sleep on it.” He replied.
“Yeah, okay.” I mumbled to myself since I was already alone. I wasn’t in the mood to sleep, I wasn’t tired and my brain was still puzzling everything together.
After salvaging the kitchen from Liam’s cooking attempt I glanced down at my watch, it was only ten, normally this was far too early for me to go to bed. Since I’d already slept for most of the day I was pretty much wide awake. As for everyone else in the house, that was a different story. I could hear Niall snoring from in his room from the living room, which is slightly worrying. Zayn was half asleep on the sofa watching some football rerun. Liam was on the phone in the kitchen and Louis had set himself to bed already. I wandered through the hallway, slipping my shoes on my feet along the way. No one was at the front door to stop me so I proceeded on out into the darkness of night.
Walking alone in the dead of the night probably isn’t a wide choice for a nineteen year old girl London wasn’t exactly the safest city in the world. My heartbeat became unsettled when I felt a sudden vibration in my pocket. After catching my breath I pulled out my phone, answering it almost immediately.

“Where are you?”
“Out, why?”

“By yourself? It’s dark.”
“Louis, I’m nineteen, I don’t need a babysitter.” I was probably being too harsh on him, he was probably only concerned.
“It’s dangerous, you don’t know who’s out there.”
“I’m sure I’ll be fine.” I tried to say as carefree as possible but I still felt some doubt inside.
“Stay where you are.”
“Wait, what?”

“I’ll be there in a minute.”


“Because Natasha, I don’t want anything to happen to you, now where are you?”

“Fine and about five hundred meters from the house.”

“Which direction?”

“Right.” I sighed, stopping dead on my tracks so he’d have less distance to cover.

“Stay there, I’m on my way.” He replied ending the call.
As much as I wanted to be alone right now to gather my thoughts, the heavy breathing form my savior was fast approaching. I turned to look at his figure appearing through the darkness under the street lights. My eyes caught hold of one of the late night buses, stopping further down the road, heading in this direction. I noted down the location, maybe it would come in useful come day? Stratford. A place I’d never been to but was familiar with the name.
“Thank you for not running away.” Louis panted although I could tell he was being sarcastic.

“You’re welcome.” I mumbled, pushing myself off the wall where I was waiting.
“C’mon, let’s get back.”

“I don’t wanna go back yet.” I replied, stopping still after he had tried to pull me away.

“I want to go for a walk.”

“A quick one then.” He sighed, before clasping my hand in his. “Why did you just randomly go out?”
“I needed some air and space to think.”

“About what?” He asked, turning his head towards me.
“Nothing important.” I replied in a not so truthful manner.
“Ok.” He simply stated, no attempt to find out the actually reason but I didn’t mind, trying to explain myself or my thoughts never seemed to her me anywhere good.
“Weren’t you asleep?” I questioned, changing the subject.
“Yeah, but I heard the front door close.”
“Oh.” I nodded, taking in his information. Our hands remained together but only loosely. I prepared myself for the sudden gust of wind we were about to be hit with by the passing bus. I couldn’t help but stare at it was it approached; it was almost empty with the exception of two people. I turned on my heels, grinding the bottom of my shoes into the floor as I watched the bus dart off before I could even attempt to catch it.


“What happened?”
“N-nothing.” I stuttered, what was the pong in telling him, he wasn’t going to believe me. “I wanna go back now.”

“Are you okay? You wanted to go for a walk a minute ago.”
“I’m cold, that’s all.” I lied.
“Okay, I’m pretty tired anyway.” He replied, yawning at the end of his sentence. The entire walk home I spent it looking down at my shoes. I looked up every so often hoping the bus would return but my hopes were ruined to only find the odd car dawdling past. I was grateful for the fact I read the destination on the bus because that’s where I’ll e heading tomorrow.

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