Stuck With You

Sequel to I Survived


16. Chapter 15

Natasha’s POV
“Hey Maria, what’s up?” I greeted her.
“Hey, not much, how are you?” She chimed back.
“Oh you know, good good, the usual, you?” I tried to sound confident.
“I’m good, still with Louis?”
“Uh yep, still with him.”

“Still going strong I see.”
“Of course. So what can I do for you?” I added.

“Just letting you know what’s going on in the next couple weeks.”

“Oh okay.” I began nodding to myself as she rambled on about the upcoming plans.
“You have the next two weeks counted as vacation time, feel free to go or do whatever you want, as long as it’s reasonable and you’re here in London, alive in two weeks time.”

“Got it,” I chuckled.
“Wanna know what’s happening after that or do you prefer surprises?”

“I can’t live with surprises, I’ll chew every last finger nail off in anticipation if you don’t tell me.” I joked back.

“I’d love to tell you that we’re jetting off around the world to some exotic places but unfortunately we’re stuck in miserable old London town.”

“Wow, don’t big it up or anything.” I replied sarcastically.
“It’s hardly New York.”
“It could be worse and why am I the one being positive here, you’re my manager isn’t that your job?” I laughed.
“I think I’d be good in the lime light.”
“Probably better than me.” I mumbled to myself.
“Anyway…you’re mainly lined up for a nightclub appearances, small gigs and ceremonies, that sort of stuff.”

“What about recording some new stuff?”
“Yes, yes I know you’ve wrote a whole book full of songs, I was just getting there.”
“Right, we’ve got studio session booked, but they can be moved around depending on the rest of the schedule.”

“Oh okay, sounds sweet.” I replied, grinning to myself.

“Everything sorted?”

“Yep.” I popped.
“Okay, well I’m always on the end of my phone if you need me, shopping, clubbing or work stuff but yeah, you know where I am. Even if it is just someone to talk to.”
“Thanks Maria, see you in two weeks if not before.”

“Bye hun.”
“Bye.” I replied before ending the call. I breathed a sigh of relief knowing I wouldn’t have to worry about anything work related for two weeks, not like it’s work or anything, it’s living my dream, it’s not a chore I put up with.
Even though the fact I was home alone I still felt the need to creep around Harry and Jenna’s room. I was starting to think maybe I was turning into some sort of bad girl but one small snoop couldn’t cause too much damage, could it? I reached the bottom drawer which I guess was Jenna’s, but I still couldn’t find anything. I was about to give up on my search when something caught my eye. I saw this envelop which had a hospital logo marked in it. Luckily it had already been opened. My finger slid under the opening and before I could stop myself I was already pulling the letter out. My teeth gnawed into my lips as I read over the letters, words, and sentences, paragraphs typed out on the page. She had lied to me the whole time. The words stood out clear as day, she apparently did not have bipolar, and she had been lying. The letter held information about test result, which had all come back negative, she wasn’t bipolar. I was about to place it back in the envelope when a subtle cough from the doorway sent my body into a complete rigid state.
“It’s not what it looks like!” I tried to protest.
“You mean you weren’t looking through my girlfriend’s stuff.” Harry snarled, walking over with a scowl lying heavy on his face.
“No Natasha, why don’t you just tell the truth for once instead of buying yourself in a hole full of lies.” He shouted.

“Fine, alright. I was snooping through her things but I’m bloody well glad I did!” I replied, my voice level matching his.
“You disgust me!”

“Yeah, well you aint the only one. Remember that time we used to be friends? Before you were wrapped around some girl’s finger.”

“That girl happens to be my girlfriend.”

“She doesn’t love you!” I spat out.

“Just because your relationship with Louis is disappearing down the drain doesn’t mean mine and Jenna’s will!”

“She’s only dating you to get back at me! How hard is that to see?”
“Why does everything have to revolve around you? Natasha this, Natasha that!”
“If it did then I’m sure I’d have my own cereal.” I growled.
“Wow, you really are immature aren’t you? You just can’t be happy for anyone else but yourself can you?” He was beginning to walk away.

“Harry. You knew me before Jenna. I never lied to you and I wouldn’t lie to you now, not like your girlfriend. I’m still that sarcastic, funny, happy go lucky girl you once shared a bed with and told tasted like strawberry ice cream. I’m still the same girl you pretended to date, which was one of the best moments of my life, I had so much fun with you, you didn’t care what anyone thought or said, you were carefree; now all you seem to care about is whether Jenna would approve of it or something. Remember that time I took you to Nottingham, I showed you the place I had my best memories in, do you honestly think I’d take some random person there? No, you were my best friend, I trusted you, that’s why I did it. Would I do that now? No, because I can’t trust you. Anything I do or say will be in Jenna’s ears and used against me before I could even supplement and argument. One more thing, that incident in the hotel in New York, like I said before, I don’t lie, I did not, I repeat I did not slap your girlfriend, call me a liar or a every name under the sun but I swear on my parents graves I did not slap her.”
“Jenna lied to me, when?” His voice sounded weak.

“I can’t count that many times on my fingers.”

“I don’t believe she would lie, I don’t believe you.” His confident front was appearing.

“Don’t believe me then, but surely this might prove something.” I replied, pushing the letter against his chest and walking out of the room.
A/N Hey guys please comment and give me feedback. Sorry this chapter was too short, I didn't have so much time to write this one. Please tell me and be honest if you're not liking the story. I feel like people don't like it and if you do please tell because it'll motivate me to write more and more. Love you guys and remember you're beautiful and don't let anyone say otherwise. xx Tash. :)

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